The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 60

Chapter 60 She’s Coming Back to the Country

After Nicole said her piece, she went
back to the private room to call lan and
Before she got into the car, it suddenly
occurred to her that she had left her bag i
In the private room.
She wanted to go back to get it, but lan
stopped her. “I’ll get it. You can wait in
the car.”
lan left without another word. Nicole
thought about it and followed him, but did
not expect to run into Eric and Keith, who
were both just leaving,
To avoid unnecessary trouble, Nicole did
not go forward and waited on the other

side of the fountain at the entrance.
Keith said, “I heard that Wendy’s coming
back soon?”
Eric gave a deep “mm”.
Keith smiled and said, “I haven’t seen her i
n so long. I kinda miss her. Although she
was at fault, your punishment was a little
too heavy. She’s one of us, so you should
just forgive her…”
The two men walked and talked, then got
into the car and left.
The afternoon sky was gloomy, and the
air was chilly.
Nicole retracted her gaze. She was a little
lost in thought as she looked in the
direction of that car. Her chest felt stuffy
and painful.
‘Wendy Quade is one of them, but no

matter how hard I try, I’m only an outsider
to Eric Ferguson.’
Wendy Quade’s name was like a curse
that haunted her for three years. Nicole
thought that she was finally free of it and
never thought that hearing this name
again would still bring out this
suffocating feeling.
I’m so useless! Nicole thought.
Nicole knew that Wendy Quade had gone
abroad after that party. Since Wendy was
out of her sight, she did not want to
pursue it.
“Getting Wendy Quade to leave the
country is a punishment to them? Her
return to the country is just a matter of a
word of forgiveness from Eric Ferguson?’
Nicole suddenly felt that it was laughable.
‘What about the three years of her

sucking my blood dry? I might be able to
forgive others, but not her! So she’s
coming back? I’ll welcome her with a big
gift then…’
lan walked over to Nicole with her purse i
n hand and saw her pale and glum face.”
What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”
Hearing his words, Nicole came back to
her senses and smiled. “No, I’m going
back. My driver is here.”
“I’ll send you back.” lan pushed Nicole
into the car and sat beside her without
giving her a chance to refuse.
Nicole nodded, smiled, and did not mind i
lan wanted to say something, but he still
held back after giving Nicole a deep look.
When they arrived at Nicole’s apartment
building, Nicole asked the driver to send

lan back and went straight upstairs.
In less than ten minutes, the doorbell
rang, so Nicole went over to open the
When she opened the door, a bouquet of
beautiful red roses appeared in front of
her eyes, accompanied by lan’s charming
face behind. Nicole looked at him
helplessly. “Carter…I’m really tired today.”
Her intention of sending him off could not
be more obvious.
lan raised his eyebrows. “I know. This
bouquet isn’t for my future girlfriend. It’s
for our Lil N who’s upset today.”
Nicole paused and looked up at him. Ian
seemed a little less rambunctious at this
“Since I’m already here, you’re not gonna
invite me in?”She had faith in lan’s character, so she
made way for him.
lan walked in and said, “Nicole, even if
you have one less Eric Ferguson by your
side, you still have many people around
you. Don’t be upset because of him. He’s
not worthy of your attention.”
‘Yeah, to others, Eric is not worthy of me,
but to Eric, I’m not worthy of him…!
Nicole poured lan a glass of water and
leaned back on the sofa lazily. “You saw
through it? I’m so useless, huh?”
News of Wendy Quade’s return made
Nicole angry. Her so-called insouciance
suddenly did not seem so frank anymore.
“Yeah, a little.” lan smiled. His eyes were
extraordinarily alluring.
“Get lost!” Nicole snorted lightly. Her

heart inexplicably felt a lot better.
lan laughed a little. He suddenly stood up,
went over to Nicole, and insistently pulled
her into his arms. When Nicole was about
to struggle, he suddenly let go.
With a serious smile in his eyes, lan
leaned down and lowered his head to
look at her. “He has no right to make you
mad anymore. Lil N, you’ll forever be my
The sudden proximity between them
stunned Nicole. His faint agarwood scent
filled her nose cavity and made her heart
jump violently.

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