The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 214

Chapter 214 On the Wrong Side

Ian Carter and old Master Carter both felt a little strange about Nicole’s sudden departure. Nicole had never been so impolite before.

Under Old Master Carter’s probing eyes, Gillian finally could not hold back and told them everything, that the painting was a fake and about Chloe’s fondness for Ian.

When Old Master Carter heard this, he was fuming > His daughter-in-law, Gillian, had always been well-behaved and never caused trouble.

Thus, he was satisfied with her. He did not expect that Gillian would make such a mess of things.

How could he not be angry? Old Master Carter asked experts in the industry to find a photo of “The Blazing Sun” that was exhibited in the World Museum, then showed it to Gillian.

This painting was Mr. Wilheim’s creation at the peak of his career. Every inch of this artwork meticulously brought out the beauty and grandeur of the full painting.

Therefore, after some deliberation, Mr. Wilheim decided not to add his signature to this painting. Thus, “The Blazing Sun” became his only creation without his signature. » As a result, this was his most valuable piece of work.

Upon learning this, Gillian’s face went pale. She thought about how she had humiliated Nicole earlier.

‘What a stupid mistake!’ “But… Chloe Snyder…” Gillian hesitated ) and thought that Chloe must have meant well. old Master Carter was a shrewd man.

He snorted coldly and said, “She became the Head of the Snyder family before she was eighteen years old. You’ll never be able to imagine what she’s capable of.

Not to mention, Ian doesn’t like her. Even if he does and they get married, it’s uncertain whether our company will eventually be bought over by Snyder Corporation.” » The moment these words came out, Gillian’s face instantly turned glum.

How could such a strong and capable woman look up to her as a mother-in-law when Gillian was merely a mediocre high-society housewife? Gillian almost overlooked this detail about just how difficult their future would be if Ian were to marry Chloe. » “Dad, I…” Gillian’s face was miserably pale. If she had known earlier, she would not have said those harsh words to Nicole.

“In the future, you just need to stay away from Chloe Snyder.

Any cooperation regarding our companies will naturally be handled by Ian and his father, so what are you worrying about?” Old Master Carter rebuked Gillian.

“Also, you’d better find an opportunity to apologize to the Stantons. Whether it’s West City or Atlanta, Stanton Corporation is the partner we can’t afford to lose!” …… Stanton Corporation.

Nicole had just finished a meeting when she received a call from Kai. “

The Carters sent you a lot of gifts… Weird, huh?” “Ian?” Nicole asked in surprise. ‘He usually just sends them to my office…’

“No, it’s from Mrs. Carter.” ‘Gillian?’ Nicole was puzzled and frowned a little.

‘Maybe she finally found out about “The Blazing Sun”?’ Unfortunately, it was too late. Nicole had already placed that painting in her father’s study, and he loved it so much.

However, if it was for what happened last time, Nicole did not really care. After all, Nicole knew that it was Chloe Snyder’s trick.

She would not really cut off ties with the Carter family because of that. If Nicole cut off her ties with the Carters, Chloe Snyder would have achieved her goal. Nicole chuckled.

“Okay, get Mr. Anderson to send an appropriate return gift.” “Okay,” Kai said lazily. At that moment, Logan knocked on the door and came in.

“President, Ms. Chloe Snyder is here and wants to see you.” Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘She’s fast… How unexpected.’

Chloe Snyder was certainly not like Ingrid Ferguson, who would cry and make a scene to humiliate herself when she was annoyed.

Thus, Nicole was curious. “Invite her in.” “Yes, President.” Chloe walked in with grace and a strong aura. She had a coldness about her that could not be ignored. Nicole smiled.

“What a rare visit, Ms. Snyder.” Chloe went in and sat across from Nicole, The two women’s temperaments were so strong that it felt like they would clash as soon as they met.

“Anything to drink? Coffee or tea?” “No need.” Chloe was certainly not in the mood to drink now. Nicole raised her eyebrows and signaled to Logan, who nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Nicole, I don’t like beating around the bush, so I’ll get straight to the point.

Did you make Eric Ferguson kick me out of that development project? You’re also the one who made Mrs. Carter stop answering my calls from that day onwards, right?” Chloe’s gaze was harsh, and her face had a hint of anger.

As she spoke, she propped her hands on the desk in front of Nicole.

An oppressive gloom enveloped her. She was really deserving to be the President of Snyder Corporation who had gone through all sorts of hell in the industry If it was anyone else, they would really be intimidated.

Unfortunately, that person sitting opposite her was Nicole, who was completely unfazed.

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