The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Cost So Little

Nicole glanced at the man outside the
elevator like he was a stranger. The man
finally disappeared from her sight as the
elevator door closed.
When they were in Roman’s flashy sports
car, he finally asked the question that had
been bugging him. “Is this thing worth a
lot of money? Why do the Fergusons
want it so badly?”
Nicole laughed and looked at the box in
her hand. “This thing is a thousand years
old. I heard it came out from a royal
palace and had been the Fergusons’
family heirloom for almost eight hundred
years. Do you think it’s worth a lot?”
Roman’s driving speed obviously slowed
down as he was dumbfounded and

shocked. ‘This is simply priceless! They
auctioned off such a valuable thing? No
wonder Eric Ferguson asked Nicole to
state her price. If Nicole asked for nine
figures, Eric probably won’t even have the
slightest hesitation!’
Nicole’s phone suddenly rang. She looked
at it and saw that it was Grant, so she
happily picked up the call. “Brother, 1
bought a little toy…”
Grant paused on the other side of the
phone and let out a stifled laugh. “I heard
It only costs so little to spite the
Fergusons, huh?”
Nicole could not help but laugh when she
thought about Quinn and Ingrid’s
impending doom. “Anyway, it’s mine now,
so I won’t let go of it easily.”
Grant knew his sister’s temperament. She
must have been so disappointed with the

Fergusons that she wanted to vent it out o
n them whenever she had a chance. It
was indeed a rare opportunity.
‘Forget it… Nothing else matters as long a
s she’s happy…
It was very sunny the next morning.
Nicole went into the office to deal with
some work matters. Recently, Samantha
Lindt had been glaring at Nicole like she
wanted to kill her, but she did not dare to
act rashly because Nicole had something
over her.
Logan knocked on the door to deliver
some documents. “Vice President Nicole,
the company has begun to investigate
Samantha Lindt receiving kickbacks in
various projects.”
Hearing Logan’s words, Nicole looked up
at him. “My brother’s ready to take

“Yes, Micah Zielinski, who’s backing
Samantha Lindt, has already started to
make his move, so President Stanton
said that he’d no longer tolerate it.”
To remove Micah Zielinski, they must first
investigate Samantha Lindt. Samantha
probably knew about it by now and that
she was powerless. No wonder she did
not pester Nicole about being part of the
project team with J&L Corporation.
Nicole tucked her hair behind her ear.“
Then hand over what we have to add fuel
to the fire.”
It was a recording of what Samantha said
during the dinner with Nicole and Flint
“Yes, ma’am.” Logan stood there and
paused for a moment. “There’s one more
thing. Mr. Ferguuson’s secretary called

saying that Mr. Ferguson would like to
make an appointment with you for a
Nicole sneered and leaned back in her
chair with her arms clasped. Her gaze
was clear and cold.
“Say that I’m busy and push it. In the
future, just push off any meals with him.
You don’t need to ask me anymore.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
At noon, Nicole was planning to grab
lunch when there was a knock at the
door. Logan stood at the door holding a
bouquet of flowers. “Vice President Nicole
Nicole looked up and frowned. “I thought
I told you to just throw it away?”
“Nikki, how could you hurt me like that? I
carefully selected these for you. You

didn’t even act surprised and even
wanted to throw it out?!”
lan Carter suddenly popped out from
behind Logan, walked into Nicole’s office
angrily, and questioned her.
Nicole paused and glanced at Logan, who
apologetically lowered his head and kept
‘Forget it…this must’ve been lan’s idea.’
Nicole was feeling a little guilty, so she
could not blame lan for feeling hurt.
“You can leave us,” Nicole said to Logan.
Logan nodded and left with a sigh of
Nicole reached out and rubbed her brow,
then smiled at lan. “Carter, why’d you
come over today?”
“I came to ask you out for lunch. I didn’t

expect you to give me such a big
surprise!” lan said with gritted teeth as he
glared at her.
Nicole smiled apologetically. “You know
how much everyone will talk if I keep
getting flowers!”
“I sent you flowers just to let everyone
know that you have a boyfriend!”
‘So that they’ll know they don’t stand a
chance!’ lan thought.
lan was unabashed as he said that.
Nicole felt a little helpless and said, “lan,
don’t waste your time on me.”
“I want to. Whether it’s a waste of time is
up to me.”
lan was not truly angry with her. He
smiled devilishly and said, “Since you’re a
t fault, you gotta buy me lunch!”
Nicole raised her eyebrows, took her
purse, and walked out of her office. “Fine.
You decide on the place.”
When they arrived at the restaurant, they
once again bumped into the people they
did not want to see.
Keith Ludwig snorted. “Nicole, didn’t you
say that you have an important project? S
o… You pushed off Eric for a date with
Second Young Master Carter? Grant
Stanton, Roman, lan Carter… You sure
change men like you change clothes! |
guess you do have your hands full, huh?”

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