The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 215

Chapter 215 I’m a Woman Without Morals

Hearing this, Nicole raised her eyes and absently smiled. “I admit to the first one.

As for the latter, you’ve really wronged )) me…” Nicole smiled devilishly with a hint of gloating in her eyes. Sure enough, Gillian probably knew that she was duped.

‘Gillian did not even answer Chloe’s calls? How ruthless…’ Chloe Snyder’s eyes were cold and stern. She kept pressing on.

“Who are you to get Eric Ferguson to kick me out of that cooperation? Do you know how much effort I had to put in just to get into the market in Atlanta and form that connection?” She did not bother to work with small 1 companies and went straight to Ferguson Corporation.

It took some effort to obtain Eric Ferguson’s good impression and trust. Surprisingly, Nicole swept all her efforts away with just a few words.

How could Chloe not be angry? Nicole let out a light laugh with a disdainful expression.

“Your effort is telling Eric Ferguson that you can make Ian completely give up on me?” Chloe’s face stiffened as a flash of shock crossed her eyes.

‘How did she know this? The cold smile at the corners of Nicole’s lips gradually expanded.

“Ms. Snyder, your effort is really quite unbelievable, huh? I’m rather curious where you got the confidence that you can capture the heart of the amorous Second Young Master Carter.”

Although Chloe Snyder came prepared and had a clear understanding of everyone’s preferences and personalities, she was too overconfident.

If Ian did not like her at the beginning, how could he like her now? Nicole did not want to meddle in their matters, but Chloe just had to drag her into this.

“How do you know?” Knowing Eric’s temperament and character, he would not inform a third person about such a conversation.

Seeing Chloe’s astonishment and shock, Nicole took out her phone and waved it in front of her.

“Well… Coincidentally, the day you and Eric Ferguson were talking in the bar, I have a friend sitting next door who just happened to hear your conversation.” That person was surprisingly Julie Nixon.

Julie only remembered this a few days later and immediately called Nicole to tell her about it. Everything became clear at once. Chloe’s face gradually stiffened.

She was silent and finally looked at Nicole with cold and sunken eyes. Even after being exposed, Chloe was still composed. “I’ve underestimated you, Nicole.”

Chloe thought that Nicole was just a rich girl who grew up under the protection of her father and brothers. Even if Nicole was in a position of power in Stanton Corporation, Chloe thought that Nicole would not be familiar with the treacherous nature of the business world.

Unexpectedly, Chloe was played by Nicole. Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 215 I’m a “Ms. Snyder, I think that you just overestimated yourself.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and unconsciously laughed lightly.

“You think that you can marry Ian just by provoking my relationship with the Carters and saying a few bad words to Mrs. Carter?” Chloe’s face turned glum from Nicole’s blunt words.

She could not help but let out her feelings.

“Nicole, you were also in love with Eric Ferguson before, so why can’t you understand my feelings? I’ve been in love with lan for ten years now! I never get sad whenever I see him with other women, only you!” Chloe gritted her teeth. Her face was pale.

Her expression carried such sorrow and resentment.

“The way he looks at you is different from others. If you don’t like him, you should let him go. Why lead him on and give him hope? Why do you want to stop me from liking him?” Nicole looked at Chloe’s near-hysterical loss of temper and forbearance.

She narrowed her eyes and collected her expression. Under that calm gaze, there was a sullen coldness. ‘She resents me because of this?’ Nicole could not help but sneer.

‘Is this another encounter of moral kidnapping? What the hell?’ Nicole tapped a finger on the desk and reminded Chloe. “Ms. Snyder, don’t even think of trying to morally kidnap me. It won’t work because I’m a woman without morals.” Nicole had never lost an argument before.

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