The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Set a Trap

Early morning.
Nicole opened her eyes in the warm
morning light. It felt so cozy and mellow
that she curled her lips into a sweet
smile. Someone knocked on the door
right on time. A maid asked in a soft
voice, “Miss, are you awake?”
Hearing this, Nicole answered in a lazy
voice, “Mm…come in.”

Last night, Grant’s driver brought her to
the Stanton mansion.
Two maids pushed in a huge clothing
rack and spoke respectfully, “Miss, these
are the clothes prepared especially for
you. Master and Eldest Young Master are
waiting for you in the dining hall.“

Nicole was slightly shocked. ‘Dad is so

extra…l bet he wanted to buy out all my
favorite brands so that I’m the only one
who can wear them…’
There were several pieces of the same
style in different colors. Although there
was no logo, Nicole could tell from the
familiar workmanship and fabric that
these were from Prada’s private
collection. Some of them were this
season’s latest limited edition pieces, so
they were invaluable.

She certainly had to adapt to this kind of
luxury lifestyle again. “Alright, you guys
may leave.”
Nicole got out of bed to freshen up, then
randomly picked a little black dress that
was chic and tasteful and paired it with a
white blazer before she walked out of her

lnside the dining hall, Floyd and Grant
Stanton were sitting at the dining table
eating breakfast with effortless grace
When Floyd saw his daughter, he smiled
with squinted eyes. “My baby’s finally
Grant turned to look at Nicole and smiled
with his eyes.
“l heard that Keith Ludwig ran out of
Tattle Bar butt naked last night. Even
though he covered his face, he was still

Old Master Ludwig dragged
him back home to punish him early this
morning. The Ludwigs are now busy
dealing with the scandal online and their
stock almost fell to its limit down. My
little sister is really capable!”
Nicole helplessly shrugged her shoulders
and walked over to sit down. “He was the

one who provoked me first.”
“Serves him right! What are the Ludwigs
compared to my baby? Do whatever you
want, Princess.” Floyd Stanton doted on
Nicole and gave her a bowl of oatmeal.
After taking a few rushed bites of
breakfast, Nicole took Grant’s car to the
When Nicole arrived at her office, Logan
was standing at the door waiting for her.

“Vice President, Samantha Lindt came
here early in the morning. She’s now
waiting for you in your office.”
Nicole nodded. “ls there any news from J
“l’ve already contacted the President of J
&L Corporation, Gerard Lichman. He
proposed to have a talk in person over

‘Alright, set up an appointment then.’
“Yes, Vice President.”
When Nicole pushed the door open, she
saw that Samantha was spinning
leisurely in her chair, seemingly enjoying
herself. For a moment, the atmosphere in
the office w. s a little awkward.
Samantha’s expression changed when
she saw Nicole.

She hurriedly stood up
and looked at Logan reproachfully. “Why
didn’t you inform me that the Vice
President is here?”
Nicole smiled insouciantly and walked
over. “Ms. Lindt, since you like this chair s
0 much, it’s yours. Logan, send it to Ms.
Lindt’s office later.”
‘Yes, ma’am.”
“Vice President Nicole, I don’t mean

anything else. There’s no need to give me
this chair.’
Nicole sat on one end of the sofa. Her
eyes were cold. “I’m a germaphobe, so I
won’t sit on a chair that someone else
has sat on.”
Samantha was rebuffed, so she glared
fiercely at Nicole. She secretly cursed
Nicole in her heart and thought. ‘She slept
her way into this position, so what is she so proud of?’
“Ms. Lindt, why did you come in here?”
Nicole glanced at her.

Samantha walked over with a document
and threw it in front of Nicole.
‘Here, don’t say that l didn’t remind you.
There are a lot of people eyeing this
Pfqect from FH Corporation. Their
chairman proposed dinner tonight to talk

over this cooperation. Vice President
Nicole, you ought to grasp this
Nicole flipped through two pages of the
document and closed the file without
another glance. She did not believe that
Samantha would be so kind as to share
such a big slice of cake with her.
However, since Samantha was so
proactive, Nicole felt that it would be a
waste if she did not play along with her
She smiled.

“Ms. Lindt, will you be
present this evening?“
“Of course, I’ll introduce you both.”
“Great, then I’ll be there on time.”
Nicole handed the document to Logan.
Raise this by 30%.‘
Logan took it over without hesitation.

Okay, I’ll get it done.“
At this moment, Yvette barged in, holding
a huge bouquet that blocked her line of
“Nikki, quick! I’m exhausted!”
Nicole was a little surprised. “What’s
“Someone is pursuing you, of course…s0
he sent you flowers…” Yvette raised her
eyebrows and smiled suggestively.

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