The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 57

Chapter 57 How Much Do You Want

Seeing the oncoming person, Quinn’s
eyes immediately turned red as she
walked over emotionally. “Eric…”
“Brother, Nicole snatched away the pipe!
That’s Grandpa’s favorite. If he can’t find i
t, he’ll surely make a big fuss!” Ingrid
spoke in a panic.
Eric Ferguson stood in the doorway
looking very tall and handsome. His body
was half-hidden in the shadows as he
stared at the people in the room with cold
“Shut up! How dare you steal from
He spoke in a harsh tone and scolded
Ingrid, who shuddered in fear and hid

behind her mother, not daring to look up.
Behind Eric was the person in charge of
this event, who stood there with
trepidation. The organizer glanced at the
staff on the side and asked, “Are the
formalities done?”
“Yes, everything is settled.” The staff
replied cautiously
Since everything was done and dusted,
Nicole was not afraid of anything. After
all, their precious family heirloom was in
her hands, so she could call the shots.
Nicole looked at Roman, who was next to
her. “Let’s go. We shouldn’t disturb their
family reunion.”
She did not even care to greet them and
turned on her heels to leave.
“Nicole, you can’t take it away.” Eric
spoke in a cold tone.

Quinn hurriedly added, “Yeah, we can’t let
her take it away!”
With her son’s presence, Quinn was no
longer afraid and did not want to act in
front of Nicole anymore.
Nicole raised her eyebrows, laughed, and
raised the document in her hand. “Look,
you don’t have a say here. The emerald
pipe is mine now.”
She swept a glance at Eric’s glum face
and was in an inexplicably good mood!
“Mrs. Ferguson, you should just save your
energy and think about how you’ll explain
this to Old Master Ferguson. I’m sure he’s
very curious to know how his family
heirloom appeared at a charity auction. I
wonder what he’ll do if he knew that this
emerald pipe no longer belonged to him…”
Quinn’s face was pale. She regretted

hiding this from her father-in-law. She
was afraid and frustrated as she could
imagine the old man’s thunderous fit of
anger. She might even get kicked out of
the Ferguson family!
Eric’s eyes were deep and the air around
him felt cold. “Nicole, how much do you
want to leave this behind?”
Nicole laughed lightly. ‘He thinks I want
money? Do I look like I’m short of money?’
Her eyes lightly swept across the man’s
cold face. She raised the emerald pipe in
her hand and said, “Leave this behind?
Dream on!”
She then grunted and left the room.
Roman hurriedly followed after her.
Quinn anxiously tugged on Eric’s arm.”
How can you let her go like this? We must

take it back from her…”
“Brother, we must! Otherwise, Grandpa
will kill us!” Ingrid looked at him nervously.
Eric raised his eyes and looked at
Nicole’s departing back with his
eyebrows slightly knitted. He looked at
the two women in front of him
indifferently and said in a cold voice, “I’ll
find a way to get it back, but you should
think about how to explain this to
He straightened the cuffs of his suit and
turned to leave.
Perhaps the old man already knew that
his beloved pipe was missing by now.
Thus, Eric did not intend to hide this
matter from his grandfather. They should
learn to bear the consequences of their

“What?” Quinn’s eyes flipped back as she
fainted. Ingrid hurriedly caught her
mother and called out to her several
times, but Eric did not turn back. Only a
staff member came forward to ask if they
needed help.
With such a valuable item, the organizer
politely asked Nicole whether she needed
a security escort, but she politely refused.
She only wanted to spite Quinn and Ingrid
and did not actually care about the pipe
Seeing the elevator door opening, Nicole
walked in and heard Roman’s reminder
from the side. “Is that Mr. Ferguson?”
Eric was walking towards them.
“He still doesn’t wanna give up?’ Nicole
Nicole did not want to share an elevator

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