The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Tell Your Old Lover to Come Forward

Nicole did not speak. She simply looked up at Gerard Lichman. He did not seem to be joking. The air was silent for a moment, and Nicole’s mood sank.

The biggest breakthrough of the AI chip was that it had the ability to detect potential or obvious illnesses in the human body. This was great progress they had announced to the whole world.

In order not to cause any unnecessary trouble to Maverick, they attributed the design to the joint experimental research lab of the Stanton Corporation, J&L Corporation, and Ferguson Corporation.

If Stanton Corporation highlighted their exclusive rights to the chip, it would make people think that the three-way cooperation was falling apart, and it would cause their stock prices to plummet.

That would only lead to unnecessary trouble. There was nothing to gain but harm. They had high hopes for this project.

It would be a shame if the project was aborted because of such trivialities before it came to fruition. Nicole calmed down. “Do you know which company it is?” There were too many enterprises under Stanton Corporation, so it was impossible for Nicole to know everything that was going on.

If Gerard found out so quickly, he must already know the answer. He took out a note from his pocket, held it out with two fingers, and placed it on her Forward table, motioning for her to open it. “Eric found out that it was Noah Stanton in Jericho City.” Nicole frowned.

“Alright.” “That homewrecker must be causing trouble again. How annoying!’ Nicole thought. “By the way, the best method of breaking a rumor is by using facts.

If you really have no choice, you can ask your old lover to come forward…” “What?” Nicole looked up in confusion. She was dumbfounded. ‘When did I get an old lover?’ “The Great God! Sunner! If he steps in, everything will be solved!” After all, no one would believe that the genius Sunner would plagiarize.

Nicole rolled her eyes speechlessly. She called Logan in to see the guest out.

Forward When Gerard Lichman left Stanton Corporation, he took out his phone and made a call. “I’ve already informed Nicole, but Eric, this is official business. Isn’t it a good opportunity for you to come here and tell her personally?” Over the phone, Eric was in no hurry to answer.

The sound of a lighter came from the phone intermittently. After a few seconds, Eric finally spoke. She hates me and won’t want to see me.” His voice was cold and despondent. As soon as Gerard left, Nicole had someone investigate the movement of Stanton Corporation’s branch in Jericho City. Sure enough.

Forward Before the afternoon, there were already all sorts of voices on the internet. Stanton Corporation in Jericho City announced their latest experimental progress using the company’s name, saying that an Al doctor was about to be launched. It caused a heated discussion.

(Wasn’t it three-way cooperation? Why is Stanton Corporation launching it first?] (Businesses are profit-driven after all.

Partnerships in the business world are really volatile!) (They’re releasing it so soon.

Can the quality be guaranteed?] (Did Nicole Stanton go crazy about money?] No one knew the real situation and thought that the Stanton Corporation branch in Jericho City was still following Nicole’s orders, so Nicole naturally became the one who was held Forward accountable for everything. In just a short time, Stanton Corporation’s stock price was affected and started a faint downward trend.

Fortunately, J&L and Ferguson Corporation did not try taking advantage of the situation. They all waited for Stanton Corporation to handle the issue.

Nicole said nothing and had someone prepare the car. She would go to Jericho City personally to deal with it. Grant intended to let her handle it and took the backseat.

He was the one who worked with J&L Corporation to investigate the source of leaks. For the next two to three hours, Nicole paid attention to the online trend in the car.

Everyone had mixed opinions. Nicole knew that this was not a good thing for Stanton Corporation. After all, Forward they were losing credibility to the world.

“We’re here, President Nicole…” Logan got out of the car and opened the door for her. Nicole stepped out and strode into the company in her high heels.

“Who are you? How can you just walk in ” … The receptionist was dozing off and looked up in dissatisfaction when she heard movement.

She looked at Nicole and froze instantly, then stood up straight. “P-President Nicole?”

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