The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Gone Viral

After Nicole and Yvette left Imperial Gardens, Yvette had been cursing
the Fergusons until they got home. “That old hag is senile! If it wasn’t
for her age, I would’ve taught her a lesson!”
Nicole was used to it and smiled. “Forget it. Don’t stoop to her level.
Anyway, we won’t be seeing them anymore.”

The two ladies were talking and laughing. When they finally returned to
the Stanton Mansion, they saw Grant Stanton, who rarely appeared
because he was always busy with work, sitting on the sofa and reading
the newspaper. He looked so serious, noble, and indifferent.

Nicole happily ran over and hugged him from behind as she acted like a

spoiled child. After three years without seeing him, he still felt as
familiar as ever.
“Big Brother, you’re finally back! Why did you disappear after sending
me home?”
Grant helplessly and dotingly allowed her to wiggle around him. His cold
aura was broken by the cozy atmosphere.

“There was an important meeting I had to attend. I rushed back as soon
as it was over. Here, your gift.”
This was Grant’s habit. No matter how far away he went on a business
trip, he would always bring her souvenirs. This was a limited-edition
custom-made handbag that was not yet available in the country. It had
an eight-digit price tag and was invaluable in the market. Most
importantly, it was unique to Nicole.

Grant found out in advance that Yvette was also here, so he bought her
a custom Chanel perfume that women liked.
Yvette took it over with a blush on her face and said softly, “Thank you.”
However, Grant did not notice Yvette’s expression because his eyes
were fixated on his sister. He knew that she had a rough time, so he felt
heartbroken and only wanted to give her the best.

On the other hand, Nicole keenly observed Yvette’s reaction. Her smile
widened and she had already fantasized about their future.
“Your second brother is in a laboratory abroad participating in a
confidential scientific research project, so he can’t come back at the

Your third brother’s at a film festival and will be back in a few
days. For the next couple of days, you can shadow me at the office…”
Nicole made a bitter face, but she knew that there was no escape, so
she could only nod and agree.
Late at night.
“Holy sh*t!” Yvette was hyperventilating as she called Nicole, who
picked up the phone in the middle of the night with a sleepy voice,

“What’s wrong?”
“Go online right now! The Fergusons still didn’t forget to sling mud at
you after the divorce. They said that you stole something from them
and that they won’t involve the police if you return it by tomorrow.
Otherwise, they’ll screw you over. It’s gone viral!”

Nicole’s heart sank and she immediately went online. Sure enough, the
hashtag, #FergusonsExWife, was trending on the internet.
It was an official statement from the Ferguson Corporation accusing
Nicole of having no character and stealing valuable jewelry after the
“Valuable? They even dare to show off a mere $10 million jewelry? Do
they think that you’ve never seen money before?” Yvette cursed

The comments on the internet were speculating that Nicole was kicked
out of the wealthy Ferguson family because of her bad character.
Those netizens spittled so much hate and even dug out Nicole’s social
media account. Her only happy memories during the past three years
that she posted on her social media were all spun into twisted stories by
those spiteful netizens.

[Peaceful times? I think she’s just pretending!]
[She deserves to get kicked out of the family!]
[They should just call the police. She’s not only a clown but also a thief!]
There were many other hateful comments about Nicole.
Nicole had seen that set of jewelry once. Eric kept it locked in the safe
and she did not know the password, nor did she ever ask for it.

‘Haha! Eric Ferguson doesn’t even have the basic decency after our
divorce and wants to hurl mud at me? Does he think that I’ll put up with
this crap?!’
Nicole immediately dialed Grant’s number. “G, I remember that K’s
entertainment company is under my name. Who is managing it now?”
Grant paused for a moment and rubbed his brow. He had also just
learned about this news.

“Dominic Young. I’ll get him to handle that
viral hashtag right away.”
“No need. I’ll handle this myself.”
Nicole’s tone was indifferent. ‘Don’t they want a confrontation? Do they
think that I’m scared?’
This viral topic spread like wildfire after one night. Nicole became a rat
that everyone mocked.

At 8:00 am, Nicole logged on to her social media account and posted a
photo with a statement.
After that, she looked at the nice weather outside and smiled bitterly in
‘I was really so blind to marry Eric Ferguson…’

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