The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Spare His Worthless Life

That handsome lace with that tall and
upright figure currently standing in front 0f
Nicole was the man that she had beer
infatuated with for three years, Eric

At first sight, Nicole was stunned for
“noment but quickly regained her
‘Why IS he here? It’s probably a

Nicole was not so self-absorbed as to
think that Eric Ferguson had been
watching her every move so that he could
swoop in like a hero to save her.
“Mr. Ferguson?” Mr. Zeller stood up in a
panic and trembled in fear.

Eric’s face was gloomy as he glared
viciously at Mr. Zeller “Do you have a
death wish? I can grant your wishl”
At this moment, a wave of inexplicable
anger suddenly surged in his chest. His
eyes were cold and intimidating.

Eric was just about to go forward to
teach Flint Zeller a lesson when a figure
suddenly appeared from behind. The
other man kicked Flint Zeller, who had
jUSl stood up, back to the ground. Then
threw a flurry of punches on Flint’s face
and body. No place was left out.

“Ian!” Nicole shouted at the man.
The man who hit Flint Zeller paused
slightly and turned back. His cold eyes
instantly turned warm. “I went to your
office to look for you and they told me
that you’re here, so I purposely came over

to surprise you.“
Ian Carter then walked over to Nicole as if
that episode earlier did not happen. He
ignored Eric’s presence, took a bouquet
placed at the door, and handed it over to
Nicole. “Do you like it?“
Nicole sighed helplessly. Although her
plans were disrupted, she more or less
had gotten what she came for, so it was
not entirely a failure.
“Thank you, but forget him. If you
continue punching him, he might die… I
don’t wanna get into trouble.”
“As you wish, my queen.“ lan smiled and
continued, “Then I’ll spare his worthless
Flint Zeller looked at the people in front of
him with fear. One of them was Second
Young Master Carter, and the other was

Eric Ferguson. He could not afford to
mess with either of them. ‘Didn’t they say
that Nicole was abandoned by Eric
Ferguson? How could he still meddle in
her matters?’
Once Flint heard that they would spare
his life, he endured the dizziness and
wanted to flee in a panic. He certainly did
not want to mess with these two big
Before he could crawl out of the room.
Something hard landed on his head
before it fell to the ground. It was the
Audi keys.
Ian sneered coldly. “Take this away! Don’t
taint my girlfriend’s eyes.”
“Yes, yes, yes.” Flint Zeller ran out in a
Nicole was rendered speechless. “Watch it…”
‘What girlfriend?’
She glanced at Eric and felt a little
strange. He then looked at her with a cold
and deep gaze.
“Mr. Ferguson, why are you here?”
“Yes, I’m also curious. Why are you here,
Mr. Ferguson?” lan looked at Eric with
obvious scrutiny.
“Nicole, didn’t you know that there was a
problem with the wine? Why are you
attending all kinds of dinner parties? ls
this the life you want?”
The mockery in his words was obvious.
She accompanied others to dinner and
was drugged unknowingly. ls this the life
she wants after our divorce?’
Somehow, the rage burst out of his chest

at that moment.
Nicole lowered her head and laughed. ‘I
really made a fool of myself to think that
he’d be so kind to help me. Turns out he
just wants to find an excuse to teach me
a lesson?’
She looked up at him with her bright and
delicately made-up eyes that carried a
hidden sharpness.
Under Eric’s shocked gaze, Nicole picked
up the glass of wine on the table and
downed it. She then hooked up her lips
and stood up. “Thank you for your help, M
r. Ferguson. I’ve already replaced the
wine beforehand, but you no longer have
the right to comment on what I want to d
o with my life.”
Who was he to lecture her’?
When Nicole stood up to leave, Eric

grabbed her arm and stared at her coldly.
‘What do you mean? You didn’t answer m
y question.”
Nicole smirked and said with a straight
face, “l didn’t say it so explicitly as a
courtesy to you, Mr. Ferguson. I came
here for work, which is certainly better
than being a lowly servant to your family i
n the past. Speaking of which, is there
even a difference between your family
and Flint Zeller?”

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