The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Don‘! Want to Put Up With You

Ingrid Ferguson’s face stiffened. She
screamed and saw that a cup of cold
water had been splashed on her face and
Nicole gently put down the decorative
bottle at the sink and dusted her hands.
Her gaze was calm as she said, ‘You
asked for this.’

‘Nicole, how dare you…”
Ingrid was so angry that her face flushed
red. She was shivering. The dress she
wore was from Dior’s off-the-rack
collection. Although it was not as
luxurious as Nicole’s custom-made dress.
it still had an eight-figure price tag. Many
celebrities did not even qualify to look at it. but now ut was mined!
Nicole smirked. Her smile did not reach
her eyes. ‘Do you really think that I’ll put u
p with you like before? If you dare
provoke me again, I’ll teach you a lesson
and settle both the new and old accounts
Nicole’s eyes. She could not help but feel
However, she no longer wanted to think so much at this moment. She was the
Young Lady of the Ferguson family and
was revered everywhere she went. How
could she be bullied like thus at a banquet?
How was she going to get out later?
Her spare dress was far less expensive
than this one.
Ingrid gritted her teeth and glared at
Nicole. She was so infuriated that she
was about to lose her mind. ‘Nicole, I
won’t let you get away with this”

She lunged forward and raised her hand a
t Nicole.
‘I’ll show Nicole how powerful I am!‘
Before the slap could land on Nicole’s
face, Nicole smirked slightly as if she was
|ust waiting for Ingrid to make the first
move. Nicole’s eyes flickered and her
body moved nimbly to the other side as
she accurately clasped |ngrid’s arm. She
ruthlessly grabbed Ingrid’s long wavy hair
with her free hand and pushed Ingrid
The running water was filling up the
golden sunk and was about to overflow.
Ingrid plunged headlong unto at. splashing
out a lot of water
Ingrid’s groupie in the back exclaimed
and looked extremely shocked.
Nicole coldly swept a glance over and the
groupie was instantly silenced. She
watched the scene rn horror and did not
dare to go forward.

Ingrid struggled violently, but Nicole did
not forcefully resist. She |ust wanted to
teach lngnd a lesson, so she let go of
Ingrid and took a step back. Not a single
drop of water got onto N|cole’s dress and
she still looked as beautiful and
seductive as ever.
However, Ingrid was incredibly wretched.
Her hair and makeup were no longer

Ingrid leaned against the wall and gasped
for air. A trace of shock and unfamiliarity
flashed in her eyes.
She did not seem to know this side of
Nicole. or perhaps she had never really
understood thus woman‘
Ingrid’s groupie immediately went
forward to hold her. ‘Ingrid, a-are you

‘Ms. Ferguson, I’ve already told you just
now that I won’t put up with you anymore.
If you mess with me again, you’ll pay the
Nicole raised her hand to tuck a stray
strand of hair behind her ears. then
unhurriedly lifted her eyelids. Her
intimidating gaze landed on Ingrid. whose
face was pale. Ingrid looked like a wet
dog, which made Nicole smile with

She pursed her lips and seemed to be
mocking Ingrid, then turned on her heeld
and left nonchalantly.
Ingrid only dared to scream in
exasoerahon after N|cole left
Nicole was in a great mood because she
gave what Ingrid deserved. but who
would have thought that when she looked
up. she saw Enc who had been there for

She paused for a moment and wanted to
walk away as rf she dud not see hum, but h
e called out to her “Nicole ”
Enc stood there and watched as Nicole
deliberately ignored himself He was
clearly extremely uncomfortable, but he
had to endure rt because he owed rt to
Enc stood there and watched as Nicole
deliberately lgflOf€d himself He was
clearly extremely uncomfortable, but he
had to endure it because he owed it to
her. Thus, when he heard what was
happening in the women’s restroom, he .
held back from going In to stop them
The Ferguson family owed her much
more than that.

Nicole stopped in her tracks and \ooked a
t him with raised eyebrows. “What’s
wrong, Mr Ferguson?“
Without waiting for Eric’s reply, Nicole
smirked and said, ‘Oh. by the way, Ms.
Ferguson is inside, but you came too late.
She’s not presentable enough to come
out and meet people right now.”

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