The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Not a Good Person

Nicole’s words once again made the atmosphere stagnant. Eric’s grim eyes swept over Nicole and Colton.

His coldness was frightening. “Nicole, what are you trying to do?” Eric could not help but ask. Eric had already done as Nicole asked to kick out Chloe Snyder from the project and involved Stanton Corporation in it.

She had said that this was the compensation. Since he had already compensated her, they no longer owed each other.

Thus, he was qualified to start anew with her, right? Eric was curious why Nicole was looking for Colton White out of the blue.

Nicole gently glanced to the side at Eric. Her voice was cold. “Mr. Ferguson, although we’ve cleared our past grudges, it doesn’t mean that you’re qualified to tell me what to do.

Got it?” They were not even friends, so he should not pry into her affairs. Nicole’s words made Eric’s face gloomy. His eyes were dark and heavy as he stared at her.

Nicole turned away insouciantly and stared at Colton. She hooked up her lips into a charming smile and directed it at Colton. It was so enchanting, seductive, and natural.

“Mr. White, shall we have a moment alone?” Colton White wanted to ignore this woman because he did not know what she was up to.

“Nicole, what do you mean?” His voice was cold and aloof. Nicole hooked her lips into a suggestive smile.

“Can’t you see? I’m interested in )) you…’ ‘I’m already so direct… Is he blind?!’ The three men’s faces changed dramatically. Keith widened his eyes in shock.

‘Nicole is interested in Colton? But… Colton is the one who looked down on her the most when she was married to Eric! What about Eric then?’ When Eric heard these words, the air around him dropped to a freezing point.

His aura was so chilly that it could not be ignored.

It was even somewhat terrifying. Colton White froze in place. He had such a complex expression as he stared at Nicole in horror, as if he had just seen the devil.

‘Did I… Did I do something wrong? Is this woman trying to get me killed?!’ The other day after Eric found out that Colton had treated her badly in the past, he gave them the cold shoulder and ignored them for a long time.

They finally took this opportunity to reconcile their relationship after so long. As a result, Nicole threw this bombshell at them.

Colton looked panicked and lost as he looked towards Eric. Just when he was about to speak, Nicole pulled Colton’s arm and left.

After Colton returned to his senses, he tried to break free of her hand, Nicole dragged him to a place with many people.

Thus, Colton’s resistance had attracted a lot of attention. The interaction between the two of them looked quite ambiguous.

The surrounding people looked over with prying eyes like they were waiting to see the drama unfold. “Nicole, don’t think that I’m afraid of you now that you’re the heiress of Stanton Corporation.

If it’s not for Eric…” Colton stopped mid-sentence. He looked cold and uninterested as he continued, “I’m not interested in you, so you’d better just give up.”

To Colton, his friendship was more important! Nicole could not help but lower her head and let out a light laugh.

Since her back was turned to the crowd, no one could see her expression. They were standing extremely close to each other, which inevitably made others speculate about their relationship.

Nicole gently raised her eyes and met Colton’s cold, hard gaze. Her eyebrows moved slightly. Suddenly, Nicole reached out and tugged on Colton’s tie to bring him closer to her.

The distance between the two of them closed all of a sudden, so much so that Colton’s face almost bumped into hers. Colton was startled and stopped breathing for a moment.

That stunning and cold face with such a devilish smile was right in front of his eyes. His heart skipped a beat.

While he was in a daze, Nicole said in a low voice, “Do you really think you’re somebody? I’m not blind.

How could anyone who’s friends with Eric Ferguson be a good person?” Her voice was extremely cold without any fluctuations. Colton frowned tightly.

His face was taut.’ This woman really has bad intentions!’ Just as he was about to push her away, a strong arm forcefully pushed him away.

Colton, who had served in the army for a while, stumbled several steps back. He looked up in shock. The grim-faced Eric Ferguson was standing there.

Eric swept a cold glance at Colton and finally looked at Nicole. His voice was clear, cold, and deep as he said, “Why wasn’t I aware that you and Colton are so close to each other?”

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