The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 211

Chapter 211 How Is She the Big Picture?

Although Nicole did not want to receive Eric Ferguson, he was already here, so she had to maintain superficial politeness. Logan held open the door of her office.

Nicole walked in with big strides. She exuded such a confident and elegant а aura and carried such superiority that made her so unattainable that others could only look up to her and sigh in admiration.

Eric watched her back as she pushed the door in and was slightly stunned. This scene suddenly felt so familiar.

That image deep in his mind surfaced for a while, In the darkness, the woman in the red dress whose face could not be seen, and the light that pierced through the night.

the light rushed out from the gap in the door and spilled out everywhere with such abruptness. He frowned slightly. That was back when he was in Europe.

‘Why did I suddenly remember this?’ …… ) “Mr. Ferguson, please come in…”

Logan extended his arm and politely reminded him. Eric walked in and swept a glance. The furnishing of Nicole’s office was very minimalist. The details had a little girlish temperament.

There was a sculpture in front of her desk. A pink rose was stuck onto that sculpture’s head that made it look playful and vivid.

‘So, this is what she looks like when she’s working…’ Eric thought. Nicole sat on the large soft sofa and sank inside, looking comfortable and casual.

“Mr. Ferguson, why did you come to see me?” Nicole looked at him seriously. If Eric did not have any serious business, she would kick him out.

Eric’s gaze was dark and sullen. “Have you thought about our cooperation for that piece of land?” Nicole raised her eyebrows. That’s what he’s here for.’

“Is such a small matter worth a personal trip from you, Mr. Ferguson?” ‘Does he have nothing better to do?’ Eric’s face was sullen and cold.

His temperament was calm and cool. He did not hesitate. “It’s good to make a decision early. We shouldn’t delay this.” Nicole’s finger tapped lightly on the side of the sofa.

She suddenly thought of that woman who had kicked her out of the Carter family’s good graces. Nicole believed that what just happened had something to do with Chloe Snyder.

If Nicole’s relationship with the Carter family was ruined, the one who would benefit most from this and the most popular candidate for Ian’s wife would be Chloe Snyder.

‘Hmph…’ After some thought, Nicole looked at Eric. “I’m willing to cooperate, but I have one condition.”

Eric’s eyes were deep like the dark ocean. There was not a single crease on that handsome and perfect face. He would agree to whatever conditions he wanted.

“I don’t care what private agreement you’ve reached with Chloe Snyder. This project can only have me or her.” Nicole’s attitude was resolute, and her demand was clear, although it did sound a bit unreasonable.

Who was she to ask Eric to kick out another partner? This was completely irrational. Eric frowned slightly as he was puzzled. His calm and cool temperament showed a rare trace of confusion.

Nicole laughed and did not hide the coldness on her face. “Eric Ferguson, I know that you’re only asking Stanton Corporation to join this time because you more or less want to make amends.”

He did not make a sound. There was silence. Nicole pursed her lips, picked up the coffee in front of her, and took a sip, then gently put it down.

“I accept your compensation.” Eric looked up abruptly. He was stunned for a moment.

Her calmness was somewhat unexpected.

“You’ve thought it through?” Eric’s voice was deep. “But I won’t work with Chloe Snyder, so she must be out.

Of course, this is also your only chance to make amends.” As soon as the project was done, everyone was even. There was no need to bring out such an unpleasant past and chew on it over and over again.

In the end, the only one suffering was Nicole. The atmosphere was silent for a while. It was clear that Eric had the upper hand in this project, but Nicole sounded so righteous while stating her condition.

Apart from Nicole, no one else could speak like this in front of Eric Ferguson. “Why?” Eric asked.

‘She and Chloe shouldn’t have much interaction, right?’ Nicole let out a cold laugh and said it as a matter of course, “I just simply hate her as a person, nothing else.” )) ‘So, don’t even mention the big picture…

How is Chloe Snyder the big picture?’

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