The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Utter Humiliation

Keith reacted with a jolt and quickly took
Eric’s jacket to cover his face as he
scurried to the car. “Get in! F*ck! Your ex-
wife destroyed me today!”
When Eric and Keith got into the car,
Keith quickly put on his clothes while
complaining. “Your ex-wife is such a
femme fatale.

She’s so ruthless and
heartless! l can’t beat her…”
Eric’s face turned cold when he heard his
muttered words. He took out a cigarette
with his slender fingers and lit it. The
smoke coming from the cigarette made
his eyes seem dim and inscrutable.
Yvette and Julie followed Ian out of the
bar. They looked smug when they saw
the two men in the car.

Ian took a few steps forward to the car
Through the car window, the corners of
his lips hooked up into an unruly and
playful smile. “Mr. Ludwig, it was just a
bet, so don’t take it to heart. We’re still
friends, “ght?”
Keith’s body shook with anger. ’Hmph!
Simple for you to say, you’re not the one
that ran out naked!

I’m afraid my name
will become the laughing stock of the city
from now on! What a shame…utter
humiliation! But…l brought this on
myself…even if I feel wronged, I can’t
Earlier when Keith was still clothed
upstairs, lan looked at Keith indifferently.
You don’t wanna strip? lf Nicole lost,
would you have let her go?“
The answer, of course, was a solid no

Thus. Keith was stripped oll ol his
Keith wanted to ignore lan and let out a
cold grunt. He arrogantly turned his head
away to express his anger.
Eric glanced at Ian. His voice was deep
and dangerous as he said, “Mr. Carter, are
you venting out your anger on behalf of
Nicole today?”

“Mr. Ferguson, you’re kidding, right? Isn’t I
t obvious that Nicole won by herself? You
should be willing to lose when going into
a bet. A big man like you can’t even
compare to a lady, huh?“
Ian laughed nonchalantly and tapped his
finger on the car window. He pondered
for a moment and gave Eric a meaningful
“Mr. Ferguson, you didn’t expect Nicole to

win, did you?”
“It was indeed unexpected.”
“You were married for three years, yet you
still don’t know her at all. I guess in your
eyes, Nicole is worth nothing.” Ian had a
faint smile in his eyes. He took a deep
breath, tiltcd his head, and smiled

“But…there’s no need for you to get to
know her in the future, because to us,
Nicole will always be the best!” Ian
cocked his thumb and raised his
eyebrows in a sneer.
Eric’s gaze was sharp and threatening as
he narrowed his eyes. “Mr. Carter, you
wouldn’t be interested in that woman,
Ian laughed out loud and met his gaze
openly. “I am. I want to pursue her, and I

have to thank you for letting her go so
that I can get this opportunity.”
Eric indifferently withdrew his gaze and
looked to the front with an expressionless
face. Keith, who was sitting on the side,
could not stand it anymore and said, ”
Why are you talking so much? Ferg, just
He realiy could not stay here for another

Eric stepped on the gas pedal and drove
away immediately. Keith saw Eric’s
sudden change in expression and was
“Are you angry?”
‘It’s so obvious that Ian Carter is
interested in Nicole, so what’s wrong with
him admitting it?’ Keith thought.
Eric did not want to answer Keith and

only said, “Don’t you think that you should
care about your photos more?”
“Damn it!“ Keith cursed. This was the first
time he was defeated by the same
woman twice in a row.
“Why did “ou have to marry her in the first
place? There are plenty of women who
are right for you, so why her? I honestly
don’t know what you were thinking.

We all felt so sorry for you, so lucky for you,
we’ve never treated her as one of us.”
Keith muttered.
The car came to a screeching halt. Eric’s
face turned a few shades darker and his
chest suddenly felt uncomfortably
‘They didn’t treat her as one of us? Was I
like that too?’ Eric thought.
“Get out!” Eric’s voice was icy cold.

Keith looked at him puzzled. “Why?”
“l’m going to the office, you’re out of the
way.” Eric’s face was inexplicably glum
Keith had no choice but to get off. While
e stood in the cold wind and watched as
the car became more distant, he
suddenly realized that Eric was not going
n the direction of his office.

On the other side, Yvette walked over
smugly. “That Keith Ludwig should lay
low for now. He really won’t back down
until he knocks into a wall!”
Julie nodded. “If we don’t show him
who’s boss, he’d really think that Nikki’s a
Yvette froze for a moment. “But when did
Nikki start playing poker dice, and so
good at that?“

Julie and Ian looked at each other and
laughed. Julie then explained, “When
Nikki was studying in France, there was
one month when she fought with her
family, so they cut her off financially.
Then, she somehow got tricked into
working as – dealer at the biggest
underground casino there.

To her surprise, she learned those skills under
the table and even made a fortune! After
Uncle Floyd found out, he was so scared
that he immediately begged her to leave
that place and compensated her with a
black card that has no credit limit…”
Yvette’s eyes widened in awe. She
regretted not attending the same
university as Nicole.

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