The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 240

Chapter 240 I’ll Be a Good Girl and Listen

Nicole had only smelled that kind of cold and expensive perfume on Chloe Snyder before. During their first meeting at the auction, in Ian’s home, and at the banquet tonight …

Chloe had used the same type of perfume. The person across from Nicole let out a soft laugh.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re very smart… You actually recognized me?” Nicole could not be bothered to talk with her and rolled her eyes.

Unfortunately, Chloe might not be able to see that eye roll. What a waste of emotion! Would Chloe Snyder, the legendary woman who created a business empire and was worshiped, praised, and thought of as someone who could achieve anything, kidnap Nicole? It was clear that Chloe did not do this on the spur of the moment, much less for money.

“I’m afraid you didn’t bring me here to say something nice to me, right, Ms. Snyder? Then just get to the point. What do you want?” Chloe’s breath paused slightly.

Nicole could feel the irritation and coldness that Chloe was desperately trying to conceal. From the beginning, Nicole was unexpectedly calm.

Even now, Nicole showed no fear at all. She even used a disdainful tone to expose Chloe’s identity. Chloe stopped hiding. Instead, she walked out of the shadows to stand in front of Nicole.

She met the woman’s eyes calmly. “Ms. Stanton, aren’t you scared? What happens next isn’t going to be very pleasant…” Nicole raised her eyes and looked up.

Their gazes locked onto each other. Nicole suddenly laughed. Her expression was relaxed and indifferent, and the words that left her red lips were articulated clearly.

“This is about Ian Carter, isn’t it?” The surrounding atmosphere fell into a dead silence in an instant. That name was the deepest thorn in Chloe’s heart.

Chloe kept her affection and softness for Ian deep in her heart for the past ten years.

She thought that she still had a lot of opportunities. However, after seeing everything that lan prepared for Nicole tonight, Chloe knew that she might not have a chance anymore… It drove her mad with jealousy.

She hated Nicole to death! Chloe did not feel so hysterical even if she lost a contract worth hundreds of millions! She could cope with the coldness and ruthlessness of the business world.

However, the moment she saw that Ian was about to propose to Nicole, she felt like she had lost the whole world. Her faith collapsed and the world became desolated… The pain and jealousy she hid deep in her heart burst out.

She smiled and said, “It’s good that you know.” It was indeed because of Ian Carter. Nicole frowned and shook her head in confusion. She looked puzzled.

“Even if you target me or harm me, it won’t make Ian like you. Ms. Snyder, isn’t this method of yours too underhanded?” Using force was one of the most stupid methods.

Furthermore, this was Nicole’s turf. If Chloe dared to touch Nicole, the Stanton family would never let her or her company off the hook.

Was this worth destroying all those years of hardship? Chloe suddenly laughed. Her eyes were deep and cold.

“It’s fine as long as it works. After all, you’re the high and mighty Ms. Stanton. It is a little cruel if I ruin you on such a memorable day, but I can’t think of a better way to deal with you besides this.

The Stantons protect you too well, so I can only use your racy photos as a threat. I only want you to stay far, far Ian…’ away from It would be best if their worlds never met again.

“That’s the only way you’ll be a good girl and listen, right?” Chloe’s eyes burned with a flame of insanity. It was more blinding and scalding than the cigarette in her hand, Sure enough, this psycho Chloe had lost her mind.

How could she come up with such a demented and disgusting method? Nicole stared at her, the smile on her lips rippling.

‘Chloe Snyder thinks that she can threaten me with a few nudes? Dream on!’ Her eyes were shining, glittering, and sparkling in the darkness. Nicole’s voice was pleasant and gentle as she said, “Right, I’ll be a good girl and listen, but…”

Her tone changed as her gaze became cold and arrogant. “You won’t be able to do it.” Nicole’s arrogance and confidence contained an inherent noble indifference, Even if she was just standing there in the dark and dreary path, Nicole was still the most eye-catching thing.

She was always the brightest focus. She was an inviolable existence. Chloe’s body stiffened imperceptibly.

She was shocked by Nicole’s words. However, she came back to her senses after a few seconds. a Chloe lowered her eyes and smiled slightly. Her aura was imposing.

She was someone who blazed a new trail in the business world. How would she be scared off by Nicole’s words? When she looked up again, her eyes brewed with ruthlessness and mockery.

She gently raised her hand. “Then let’s try it out. Apologies, Ms. Stanton…”

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