The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Don’t You Dare Kneel

Everyone looked at the daughter of the Stanton family who was loved by all, with envy in their eyes. Grant smiled and approached Nicole.

Nicole turned her head and glanced at him. “Is this also one of the programs?” ‘I didn’t remember this being part of the plan…’ Grand smiled faintly, his aura steady and reserved. “Of course not.” Then, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He saw a man walking down the stairs on the other side not far away. His tone lightened considerably. “But I think I know who it is…” )) “Who?” Nicole asked him and followed his gaze.

She stiffened slightly. Ian wore a tailor-made tuxedo. With the bewitching smile on his face, his charm was truly impossible to ignore.

He held a large bouquet of delicate roses in his hands. What the roses meant was self-explanatory. He walked towards Nicole and stared at her with such deep affection.

However, Nicole only stiffened. It was already too late to run. She instantly felt her scalp tingling.

The people around them started to talk in whispers.

Everything that happened tonight was truly sensational. First, it was Eric Ferguson. Now, it was Second Young, Master Carter.

The surprises did not stop coming. Not far away, Chloe Snyder saw this scene and looked terrifyingly pale. Ian Carter had attracted everyone’s attention.

Nicole maintained her elegance and composure. She stood there as if nothing happened and watched as the man walked over to her.

Her eyes flickered. Ian slowly stepped up to her. His expression was clearly a little nervous. Everyone was watching with bated breaths.

This was obviously the set-up of a proposal! “Is Second Young Master Carter going to propose?” “What a surprise!” “But isn’t Eric Ferguson also interested in Nicole? Why else would he send her such expensive gifts?” “Both men are excellent choices.

I wonder who Nicole will choose.” When Ian arrived in front of her, Nicole could no longer hold back. She could not stand there and watch as things got worse.

Everyone’s eyes were affixed to them. With a light sweep of her eyes, Nicole saw Eric, who was standing in the crowd. His cold and breathtaking eyes were staring straight at them.

Nicole stiffened slightly but did not have the time to think about it. She gently stepped forward and looked at Ian with a faint smile.

Ian raised the roses in his hands, but just as he was about to speak, Nicole interrupted him softly. She looked at him with a vague smile and spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

It was a part threat and part warning. “If you dare to kneel, I’ll break your knees!” Ian instantly froze. His body went cold. The joy in his eyes disappeared in an instant and was replaced with a hint of gloom and dejection.

‘Hmph! Looks like my guess was right… Ian’s here to mess up my party!’ Nicole thought. “Second Young Master Carter…” A cool and trembling female voice suddenly came from the side.

It was Chloe Snyder, President of Snyder Corporation. “Second Young Master Carter, aren’t you going a little too far with your joke…” Chloe knew that since the beginning, Ian only took Nicole as his world.

At that moment, Chloe finally could not hold back. Chloe Snyder, who had always hidden her feelings, finally lost her composure. It was truly surprising.

Ian was slightly stunned.

He did not notice Chloe at all. Her words fell on deaf ears, Ian pursed his lips and had no choice but to speak slowly under everyone’s burning gaze, “Happy birthday, Nicole.

I wish you… All the best….”Kai could not help but laugh when he heard those words. ‘Hahahaha! All the best?! Ian’s quite thorough in giving birthday wishes, huh?’ Grant shot a cold look over, and Kai quickly shut his mouth.

Everyone slowly waited for what followed. However… Nothing else happened! Nicole accepted the bouquet and smiled in satisfaction.

“Thank you, I like this gift very much.” Ian hung his head, hiding the disappointment in his eyes. Soon, Kai drew everyone’s attention elsewhere. Nicole took the opportunity to grab lan’s sleeve and pulled him away. She did not notice Chloe’s frustrated yet relieved eyes following them.

Nicole let go of Ian’s arm when they finally reached an empty room. “Ian Carter, what the hell were you planning?!” The usually frivolous Ian Carter looked so sincere at this moment.

It was clear that Nicole’s reaction had hurt his fragile heart. However, it was not to the point of being devastated. After all, this was just the beginning! “I just wanted to surprise you!” Unfortunately, Nicole sensed what was going on and nipped his plan in the bud.

‘Today was such a great opportunity… What a pity…’ “Surprise? You almost scared us all to death!” Nicole glared at him speechlessly and crossed her arms.

They were close friends, so Nicole did not have to worry too much. That was why she spoke so bluntly. It was not a deliberate attempt to embarrass him.

However, the result Ian had hoped for was impossible. Instead of wasting his time on Nicole, it was better if Ian could turn back in time. The lazy and charming smile on Ian’s face was bewitching.

“You stopped me in time for now, but I won’t be so obedient next time…” Nicole immediately became furious at his words. “Carter, I’m a completely different type from all your exes.

Why are you so fixated on me?” All his exes were docile, cute, and lovely.

They were completely different from Nicole’s style! Did he want a change of taste? ( Ian paused slightly before he laughed. How can those women compare to you? I’ve never been moved by them…” Nicole was not interested in listening to his spiel.

Now was not the time. She raised her hand to stop him. “Carter, I’m not interested to know about your love life. We’ve known each other for so many years.

We can only be friends!” “You’re jealous!” Ian said confidently. His eyes shined.

Nicole was completely speechless. ‘How should I kill his confidence without hurting his self-esteem?’ She flipped her hair back. “Forget it. I’m going back downstairs.”

However, as soon as she turned around, she was pulled back. “Your zipper is open…”

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