The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Private Agreement

Nicole looked like she had a headache. ”
Yvette, who the hell is so dumb to send m
e flowers?”
“Of course, it’s Ian Carter. He instructed m
e to deliver it to you by hand.”
‘Ian? That Young Master is really capable
of making things happen!’

Yvette laughed. “Old Master Carter sent
Hugh to study abroad. I heard that if he
fails this time, his grandpa will break his
“Awww… it’s a pity that we didn’t get to
send him off. I guess we’ll just have to
wait for him to come back and throw him
a nice welcome back party!”
Nicole was helpless and got her assistant

to take the flowers out of her office She

felt a lot more comfortable without the
strong scent of flowers in the air.
Yvette nodded. “Yup, my thoughts
exactly. By the way, I’ve looked into Fl-l
Corporation like you asked me to last
Nicole looked up at her. Yvette laughed
and said, “FH Corporation has long since
become a shell company.

They keep asking for loans everywhere and owe the
bank a large sum of money they can’t
even pay off. Their company is about to be auctioned off and theyjust have a
bunch of sh*tty projects left. Whoever
gets involved with them will surely get
into trouble. That Samantha Lindt is
trying to push you into a trap, huh?”
This was what Nicole expected. She
raised an eyebrow and thought, ‘So she’s

trying to dig a pit for me lo jump in myself
The dinner tonight will be extra
Yvette scratched her head. “lt’s nothing.
but. I can’t work for you anymore. My
mom is coming back from Hong Kong
She just acquired a new cosmetic
company and promised that I can
participate in their research and

Nikki, you know that this
has always been my dream.“
Yvette’s mother was a famous career
woman in the industry. She had always
wanted Yvette to be part of the
management in their family business, but
Yvette preferred laboratory work. Since
she finally got the opportunity to
participate in research, she certainly
would not give up on it

Nicole smiled. “Sure, then I wish our
dearest Miss Quimbey all the wealth in
the worId”‘
The two ladies looked at each other and
smiled. There was no need to say more
because they had a tacit understanding
between them.
“Then you should be careful. Just ask if
you need help with anything. We’ll
support you as best we can!“

Nicole nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t be a
stranger with you guys.’
Yvette took her purse and slipped away
after chatting for a bit, then Nicole began t
o focus on work again.
After work, Nicole stood up from her
chair and was planning to talk to Logan
about the dinner. However, Samantha
sashayed into Nicole’s office and said.

Since it’s a private dinner, it’s not
necessary to bring your assistant, right?”
Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Okay then.”
Logan looked at Nicole worriedly, but
Nicole gave him an assuring smile.
When they got to the private club, they
went into a pre-booked private room.
Samantha did a friendly cheek kiss with a
pot-bellied middle-aged man who was
sitting at the table, which made Nicole
feel nauseous.

Out of politeness, Nicole still walked overt
o say hello. When Chairman Zeller saw
Nicole’s face, his eyes visibly lit up with
unconcealed lechery, which was very
“This is Vice President Nicole, right? I’ve
heard a lot about you. You’re as beautiful
as they say…”

Chairman Zeller stretched out his hand.
but Nicole only nodded slightly as a
greeting before she took a seat. “Mr.
Zeller, you’re too kind. Your reputation
precedes you.“
Samantha gave Nicole a meaningful
glance. “Vice President Nicole, since you
jUS1 joined Stanton Corporation, you
might not know that we have a good
relationship with FH Corporation, so it’s
not a problem cooperating with them
Why don’t you take out the contract for Mr. Zeller? If there’s no problem, we can
sign it today.”

Nicole paused and raised an eyebrow.
then took out the prepared contract. “
Sure. Mr. Zeller, you’d better look at it
The middle-aged man opposite her took
over the contract and swept a casual

glance at it as if he already knew of its
contents. When he caught sight of a
number there, his face instantly sank.
‘Vice President Nicole, why is the
commission on this 30% higher than the
promised figure?”
Samantha was startled and took a look at
the contract. Her expression changed
greatly and said, “Who changed this?”
“Me, of course…” Nicole lowered her head
with a smile.

“Since I’m here to talk about this project, l
have the say in it. We can go with this
percentage or forget about it altogether.
Everyone knew that if it was raised by
thirty percent, FH Corporation’s initial
investment would be tens of millions
more, which was too much for a faltering
shell company on the verge of

Samantha’s face turned red with anger. ”
Nicole, how can you just change it as you
“l’m Stanton Corporation’s Vice President,
so I can do as I please. Ms. Lindt, I’m
thinking of our company’s best interest, so why are you getting angry?

You should be happy, don’t you think? Are you Stanton
Corporation’s employee or FH
Corporation’s person?” Nicole looked at
Samantha meaningfully.
As soon as she heard this, Samantha’s
face turned glum. “I-l’m Stanton
Corporation’s employee, but Nicole,
business is based on trust. We’ve already
agreed on the amount beforehand, so you
can’t just change it like this!“
“As long as nothing’s been signed,
everything can be changed.” Nicole

playfully looked at the angry Chairman
Zeller. “Or perhaps, Mr. Zeller and Ms.
Lindt have already reached some sort of
agreement in private?”

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