The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 222

Chapter 222 Having a Brain Is a Good Thing

For a moment, the banquet hall was dead silent. Those who were watching the show did not expect such a scene.

Eric’s slap was ruthless. He used all his strength. He did not care that Ingrid was his sister. Ingrid laid on the ground and touched her cheek that was hot from the slap.

She felt so dizzy because that slap was vicious. Her body was cold and trembling. She did not react for a moment, Wretched, wicked, ugly.

All the derogatory words were not enough to describe Ingrid at this moment. Ingrid’s tears streamed down her face silently as she looked up in horror at Eric.

Eric’s eyes carried such thunderous anger. She had never seen that kind of emotion in her brother’s eyes before. Now, this anger was directed at her.

At this moment, Ingrid suddenly remembered her grandfather and her brother’s warning to her not to mess with Nicole. Her mind went blank. Ingrid would be abandoned by her family.

She might even be kicked out of the Ferguson family! The mocking, contemptuous, and angry gazes of the crowd gathered on what used to be the proud Young Lady Ferguson. Ingrid had nowhere to hide.

The large banquet hall was brightly lit and lively. Eric’s slap was also quite resounding. Nicole faintly hooked her lips.

She was not bothered to continue watching the remaining drama. Anyway, she was done with what she came to do. “Since the truth is out, I’m leaving.

This little farce isn’t that interesting.” Nicole gently waved her hand. There was a hint of mockery at the corners of her lips. “Ms. Ferguson, a brain is a good thing that you sadly don’t have.

Goodbye then.” Nicole was already very merciful for not letting go of Ingrid then. If Nicole had not reacted quickly, Nicole would have fallen from the balcony, She would be crippled or at least badly injured.

Ingrid would have drawn all the guests present to watch Nicole in all her wretchedness. Perhaps, others would have laughed and criticized Nicole for a lifetime.

Nicole was not a saint to render good for evil. ‘Hah! I’ll only get vengeance where it’s due!’ Nicole thought. Ingrid’s status in high society was certainly ruined.

Her future marriage might also be affected. Ingrid deserved all of it. Nicole sneered. ‘Tsk tsk… Serves her right! “Let’s go. At least we had some fun tonight.” Nicole looked at Yvette.

The two ladies went to the bathroom to fix their makeup before they walked to the entrance of the banquet hall and stood under the landscape lights at the entrance.

Someone called her name. “Nicole.” Nicole subconsciously looked over.

She saw the man’s tall and well-built figure getting closer to them. His body was in the shadows and blended into the night. Eric walked towards her with a cigarette in hand.

The cigarette butt was lit, and his movements were elegant. “Nicole, I have something to say to you.”

Nicole looked at Eric’s deep eyes that were so fascinating and dangerous, She did not want to recall how she used to be so infatuated with these eyes that she could not extricate herself.

The farce earlier was so ridiculous. Yvette looked at Nicole. “Shall I excuse myself?” She only looked at Nicole and did not care about Eric’s opinion. Nicole raised her eyebrows.

“No need. It’s nothing shameful anyway.” Eric’s eyebrows knitted slightly, but he soon resumed his usual expression. His voice was mellow and deep as he said, “I’m sorry for what just happened.

I’ll make sure she learns her lesson. Also, thank you for not letting go.” Eric knew that even if Nicole let go of her in that situation, Ingrid deserved it, Nicole, who was in the right, had every means to abandon Ingrid, but she did not, Ingrid had tried to harm Nicole so many times, so Eric did not expect Nicole to help Ingrid.

Nicole smiled charmingly. Her eyes shone brightly with the lights. “No need for thanks. I’m not so shameless like our family.” Nicole always liked to use the brightest smile to say the coldest words.

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