The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Treated You Like a Sister

Nicole sneered and did not look at Eric
Ferguson again. She took her phone and
purse, then stomped away in her high
heels. Her back was slim and valiant.
Ian raised his eyebrows and immediately
followed after Nicole.

Eric stood frozen in place. His gaze was a
s cold as frost. Nicole’s words felt like a
thorn in his heart that made him
‘Being a lowly servant to my family?
When did the titular Mrs. Ferguson
become a servant?‘
lt seemed that there were too many
things that Eric was not aware of.
As soon as Nicole walked out, she saw a

red-faced Samantha Lindt tugging on
Flint Zeller at the entrance.
‘So, she already knew and was prepared
for it… Then was my move earlier
superfluous? Tsk, tsk…’ Nicole thought.
Nicole got into the car and left. When she
heard Eric’s misunderstanding earlier, she
felt hurt because he did not know what
kind of person she was after three years o
f marriage.
After a moment, Nicole regained
composure and did not show any mood
She promised not to look back and
repeat the same mistakes twice. Eric
Ferguson had nothing to do with her.
Ian hummed a tune and glanced at
Nicole. “l saved you today, so how would

“What kind of gift do you want? Or do you
just want me to transfer money into your
Ian looked at her with a smile. “This is the
first time a woman tries to slap me with
money, but I’d prefer if you pledge
yourself to me!”
Nicole gave him a sidelong glance. ”
Dream on!”
“Why? You should give me a chance!” lan
Nicole gave him a faint glance. “l’ve
always treated you like a sister.”
lan’s lips twitched. “Anyway, I’ll prove that
I’m the most suitable person for you.“
Not knowing where his confidence came
from, Nicole could not help but laugh.
Suit yourself.“

After all, Second Young Master Carter’s
enthusiasm usually would not last a
lan looked at her smile and felt a pam in
hrs chest. He would not give up this
opportunity to anyone else again.
After Nicole got back home, Yvette
excitedly called her to ask about the
Nicole told her what happened. She
paused slightly when she mentioned Eric
Ferguson and lightly brushed over it.
“This Samantha Lindt is like a pimp at
those nightclubs. I think her talent’s
wasted in the company. She should really
just be a pimp instead.”
Nicole lowered her head and laughed. “l
can’t just close this case sloppily. Now
isn’t the time to fire her yet. Samantha is

capable, she just doesn’t have the right
mindset. She’s just a clown anyway. It
won’t do me any harm to keep her around
as long as she doesn’t make trouble.”
The next day.
Early in the morning, Nicole went to the
office and found that her chair was
replaced with a new one. She was
satisfied with Logan’s efficiency and
brewed herself a cup of coffee when her
door was slammed open.
“Nicole, are you deliberately trying to
mess things up? I clearly asked you to
accompany Mr. Zeller to dinner, but you
left me behind?”
Samantha barged in furiously. She still
had some ambiguous marks on her neck
that she could not hide. Flint Zeller’s
eccentricity was indeed horrifying.

Afterward, Samantha thought about it
and knew that Nicole must have backed
out. Otherwise, why would Flint Zeller not
take a bite of the cake that was at his
Nicole waved her hand, signaling for
Logan to leave, then hooked her lips into
a seeming smile as she looked at
Samantha suddenly felt guilty and no
longer looked so fierce.
“Forget it. This will all be over once you
sign the contract.”
Samantha brought the contract over and
threw it in front of Nicole.
Nicole did not even raise her head, took
out her phone, and tapped on it a few
times to play a recording of yesterday’s
dinner conversation.

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