The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Junk

At that moment, Nicole felt that when lan
was serious, he could hook her heart and
soul, and she was lost in thought for a
‘He’s not the same frivolous Young
Master as he was three years ago…’
Nicole panicked and quickly gathered her
composure. She did not want him to
notice her abnormality. No matter who it
was, Nicole did not want to get caught up
in a whirlpool of love again.
“Carter, you’re getting better at coaxing
women now, huh?”
lan was slightly stunned. He laughed and
took a step back. “No one else is
qualified enough for me to coax.”

“Right… If your girlfriends lined up, they
could probably circle the globe, so they’re
the ones coaxing you…” Nicole raised her
eyebrows and looked at him teasingly.
Everyone knew about lan Carter’s messy
love life.
lan grinned. “That’s all in the past. You
know that those are fake. I’m innocent…”
“Alright. Thank you for comforting me,
but I’m really tired…”
Nicole did not want to fall into another
man’s tenderness. Not to mention, lan
was her close friend for many years, so
she did not want to lose this friend.
Seeing that Nicole was not as downcast a
s she was earlier, lan went over and
stroked her head. His gaze was gentle
and doting. “I’ll leave then… Take a good

When lan was not being frivolous, he had

such a mature, reserved, and noble
temperament that it was difficult not to
get lost in
‘What a devil!’ Nicole cursed in her heart.
She looked away and saw the emerald
pipe on the table that she left on the
table. Nicole hooked her lips, went over,
picked it up, and looked at it. Her smile
gradually turned cold. She then casually
threw it aside and went to her room.
If Old Master Ferguson knew that his
beloved family heirloom was being
treated like this, he would be furious!
Nicole slept until 10:00 pm and got up to
see Grant’s message. (I have something t
o deal with and will be abroad for three
days. Look after the company.]
She thought, ‘Brother trusts me so much t

o take over for a few days? Why is he not
Nicole thought that Grant would be on
the plane by now, so she did not call and
sent him a text message. [If there’s any
trouble, you can’t blame me! Also, dearest
big brother, please be prepared to clean u
p my mess… Hahaha!)
She instantly got a notification of a new
Grant helplessly replied to his sister. (Just
don’t go bankrupt. Everything else is still
Nicole was relieved and suddenly
remembered the pipe in the living room.
She jumped out of bed, turned on the
lights, chose a good angle, and took a
close-up photo of the emerald pipe. She
then posted it on her social media.

[Just bought this little junk for everyone t
o admire!
If I’m unhappy, why should others be
happy?’ Nicole thought.
Soon, Yvette and lan shared her post,
which reached Eric Ferguson’s circle in n
o time.
Everyone saw that Old Master Ferguson’s
family heirloom had become a “little junk”
in Nicole’s hands.
Nicole ate a snack and went back to
sleep again, naturally unaware that her
photo made Old Master Ferguson so
furious that he lost his appetite.
When Nicole woke up at 8:00 am, she
received a call from Yvette in a daze.
“What is it?”
“I shared your post last night and there

are so many people asking to buy that
pipe for a high price! Someone offered up
to $60 million!”
Nicole was wide awake and laughed.’
Wow… It doubled overnight. I guess it’s
worth more than I imagined.’
“Well, I have no intention of selling. It’s
just for everyone to see.”
Yvette laughed out loud. “I recognized
one of them and dug deeper. Guess
what? That guy only did as Keith Ludwig
instructed. It looks like this is Eric
Ferguson’s intention. They probably can’t
sit still any longer.”
Nicole raised an eyebrow. Just as I
expected… Do they think I’m an idiot to
sell it?’
After chatting with Yvette for a bit, Nicole
saw that it was almost time and got

ready for work. She could not slack off
since Grant was not around.
She planned to drive to the office, so she
went to the garage to pick a car. The
luxury cars that her father ordered for her
had already arrived, so her garage looked
like a luxury car exhibition. Seeing all
these flashy cars made Nicole a little
speechless. After walking around, Nicole
was dazzled.
One of the most low-profile cars was a
gray Porsche Cayenne. Although it was
quite expensive, the design was not as
flashy as the rest of the cars in the
I’ll take this then! She thought.
Once Nicole sat in the car, the butler at
the Stanton mansion saw the footage in
the garage through the remote
monitoring system and called her in a

“Miss, do you need a driver? He can be
there in five minutes.”

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