The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Apologies Are Useless

Eric Ferguson quickly left the table,
leaving Keith stupefied as he received
hostile glares from Nicole’s friends.
The taut SL.lflg in Keith’s heart suddenly
Keith felt that those people led by Yvette
just wanted to eat him alive.
‘Eric left me like that’?

Aren’t we bros?‘
Keith looked at the people in front of him
and bit his lower lip as he spoke with no
dignity, “Can you please spare me this
The whole group said in unison, “No!”
Nicole came out from the side door

where there was no crowd. She had just

sent a text to her big brother, so his driver
should be arriving soon. She also sent
Yvette a message.
A raspy voice called her name as Eric’s
tall and brawny figure stood at the side
door. Nicole was stunned for a moment,
then immediately put on her aloof and
guarded look.

Noticing her change in expression, Eric
lowered his eyes slightly.
“What’s the matter, Mr. Ferguson?”
The light at the side door was dim and
elongated their shadows. When Eric took
a step forward, Nicole took a step back,
establishing a clear boundary between
Eric smirked and threw the lit cigarette in

his hand aside. He continued to approach
her and stared at her closely.
“Nicole. Ingrid provoked you first at the
restaurant, so I’ll get her to apologize to
Nicole lowered her eyes and laughed for
a momei”. Suddenly, she stopped smiling
and looked so cold with a trace of
derision in her eyes.

“There’s no need for that. Just watch your
family properly.”
The restaurant incident was not the only
thing they needed to apologize for
Nicole no longer cared for their apologies
Eric frowned slightly and wanted to say
something, but a frantic scream coming
from the door interrupted him. When he
looked over, he saw a butt-naked Keith

running out with his hands covering hi’;
lace He was so humiliated and
desperate that his voice cracked. “I won’t
let vou get away with this!”
When Keith got to the door, there was a
flash o. light. The naked man stopped in
his tracks and was shocked to see Eric
and Nicole standing next to him.

He was ashamed and vexed as he pointed at
Nicole with his trembling arm. He even
wanted to cry.
“You…you even took a picture?!”
NlCO|€ looked at the picture on her phone
with satisfaction. It was not blurry and
the angle was just nice to capture
everything. It was simply perfect!
She gently hooked the corners of her lips
and glanced at Keith provocatively.
“Mr. Ludwig, it’s a pity if no one recorded

your entertaining performance, so i
purposely waited tor you here ”
Nicole knew that Keith would not have
the guts to leave through the front door.
and there was only one side door in this
Keith was so exasperated that he
became speechless and covered his
private parts with both hands.

Nicole’s gaze was cold and her tone was
stern as she said, “lf you dare to mess
with me again, I’ll post this photo for the
whole world to see!”
‘Does he think that I’m the same stupid
woman from three years ago? How dare h
e mess with me?’
As soon as Nicole turned around, Grant
Stanton’s driver was waiting by the

roadside. The driver bowed politely and
waited patiently for Nicole to finish her
Nicole did not even glance at Eric and
bypassed him, then sat inside Grant’s
luxury car. The car gradually drove out of
sight, and only then did Eric withdraw his
Somehow, Eric felt uncomfortable seeing
that Nicole’s face was unmoved and filled
with mockery without the slightest hint of
shyness or evasion when Keith ran out naked.

However, when Eric looked back at the
events tonight, from Nicole’s violin
performance on stage to the poker dice
game, his original impression of the well
behaved and quiet Nicole suddenly
changed. Every move she made was
such a mystery. lt felt like there was a

thin layer of fog that surrounded her,
making it increasingly impossible to see
through her. Thinking of this, the bottom o
f Eric’s heart became irritable again.
Seeing Keith standing there staring at
Nicole’s departed car, Eric could not help
but frown. He tossed the iacket in his
hand on Keith’s head and said, “Let’s go! D
o you not feel ashamed?”

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