The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 210

hapter 210 Kicking You Out

Nicole was slightly surprised when she heard these words. This was the second time she had heard this warning The first time, it was from Quinn before she got married to Eric Ferguson.

Unexpectedly, this time, it was from Ian’s mother, Gillian… Nicole looked back at Gillian’s calm and expressionless face. It felt like all the warmth and familiarity from before were merely a disguise.

Nicole’s heart turned cold. She had always treated Gillian as a respected elder. She did not expect this to happen. Nicole pulled the corners of her lips. “Mrs. Carter, are you warning me?”.

“It’s fine if you want to think of it that way, Nicole. Ian had a hard time taking over the company, but because of you, he threw away fifty billion just to buy that land.

He not only got beaten up by his grandfather but he was almost kicked out of the board too.

Did you know that?” Nicole was stunned. She thought that she had made a timely save. She did not expect lan to face so much trouble. Gillian frowned.

“Nicole, if you’d have been together at first, I wouldn’t have objected to you both. But now, you just got divorced and your scandals are all over the place.

Out of so many people pursuing you, lan is the most unsuitable one among them, don’t you think?” Nicole laughed in exasperation.

Gillian should have just outrightly scolded her for not being good enough for her precious son Ian.

Why such a big roundabout? Nicole swept a glance at Chloe Snyder, who was in the kitchen. Then, she looked at Ian, who was standing far away from Chloe looking very impatient.

A thought flashed through her mind. Nicole seemed to understand something.’ She’s kicking me out?’ “It seems that you’ve already chosen a good marriage partner for Ian? Is that why you want to remove any obstacles that might disturb the marriage alliance?” Gillian did not deny what Nicole said.

” Ms. Snyder is very capable. She’s gentle and presentable. Most importantly, she has a clean background. She’s the most suitable candidate as my daughter-in- law.”

Nicole hooked the corner of her lips into a devilish and disdainful smile.

She looked down at Gillian, who was sitting there with an elegant posture and a superficial smile. “Ian and I are indeed incompatible with each other. After all, a mother’s IQ is hereditary.”

Gillian was stunned. She looked very angry. “Nicole, you’re so rude!” Nicole smirked and narrowed her eyes. She still maintained a decent and courteous smile.

“Mrs. Carter, there is one thing that I hope you’re clear about. I have never provoked lan. We’ve always been good friends and I’ve never thought of taking our relationship further.

Please persuade him to give up on those thoughts. After all, we’ve been friends for so many years, and I don’t want to hurt him.”

Nicole’s experience taught her that a sensible elder represented the happiness of a family. The relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law was truly the most difficult one.

After suffering at the hands of the Fergusons for so many years, Nicole was not stupid enough to repeat the same mistake.

Not to mention, Ian and Nicole were only good friends. From the moment Ian started liking her, Nicole had already begun to avoid too much contact with him.

This was something that Nicole had a clear conscience on. Nicole was in a terrible mood. Seeing that it was almost time, Nicole did not want to continue babbling with them.

She picked up her purse and grabbed“ The Blazing Sun” painting that was set aside. “Goodbye then.” Nicole ignored Gillian’s shocked expression.

‘We’re all people, so why should I put up with everyone’s crap?’ Nicole went out the door and got into her car. The car engine roared to a start. Ian hurriedly came out of the house.

“Nicole, why are you leaving so soon? I’ll send you back. It’s dangerous to drive alone…” Nicole ignored him, stepped on the gas pedal, and left without a word.

Stanton Corporation. Nicole had a cold aura as she went to her office.

Before she reached her office door, Logan hurriedly walked over.

“President, Mr. Ferguson is here to see you…” Nicole did not even hesitate and refused. ( I don’t want to see him. Just say that I’m not here!” The corners of Logan’s lips twitched.

Before he could speak, the tall, well-built figure on the side stiffened slightly. A clear voice interrupted them. “Not here?” Nicole paused in her footsteps and turned to look at the side.

‘Eric Ferguson? Why is he here?!’ She glared at Logan. Logan explained in trepidation, “Mr. Ferguson said that he’ll just wait in front of your office…”

“That’s why he didn’t go to the guest lounge… If you’d listen to the next half of Scanned with CamScanner арте 20 Kick, my sentence, it wouldn’t be so awkward now…? Logan dared not say this aloud.

However, Nicole was not the slightest bit guilty. Her eyebrows knitted slightly. “Mr. Ferguson, please come in…”

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