The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Earn Money Together

Around five people followed behind Nicole, each in a suit and tie. Their temperaments were imposing, cold, and oppressive. Logan pressed the elevator button for Nicole, who did not bat an eye.

The receptionist hurriedly informed General Manager Lydia’s secretary upstairs. The secretary was also Lydia’s cousin, June Smith, who thought that she was all that after getting a backer.

When June heard that Nicole was coming, she snorted in disdain and continued to paint her nails.

“She couldn’t wait to come and get a piece of the pie after hearing that we were going to make money? Dream on…” Those words just so happened to be heard by Nicole.

The bodyguard behind Nicole opened the door for her. When June saw Nicole, she continued to sit without batting an eye. Her tone was rude as she said, “Ms. Stanton, our General Manager is away.

You can come again next time… Standing by the side, Logan’s face turned green. No employees dared to talk to Nicole like that. Nicole did not even look at her and directly instructed Logan.

“Call a meeting with senior management in five minutes, Fire anyone that’s late.” Logan answered respectfully, “ Understood.” June’s lips twitched fiercely as she looked at Nicole in disbelief.

‘No one in the company dares to ignore me like this!’ “Ms. Stanton, are you deaf? Our General Manager is away! Who are you going to meet with…” )) Nicole simply walked into the conference room.

She turned around slightly and cast a sidelong glance at June. “General Manager? You mean Lydia Smith?” “Of course. She’s my cousin.

This isn’t your company or territory, so you have no say in what we do here…” ») Logan started to sympathize with this unlucky woman. June was extremely cocky.

Every word she said sounded like she was trying to pick a fight with Nicole. According to Logan’s years of experience, June would not end up well…

Nicole’s eyes were icy. Her lips curled up indifferently, and her voice had no trace of warmth. “Stanton Corporation belongs to the Stantons. A Smith certainly has no power here.

From this moment on, you can all pack your stuff and get out!” ! Lydia and her mother were rather forgetful to repeatedly challenge Nicole.

Did they think that Nicole was an easy target? Did they think it was easy to take the Stantons’ money? June’s face instantly stiffened.

She stared at Nicole with a dark expression. a “W-Who do you think you are…” Logan stepped forward to stop her nonsense. “She’s the President of Stanton Corporation.

What are you still standing there for? Tell Lydia Smith to get here immediately!” When Nicole entered the conference room, she added a remark in addition to Logan’s words.

“Call my uncle, Noah Stanton, as well.” That useless uncle of hers could not even take care of this meager company and just had to cause trouble for her.

If Floyd had not given Noah this company to manage back then, he would still be laboring away. Over the years, they had filled countless deficits for the company in Jericho City.

Since they did not appreciate it, then it was better to take back these favors… Five minutes later. Nicole looked at the people scattered around the seats in the conference room and had a vague idea in her heart.

These people were the ones Floyd sent from headquarters to keep an eye on the situation here.

Logan distributed the documents in his hands to them. Nicole did not beat around the bush. “I believe that everyone must already know about the news this morning.

Stanton Corporation and J&L Corporation cooperated on the AI project, so why did this company develop an identical product and release it in the market first?” Everyone was silent for a few seconds.

The bald man sitting at the front frowned. “We didn’t know about this at all. Jade Smith always guards against us like we’re thieves, and Noah Stanton doesn’t bother much with the company affairs…”

Before he could finish, the door to the conference room was pushed open.

you’re coming, and you didn’t wait for us to start the meeting…” Jade and Lydia came in tandem.

Taking the lead, Jade wore a luxurious and elegant brand-name coat and was dressed in the style of a parvenu from head to toe.

Maybe it was because this was her territory, so Jade did not feel the restraint and caution she had when she was in the Stanton Mansion. She no longer had the panic from before.

It seemed like Noah Stanton actually forgave her for supporting another man. Nicole was perplexed by this.

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