The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 231

Chapter 231 He Wants to Propose

There were three boxes altogether! The crowd was clearly getting excited. Nicole opened the second box with mixed feelings. ‘Huh?” It was a white fall and winter hat.

The design was simple and there were no special features.

However, Nicole could tell at a glance that this was an out-of-season style from XN’s lineup two years ago.

It was a limited-edition item at that time. However, it was not considered a limited-edition luxury nowadays.

Yvette scoffed in disdain. “What the hell? I have one of these as well.

It’s a style from several years ago! Aren’t you being too perfunctory, President Ferguson?” 1 Julie looked at the hat thoughtfully and remained silent. Nicole was also a little surprised.

There was a complicated look in her eyes. She opened the third box without hesitation. It was an exquisite and fine jade bracelet.

The color was bright and pure, the texture was deep, and the workmanship was luxurious and exquisite. It was flawless! Quaint, simple, and elegant, yet extremely charming.

It was also worth a lot of money. It most likely cost more than nine figures. Even if the monetary value of the gifts all the guests sent today were added up, they would probably still be lesser than the two gifts in front of her.

One was a diamond necklace. The other was a jade bracelet. Eric Ferguson was really quite generous… Nicole stiffened slightly.

She did not want to associate them with the past, but she could not help but remember. The first time, she gave him a ring. He gave her a necklace in return.

The second time, she gave him a scarf. He gave her a hat in return. She did not give him anything the third time, and he did the same. However, he gave her a jade bracelet today.

Was he trying to make up for all the gifts he owed her before? The things that she had stopped mulling Hell over once again surfaced in her memory.

Her emotions tangled and her heart grew sour. Her expression also sank.

‘Eric Ferguson really has a knack for upsetting me, huh? Does he think that I’ll pretend as if nothing happened if he does this? I clearly told him that we no longer have anything to do with each other, but he keeps reminding me time and time again! Fine, in that case, don’t blame me for being rude…

“Ms. Stanton, you’re so fortunate to get two big gifts in one go! How thoughtful of Mr. Ferguson… I think that you two are truly made for each other.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to reconcile?” Hearing those words, Nicole’s cold eyes glanced over at the speaker. ‘Hah… Chloe Snyder!’ All the people that Nicole did not want to see showed up at her party.

The people around them also pricked their ears and listened closely.

If these two amazing figures got together, it would be more sensational than any celebrity scandal! It was something worthy of shaking up the entire business world.

If these two powerhouses joined forces, they would be invincible. The women who covet Eric Ferguson would no longer have a chance.

The men and women around the pair did not want them to get back together. They secretly envied and resented them.

However, Nicole was unmoved when she heard Chloe Snyder’s words. She even sneered. “Selling myself for two gifts? Ms. Snyder, it seems like you haven’t received a gift in a long time…”

Nicole pretended as if nothing happened and closed the lid of the box, ignoring Chloe’s nasty expression.

Her expression was indifferent and unconcerned as if these were nothing to her. “I’ll accept your gifts, Mr. Ferguson.

Thanks.” Nicole’s nonchalant appearance shocked the people around her. The relationship between Eric Ferguson and Nicole Stanton was truly puzzling to outsiders.

It must be very awkward for an ex-husband to give his ex-wife a gift… However, everyone also secretly admired the heiress of Stanton Corporation for being so worldly.

She did not bat an eye even when facing such expensive gifts. Her temperament was so calm and valiant! Nicole turned around and left indifferently, not wanting to continue staying here and suffer the crowd’s strange glances.

When Nicole subconsciously let out a sigh of relief, Yvette sneakily came up to her. Yvette grabbed Nicole’s arm and pulled her to the side.

“Nikki, I just saw Ian secretly instructing the staff to prepare some kind of ceremony. I think he wants to surprise you…” Nicole frowned.

That did seem like something Ian would do. “There were so many roses too…” Yvette murmured. Nicole was confused.

‘Why would he need roses for a surprise?’ “He didn’t tell us in advance, so both Julie 7/10 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 231 Hell and I don’t know about this.

Julie told me to give you a heads up.” Yvette shook her head to express her exasperation towards Ian. This was not a trivial matter. They had to distance themselves from each other! “Got it.

If Ian dares to make a scene here, my dad and my brother won’t let him off the hook!” Nicole snorted coldly with confidence.

Whatever Ian was up to, today’s birthday party had to be perfect! Yvette raised her brows and nodded. There was a sudden noise outside. It suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

Someone shouted in surprise, ” Fireworks!” Everyone looked over towards the window.

Huge fireworks burst into full bloom in an instant. The colors were bright and brilliant, burning the sky with gorgeous colors.

While the fireworks raged on, their shape in the sky gradually changed from a beautiful rose into a woman’s face. The woman had long wavy hair, clear eyes, and curved lips. Every detail was meticulously designed with care.

What was even more amazing was that the person’s face became clearer to everyone. “Isn’t that President Nicole?” Someone finally spoke up.

“Yes, it’s really her!” Nicole naturally saw this as well, and her initial admiration turned into astonishment.

Her look of surprise instantly sank. The brilliant and dazzling light illuminated the expensive land inch by inch. In just a few minutes, it lit up the night sky of the entire city.

Nicole’s birthday was celebrated with fireworks all over the sky. It was indeed quite flashy! The three gifts Eric said he prepared had already been received. In that case, who prepared these fireworks if not Eric?

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