The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Blind

Nicole sneered and looked at Ingrid
Ferguson with a cold gaze. She lowered
her eyelids slightly and said, “Ms.
Ferguson, are you trying to embarrass me
by bringing out this ugly past over and
over again? Mind you, I’m not
embarrassed. Your family should be
embarrassed for treating their daughter-in
-law like a maid.

I wonder who will ever
dare to marry into your family again…”
“Anyway, you’re not worthy of being a
Ferguson! Nicole, you were clearly trying t
o seduce my brother earlier. Aren’t you
gonna admit it?‘
Ingrid was adamant that Nicole was
deliberately seducing her brother with
that kiss earlier. ‘Nicole wants me to apologize?!
Ingrid was resentful and thought. ‘Why
can Nicole be so arrogant? Why didn’t my
brother back me up?’

“Ms. Ferguson, you actually think that I
want to seduce Mr. Ferguson?”
Nicole laughed lightly. She was never one
to beat around the bush and had always
gone straight to the point.
‘Seduce? I don’t think I’m cheap enough t
0 do this!’
That kiss at the end of the dance was
unexpected and shocking. It must have
planted seeds of doubt in the hearts of
the crowd. In everyone’s opinion, Nicole
must be the one who was seducing Eric
Her eyes were clear and cold as she

swept a glance at Eric. The <=om’era*61fl§§
LLPs hooked up into a mocking smile.
“Three years ago, I was blind enough to
marry Mr. Ferguson, but I’m certainly not s
0 blind as lo falls for Mr. Ferguson now.
Even if I seduce every man on earth, I
won‘! ever look at Eric Ferguson again.“
Nicole did not want to look back and
relive that depressing and suffocating
past again.

Nicole did not want to look back and
relive that depressing and suffocating
past again.
Ingrid shuddered from Nicole’s cold gaze.
She felt that the current Nicole in front of
her was a completely different person
from the submissive Nicole in her

The wine glass that Nicole placed on the
crystal table made a crisp clink and broke
the awkward silence. Nicole then turned
around and went downstairs under the
watchful gaze of the crowd. Ian glared at

Ingrid and Erlc viciously before he quickly”
followed after Nicole.
The crowd looked at Eric, who stood
there with a glum lace. His gaze followed
closely after N|coIe’s departing back with
an indecipherable expression
Keith stood on the side and felt shocked.

Seeing Eric’s attitude, it was clear that he
felt heartbroken for that woman after
knowing the truth.
“Mr. Lichman, I wanted to ask if this three-
way cooperation of yours can be
expanded to four-way cooperation?“
Keith laughed as he pulled Gerard
Lichman over, trying to divert everyone’s
attention to other places.
After all, Eric Ferguson’s gossip was not
something that anyone could just watch
for entertainment.

Everyone also had the good sense to
continue mingling and drinking in the
banquet hall.
Gerard Lichman had a faint smile as he
pushed up the gold-rimmed glasses on
his nose bridge. “No.”
Keith said. “Can’t you be a little more
Gerard hesitated for a while and replied, ”
Sorry, it’s not possible.”

Keith was speechless. ‘Forget it. I’d be
better off talking to Eric…‘
Once he turned around. the man who was
standing there earlier had already
“Where did he go?” Keith muttered to
Gerard faintly glanced at a certain

location downstairs before he smelled and
At the same time, there were not many
people around in the lounge downstairs, so it was quiet
Ian pestered Nicole and was asking her
what happened before he arrived.
‘Did Eric Ferguson take advantage of
you? Why did Ingrid Ferguson say that
you seduced him?“

Nicole rolled her eyes at him. “No, it’s just
an accident.”
This could only be an accident
Otherwise, there was no other
explanation for it because no one would
believe that Eric Ferguson did it on
“If he dares to bully you, I’ll definitely beat
him up!” Ian waved his fist

Nicole swept a glance around and did
see Grant anywhere. ‘Where’s my
‘He just went to the VIP table with
Chaarman Lichman to talk business. Do
you wanna go find him?” Ian asked.
Nicole shook her head. “Forget it. Let’s
not bother him.”
When she turned her head, she saw Eric
Ferguson walking towards them.
‘It’s such a coincidence that he keeps
popping up everywhere. Why is that guy
haunting me like a ghost?!‘
Nicole raised her eyebrows, held Ian’s
arm, and intended to leave as if she did
not see Eric.
“Nicole, let’s talk.” The man’s dark eyes

‘There’s nothing to talk about.’
not stop and left him high and dry. she
did not want to have the slightest thing to
do with this man.
He was just here to give her an apology,
but an apology was the most worthless
form of guilt.
She did not need it!

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