The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Stolen

Yvette tilted her head back and laughed from exasperation. She wanted
to jump up and curse at Quinn.
“Nicole, is this the result of you working so hard for these people for
three years? We smell of poverty?! How did you put up with this for
three years?! Well, you can put up with it, but I can’t!”

Yvette stepped forward and shoved Quinn, who stumbled backward
and almost fell.
“I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for Nicole, I wouldn’t have even heard of the
Fergusons! You’re just a nouveau riche with that measly money. Watch
how I’ll stain your floors with your blood! If you dare, come at me with
your old wrinkly limbs!”
Quinn was trembling with anger as she pointed at Yvette and Nicole.

She threatened them. “You… you… Nicole, I’ll kick you out of the

Ferguson family!”
Nicole did not apologize and make amends as she would have in the
past. Instead, she just looked at Quinn with an expressionless face.
“There’s no need for you to kick me out. I’ll take my own things and

After that, Nicole ignored Quinn’s shocked gaze and went straight to
her bedroom upstairs.
Her old self was really stupid to give up her dignity for a man.
Nicole was trampled on time and time again by Quinn, who only wanted
a daughter-in-law from a prestigious family, yet she did not utter a word
of complaint.

Going forward, she did not have to put up with all this anymore.
She took nothing but her documents, then went straight downstairs.
Yvette and Quinn, who were downstairs, were still shooting daggers at
each other. When Yvette saw Nicole coming down, she raised her
eyebrows proudly. “You ready?”
Nicole nodded. “Let’s go.”
“Nicole, I’ll tell Eric what happened today! Don’t think that you can just
leave and come back as you please. Even if you come crying and
begging on your knees, I’ll still kick you out!”

Quinn thought that Nicole would be afraid of such a threat.
As a result, Nicole stopped in her tracks and smirked, then looked back
at Quinn with disdain.
“I forgot to tell you. I’ve already divorced Eric Ferguson. Even if you
come crying and begging on your knees, I will never step into this house

Nicole finished her sentence and left without hesitation.
Quinn was stunned in place. ‘Divorce? Nicole’s willing to get a divorce?’
She immediately called her son. “Eric, did you and Nicole get a
Eric furrowed his brows. “How do you know? You saw her?”
“You’re really divorced?! That’s great! This kind of woman is not worthy
of being a part of our family. She’s just a pheasant that wants to
become a phoenix. I can’t stand her from the beginning. There are so
many high-born ladies waiting to marry you, so it’s best if she leaves.

Good riddance!”
Eric’s dark eyes sank. His voice inexplicably became urgent. “Where is
He impatiently interrupted his mother’s ramblings.
Nicole had mysteriously disappeared from the hospital and he could not
find any trace of her, but she finally appeared on her own.

There was only one thought in his mind at this moment. ‘I want to see
“At Imperial Gardens, of course, but she left. This reminds me, I have to
check if she stole anything. You didn’t give her too much money for the
divorce, right?”
“She didn’t ask for a penny.” Eric was a little surprised at his mother’s
malice towards Nicole.

He had always thought that Nicole and his family
got along well and did not expect his mother to be so outrightly
discontented with Nicole.
“At least she’s self-aware!” Quinn coldly snorted.
The man’s cold eyes darkened as he hung up the phone in annoyance.
He felt even more unsettled. ‘Did Nicole ask for a divorce because of my

Eric went back without a thought. He barely came back to their house.
When he went upstairs, he saw that everything was still there. Even the
card that he gave her for her monthly expenses was untouched, but her
documents in the drawer were all gone.
Eric suddenly felt a tightness in his chest, and the irritable feeling
became more intense.

After all, he could not remain indifferent to her after three years of
Quinn came into the room angrily. “The ‘Daydream’ necklace in the safe
is missing! It’s worth $10 million. Nicole must have stolen it. I’ll call the
Eric frowned. “Don’t call the police. It’s not her. Maybe you left it

Nicole had never asked for the password to the safe, so how could she
steal the necklace?
‘Also, it’s merely $10 million. It’s not worth much, so what’s the point of
stealing it?’
When Eric thought of this, he could not even recall if he ever gave his
wife any jewelry

in their three years of marriage…
Eric took his car keys and left. He sat in the car and smoked a cigarette,
but the uneasiness in his heart did not dissipate.
Quinn was not willing to let this lowly woman get away that easily. She
did not have to call the police because she had plenty of other means.

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