The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Triple-Killed

The moment Chloe Snyder raised her hand, the two burly men behind Nicole stepped forward.

There was a very tacit understanding in their action.

Just as they were about to touch Nicole, they suddenly felt a cold chill passing in front of them.

Before they could react, Nicole disappeared before their eyes in a flash! The darkness created good conditions for Nicole.

Nicole nimbly dodged to the side and pressed her body low. In an instant, she shifted behind them. Before the two men could realize what was going on, she lifted her right foot and took off one of her stilettos.

She pinched the tip of the stiletto, so the heel was facing outward. With a swift and powerful momentum, her actions were so fast that she seemed to blur.

Just when she was about to hit the man nearest to her, the man suddenly felt a cold breeze behind him. He instinctively ducked forward, intending to dodge the attack.

However, the next second, Nicole suddenly twisted her wrist and rushed in Chloe’s direction in full force, swift and fierce! The heel of the stiletto was very thin, so the attack would only be effective if she hit a vital point.

By the time Chloe reacted, it was already too late. Chloe did not have any self-defense skills.

Even if she was a legendary figure in the business world, she was incapably when it came to fighting and martial arts. The hard heel of the stiletto smashed on Chloe’s head.

She cried out in shock and sucked in a cold breath, covering her head in a death grip.

Then, as if she was afraid of attracting attention or afraid of Nicole’s mockery, Chloe refused to make a sound again even as bursts of pain assaulted her. Her head buzzed as a warm liquid flowed down.

The air was silent and solemnly cold. As the two burly men froze in shock, Nicole smashed her shoe on one of their heads without hesitation. She would not give them the opportunity to react.

When it came to beating people up, one had to be fast, accurate, and ruthless! The man closest to her struggled to break free, and with one stride, he reached in front of Chloe.

He was secretly shocked. How could a seemingly fragile, kind, and dainty young lady strike so quickly and viciously? Her moves seemed savage and tricky, but in fact, they were extremely disciplined! If they were not professional bodyguards, they would not have realized how great Nicole’s skills were.

They had underestimated the opponent! The two men no longer dared to look down on Nicole. One of the men quickly stepped forward, grabbed Nicole’s arm with one hand, and twisted it behind her back after clasping her shoulder.

However, Nicole suddenly took a step back and stepped on the man’s foot viciously with her other stiletto heel and jabbed her elbow at his gut. When he stumbled back, Nicole took advantage of the situation to kick his body.

A moment later, screams cut through the dark and dreary path. In just a few minutes, the advantage of the 3-vs-1 fight was completely reversed. Chloe was the one at a disadvantage.

Nicole thought to herself, ‘One more… This one might be a little more difficult.’ Chloe’s voice was extremely cold in the dark. There was no warmth at all.

“You useless sh*ts! Hurry up and knock her out! We need to get outta here now!” Nicole’s skills were beyond Chloe’s expectations.

Chloe was furious. ‘How dare Nicole hit me?!’ The air pressure around her dropped continuously.

Chloe’s initial thoughts of going easy on Nicole were fiercely thrown out the window.

Her urge for revenge only grew stronger. Nicole chuckled at the words. She glanced at the exit in front of her.

If she ran out as fast as she could, there was a chance for her to escape…

Suddenly, the road brightened up as glowing yellow lights spilled on the ground, tearing apart the darkness in front of her.

Now that the dark and dreary path was illuminated, they could see their surroundings clearly. The two burly men who had guilty consciences immediately became flustered.

Chloe only frowned as a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes. The blood from her forehead dripped down her face, making her look miserable.

The next moment, three unexpected people appeared on the road. “Mr. Ferguson?” Chloe was shocked, but she very quickly regained her calm.

When you kicked me out of that project, you promised that you wouldn’t get involved in my matters with Nicole. Are you going back on your word?” Eric’s eyes narrowed and turned cold when he saw this scene.

He stood under the light. He’s tall, well-built figure exuded an oppressive aura, His thin lips moved as he spoke in an icy voice.

“You’ve gone too far, Chloe Snyder.” Keith Ludwig and Mitchell saw this scene with complicated and shocked eyes.

Nicole stood there looking cold and alert. Her hair was slightly disheveled, and there was no warmth around her, but she still looked so noble and bright.

Even though she was only wearing one stiletto on her left foot, she still looked awe-inspiring and indifferent. She tiptoed on her lustrous right foot to keep her body balanced and stable.

The stiletto in her hand was still dripping with blood. It was clear that the blood was not Nicole’ S. The two burly men stood by the side, one of them leaning against the wall in pain.

The other was preparing to attack. The corners of Keith’s mouth twitched as he could not help but say, “Ms. Snyder, “ did Nicole just… Triple-kill you?”

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