The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 47

because his face was glum, but he
looked relieved to see Nicole again.
Nicole walked over with a smile then
hugged Grant’s arm petulantly. ‘is it over
yet? Can we leave early? I’m so tired today
Gram dotingly punched her nose. “We can
leave if you’re tired There’s no need to
care about the others.’

Nicole smiled with squinted eyes. ‘
Brother’s still the best..l’
‘Do you need to tell anyone?“
‘No, I’ve already said my goodbyes long
ago” Grant stroked her head “Let’s go,
the driver’s waiting outside.‘
Nicole nodded and took Grant’s arm as
they walked outside. The handsome man
and a beautiful woman were an extremely
eye-catching pair.

As soon as they went out, Ian caught up to
them from behind. ‘Mr. Stanton. do you
mind if I lag along?
Nicole looked at Grant, but Grant’s lace
was cold He had always been reserved
and serious to outsiders ‘I do mind, It’s
out of the way ‘
lan was rendered speechless.
Nicole smiled and waved at him. “See ya
later, Carter…‘

Ian did not dare to mess with Grant
Stanton, so he did not have the guts to
cling to Nicole and hitch a ride with them
He could only stand there looking
aggrieved as he watched the siblings get
into their car. when the car door closed,
Ian quickly went forward in a panic and
opened the door on Nicole’s side
‘What are you doing?“

Nicole was startled
Many people were talking near the
entrance. so they also noticed the
movement there. with Grant’s status, it
was impossible to keep a low profile even
it he wanted to
Ian knelt on one knee and carefully held
the hem of Nicole’s dress that was
clamped outside the car door. He then
put it into the car and smiled looking up 3
t Nicole. “Alright, you can go now. Bye!‘
It turned out that Nicole’s dress was
caught outside the car door, so Ian
deliberately went over to help her with it. In the eyes of the crowd, that gesture was
extremely humble.
The men standing on the balcony of the
banquet hall on the second floor saw this
scene. Kenh laughed and looked at Enc
who was next to hum “This lapdog Ian
surely has a knack for chasing women

He even dares to flirt in front of
Grant Stanton?
Keith assumed that there might be en‘
am ambiguous relationship between Grant
Stanton and Nicole.
Eric’s eyes were dull “Let’s go and have a
drink with a few others…”

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