The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Who’s Copying Who?

Nicole had never been a generous person. She could pretend as if nothing happened after being scolded, biding Her time. Nicole silently recorded the account in a small notebook.

She would retaliate sooner or later. Ignoring Jade and Lydia’s insults behind her back, Nicole held her head high And strutted away in her heels.

She felt sick just staying under the same roof as them! The bodyguard behind her was quick to open the door for Her.

Every movement of hers was inherently superior and noble, making people think that she was born to rule from Above and look down on everyone.

Back at Stanton Corporation. The people she sent had already started the process of taking over Jericho City’s Branch.

Thus, Nicole could stop worrying and ignore the online public opinion. Soon, everyone would know the truth.

However, Noah Stanton unexpectedly did not give up and uploaded a video in the name of the company the next Day…..

Professor Meyer stood in front of the camera, righteously reprimanding the criminals who stole his scientific research achievements.

He used words layered with insinuations that pointed at J&L Corporation’s project. In an instant, the wave of discussion surged to the forefront again.

Who exactly plagiarized from who? The opinions of the netizens were all over the place! [Professor Meyer is a well-known expert in the country and has many patents for research.

How could he be lying?] (Did J&L Corporation use their capital to buy someone else’s technology? Professor Meyer is an old expert who has been innocent his entire life…]  [Professor Meyer is honest and upright.

He doesn’t look like a liar at all. I think that a certain someone should just admit it already. Who was the one who plagiarized from the other?] (I used to be Professor Meyer’s student.

This Professor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and specializes in taking students’ patents for himself! He’s not a good person at all…) (All of Professor Meyer’s research achievements abroad were stolen from his students’ patents…) Some different opinions drowned in the large discussion.

Nicole watched with a calm face as the topic became hotter and hotter. To the side, Logan spoke up carefully.” President Nicole, should we contact the media platform to keep the heat down?” Nicole took a deep breath and told herself not to get angry.

She forcefully calmed her voice. A cold light flashed in her eyes. “No need. It’s better to add fuel to the fire and burn them all down!” “Understood.”

Needless to say, Logan instantly understood Nicole’s meaning. The press conference was simple but solemn.

It was indeed unexpected that Nicole would dare to hold a press conference and face the numerous thorny and sharp questions at this critical moment.

Eric Ferguson and Gerard Lichman also received invitations to this press conference. It did not matter whether they attended or not. However, they still showed up.

They went straight to the issue. However, the main character was Nicole. Eric and Gerard simply acted as her foil and were just minor players.

Despite that, their presence beside her showed how much they valued and trusted this cooperation. The two men were quite good-looking. Gerard was elegant and gentle, with light and trustworthy air about him.

Eric was distinguished and noble with extraordinary wealth. Even if he simply sat there without speaking, his aura was already convincing.

Nicole did not keep a low profile and wore a limited-edition haute couture outfit, making her look very attractive. No matter where she went, she was always the focus of attention.

Every single shot was perfect! If she went to the entertainment industry, she could sit firmly at the top of the hierarchy just with how beautiful her face was.

The reporters praised her beauty and temperament and almost forgot what they came here for. They got down to business. The atmosphere also grew tense.

“President Nicole, what do you think of this plagiarism case?” 6/8 Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 250 Who Nicole did not try to hide.

“The management staff in Stanton Corporation’s Jericho City Branch made a mistake and plagiarized the results of our three-party cooperation.” ) One sentence stirred up a thousand waves! “Wasn’t it directed by Stanton Corporation?” The reporter asked.

Nicole smiled and explained, “Stanton Corporation has many subsidiaries that are operated by their own independent legal persons. After internal verification, we have confirmed that the company under Stanton Corporation in Jericho City has indeed competed by unfair means.

We have already made a police report regarding this matter. At the same time, Stanton Corporation has decided to liquidate all operations in Jericho City.

We will then proceed with reorganization following the bankruptcy. Stanton  Corporation will not allow such a subsidiary to exist.

We are willing to accept any guidance from authorities.” Nicole’s voice was not cold or harsh, but very gentle and extremely powerful.

Her words rang loud and clear! This might be the first time the reporters encountered a company that was brave enough to admit its mistakes and preserve its credibility even at the cost of huge losses The simulcast video was uploaded to the internet and almost instantly bombarded with comments.

(A company like that deserves to earn big money…) (President Nicole, please marry me…) (We’ve reached the pinnacle of attractive faces in the business world with those two men and that woman appearing in the same frame…)

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