The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 217

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 217

Nicole flashed Ian a cold smile.

He could think whatever he wanted.

Nicole wanted to tell Ian about Chloe Snyder, but after some thought, she decided against it. ‘I can’t even solve my own problem…’

Yvette greeted others and quietly came over to pull Nicole’s wrist. “Nikki, I saw Eric Ferguson! “

Nicole frowned slightly. It was not strange for Eric Ferguson to show up here.

Although Nicole did not want to see him, there was no need to make a fuss about it.

Yvette pursed her lips and continued, “My mom’s forcing me to go on a blind date with the man standing next to Eric Ferguson! “

Nicole had a mouthful of wine that she had yet to swallow and almost choked to death.

Ian also looked shocked.

It took a while for Ian and Nicole to register what Yvette just said. ‘Yvette Quimbey actually agreed to go on a blind date?!’

Yvette sighed. “My mom forced me to go. Anyway, I don’t like him, but our families are talking about a marriage alliance…“

Nicole was anxious for Yvette.

Ian looked envious and winked at Nicole. “If only our families can be so feudal… How great would that be, huh?“

Nicole and Yvette shouted in unison, “Get lost! “

‘How is he still in the mood to gloat?! He really is the worst friend of the year! ‘

“Nikki, you have to help me! “

Nicole pursed her lips. “Of course, I wanna help, but ‘I can’t possibly go to the elders of those two families and declare war, right?’

Yvette’s eyes lit up. She leaned into Nicole and told her the plan.

The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched. ‘This flaky Yvette! She wants me to take the initiative and create a scandal with her blind date?! ‘

Nicole said, “Hey, your bestie’s reputation is already in tatters, but you still want to add insult to injury?! “

Yvette tugged at her helplessly. “But besides you, I can’t think of a more suitable person… If it was just any woman, their family would’ve kept things under wraps. Only you have the ability to intimidate them into not acting rashly! “

Ian saw the two ladies whispering and did not know what they were plotting.

At this time, someone came over with a drink and dragged him away.

Nicole looked torn. “But… If others find out…“ “Don’t worry, no one will secretly film you here. Just make sure that other people can see you! “

All they had to prove was that this man was a sleaze who even dared to hook up with Nicole.

Yvette urged Nicole, so she could only concede with clenched teeth.

‘Ugh, fine! For the sake of my best friend, I ‘ll just have to be the bad guy…’

Nicole was determined to help her friend. She picked up the corner of her long dress and went in the direction Yvette pointed her to.

Eric Ferguson and Keith Ludwig were sitting there with another person opposite them.

‘Colton White?! ‘ Nicole paused in her footsteps. That man hated her the most back then.

He was Yvette’s blind date?

Nicole looked around and did not see anyone else besides the three of them.

It must be Colton White…

After some thought, Nicole did not want her best friend to get married to this scourge.

He did not deserve Yvette.

Nicole took a deep breath, carried her dress in one hand, and held a glass of wine in the other.

She walked over slowly.

Keith noticed that Nicole was walking over to them. He excitedly and nervously nudged Eric’s arm and winked at him. “Ferg, looks like Nicole really meant it. She’s willing to forget the past and actually took the initiative to come over to you…“

Seeing the woman with the slender figure and delicate features walking over slowly, Eric’s eyes lit up.

Eric looked calm and cool with a slight frown.

Hearing Keith’s words, Eric held some hidden anticipation.

His heart was racing.

In the blink of an eye, Nicole arrived in front of them.

“Nicole, are you looking for Eric? We won’t disturb you then…“

Keith said as he stood up and pulled Colton to leave.

Eric sat there steadily and waited for Nicole to speak.

Nicole swept a cold and dull glance at Eric like he was an insignificant figure.

Her gaze bypassed Eric and landed on Colton White. “Mr. White, let’s grab a drink?“

The three men were stunned.

Keith looked at Colton and Nicole with astonishment.

On the side, Eric’s body gradually emitted an oppressive chill as he stared at Nicole.

Colton frowned. Although he was shocked after knowing Nicole’s identity, he was not as cowardly as Keith.

Nicole had nothing over him, so he did not need to care about Nicole’s mood.

”Why would I grab a drink with you? ” Colton spoke coldly.

Keith nodded woodenly. ”Yeah, what can you two even talk about anyway?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and flashed a suggestive smile. ”There’s nothing to talk about before, but who’s to say there can’t be something in the future.

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