The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Go Out Without a Brain

In an instant, Ingrid was so frightened that she could only nod her head and admit her guilt. “Yes, I’m sorry, Nicole! I know it’s wrong ») In the next second, Nicole exerted a slight force in her hand.

The sound of fabric ripping could be heard. Nicole suddenly let go. Ingrid shouted in horror and her body sank for a moment. However, Nicole did not let go in the end.

She only smiled and seemed to be enjoying the look of fear on Ingrid’s face. “Well, since you admit it yourself, serves you right!” Ingrid could no longer hold back the panic she felt and shouted for help.

Nicole did not stop her. Soon, there was a crowd gathered around them. Keith saw this scene and was so shocked that he hurriedly went to look for Eric.’

OMG! What’s happening?!’ Nicole sneered and looked at Ingrid’s ripped dress. She reminded Ingrid.

“By the way, your dress is all ripped. Do you want everyone to see what’s underneath?” Ingrid could feel that the fabric of her dress was giving way from being yanked back.

This dress could not hold her full weight. Ingrid’s face paled. She instantly stopped screaming and desperately tried to grab onto the railing, but to no avail.

Thinking about how she almost fell to her death, Ingrid glared at Nicole in anger and frustration.

“You… How dare you let go? You said that if I admit it, you won’t let go!” Everything happened in a flash. a The reversal of the situation was so sudden that Ingrid could not figure out how she got into this position.

‘Why am I the one falling off the balcony? Shouldn’t it be Nicole?’ Nicole’s smile was cold and harsh. Her eyes were stern.

“You’ve admitted to trying to harm me, so why should I help you? Ingrid Ferguson, you’re the one who repeatedly seeks death. Where’d you get the courage? Don’t you have a brain?” Nicole had already warned Ingrid before.

Did she forget so soon? If so, Nicole did not mind giving her a little reminder.

Ingrid was trembling. She gnashed her teeth and shook in anger. She glared at Nicole viciously. Eric quickly came over and was shocked to see this scene.

Nicole had enough fun seeing Ingrid’s wretchedness, so she withdrew her gaze and frowned slightly. “Brother! Save me! Nicole wants to kill me!” Ingrid cried.

Everyone could see what was going on, so they could all testify. This time, Nicole would not be able to deny it. Eric looked at Nicole with a complicated gaze and was about to pull his sister up.

However, Nicole suddenly stopped him. Nicole smirked and slowly took out her phone.

“Wait a sec… I can’t be wrongly  accused in front of so many people now, can I?” With that, Nicole clicked the recording on her phone. Replay.

Nicole’s voice came through first. “Ms. Ferguson, did you just try to push me?” ) “I’ll let go if you lie…” Next, it was Ingrid’s anxious and frightened voice.

“Yes, I’m sorry, Nicole! I know it’s wrong ” All of a sudden, the surroundings were dead silent. Later, everyone lowered their heads and started whispering.

“Ms. Ferguson is so ballsy! Isn’t this attempted murder?” “Yeah, I wonder what kind of grudge Ms. Ferguson has against Ms. Stanton to think of killing her…” “OMG, this is so scary.

Ms. Ferguson looks like such an innocent girl. I didn’t expect her to be so cruel!” “OMG, luckily Ms. Stanton has evidence. Otherwise, she’ll really be wrongly accused forever!” “Ms. Stanton is so kind not to let go yet…”

“Yeah, right? If I were her, I wouldn’t care if someone who tries to kill me lives or dies. ” Everyone’s impression of Ingrid Ferguson was extremely poor.

Such a young girl was so vicious and wicked to do such a thing. Ingrid wanted to push Nicole off the balcony but did not manage to.

Instead, she jumped down herself and still wanted to accuse Nicole. They really should not judge a book by its cover! The recording kept replaying so that everyone could hear it clearly.

Eric’s face was incredibly dark. The coldness he exuded was frightening. His deep eyes were icy with a dangerous glare.

Ingrid was so startled that her face turned pale, and she could not say a word to defend herself. She did not think that Nicole would have this trick up her sleeve.

Eric stepped forward as his body emitted a bitter chill, then took Ingrid from Nicole’s hand.

He flung Ingrid on the balcony. Before Ingrid had time to rejoice that she was intact on solid ground, she saw Eric’s grim face.

Immediately after, Eric bent down and slapped her fiercely on the face.

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