The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Manipulative B*tch
Nicole frankly admitted to it. She would
never hold on to someone else’s beloved
item for no reason if it were anyone else.
However, Nicole absolutely hated the
Fergusons and did not want them to live
comfortably. Thus, she deliberately
bought the emerald pipe to mess with
She admitted to all of it since she was
not bothered to put up a friendly act in
front of the Fergusons.

“Ms. Ferguson, I’m not a kind and weak
person. I treat others how they treat me. D
o you recall how your family treated me
back then? I can’t pretend to have lost my
memory, can I?”

‘Do I look like such a generous and

forgiving person?’ Nicole thought.
Ingrid was shaking with anger. The words
she wanted to say were instantly stuck in
her throat. Nicole’s frank admission was
even more infuriating than a denial.
Old Master Ferguson glared at Ingrid, so
Ingrid held back from cursing at Nicole.
She took a deep breath, softened her
voice, and sobbed as she looked at
Nicole with big innocent eyes.

“Nicole, the past was all my fault… I was
too young and reckless. You’re such a
magnanimous person, so please just
forgive me. I sincerely apologize for
everything I’ve done. I’m really sorry… I’m
willing to do anything to get your
forgiveness. I just hope that you can
return Grandpa’s pipe to him. It’s all my
fault that got us into this mess. My

mother is grounded and Grandpa also
punished me. If you still don’t feel
relieved, you can slap me twice…”
Ingrid looked up at Nicole, but Nicole was
unmoved and even looked at her with a
For a moment, Ingrid suddenly felt that
she could not keep up this act and stood
there stiffly.
Nicole stared at Ingrid like she was
watching a play while she thought about
what a manipulative b*tch Ingrid was for
putting up an innocent act.

Seeing no reaction from Nicole, Old
Master Ferguson coughed and
suppressed the gloom under his eyes. He
reluctantly said, “Nicole, I know that
you’ve suffered a lot at our hands. Ingrid
even took the initiative to come over and
apologize to you this time, so you can

mention whatever conditions you have.”
‘Apologize? I don’t feel that this is an
apology. It was rather like forceful moral
kidnapping. How ridiculous!’ Nicole
Nicole faintly swept her a glance. “I don’t
accept your apology, nor will I give you
the pipe.”
After all that, Nicole was still persistent.
Old Master Ferguson’s expression
changed slightly and could not suppress
the anger that accumulated in his chest.”
Nicole, what exactly do you want to do?”
“He finally can’t stand it anymore? Nicole
“I’m not gonna do anything. Chairman
Ferguson, if there’s nothing else, I need to
get going.

”Nicole felt tired after dealing with them.
Old Master Ferguson snorted coldly. His
eyes had a sharpness in them.
“Don’t blame me for being cruel if you
don’t take this chance that I’m offering.”
“Oh?” Nicole raised her eyebrows. “What
are you planning to do?”
Old Master Ferguson took out his phone.”
I’m curious… Does Chairman Stanton
know that Grant is supporting a divorced
woman? I still have some relations with
the Chairman. Do you think that if I tell
him your identity, you’ll still get to sit in
your position?”
His words were a blatant threat.
Nicole paused for a few seconds. Her
smile deepened as she extended her
hand. “Suit yourself.”

She just felt like laughing and thought, ‘H
e thinks that I’ll be scared? Chairman
Stanton is my father!
Old Master Ferguson’s gaze was cold.
Seeing that Nicole still did not give in, he
dialed the number.
Ingrid looked at Nicole smugly as if
Nicole was facing impending death. She
just stood on the side to watch the drama
After a few seconds, Floyd Stanton
picked up with a leisurely voice.
“Chairman Ferguson, why are you in the
mood to call me?”
Old Master Ferguson grunted lightly and
said, “Chairman Stanton, I heard that you
went to Europe for a vacation a few days

ago. You seem to be in a good mood…”
“Yeah, I did. It’s nice to travel around now
that I’m old. If there’s nothing, I’m
hanging up because I’m busy fishing right
Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘Dad hates
the Fergusons, so why would he waste
time on them?’
Old Master Ferguson changed the topic.”
Chairman Stanton, do you know that your
son has gotten very close to a divorced
woman recently?”
“Really? I’m not aware.”

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