The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 66

Chapter 66 I’ll Be a Part of That Family

Old Master Ferguson said, “Grant is very
capable and has taken after you. Won’t it
ruin everything if he’s tricked by such a
“It’s just a woman, what can she ruin?”
Floyd Stanton sneered.
Old Master Ferguson glanced at Nicole
and spoke meaningfully.
“This woman is not simple. After she just
got a divorce, Grant promoted her as Vice
President of your Stanton Corporation
and is the second-in-command. She’ll
soon start to call the shots in your
company, so shouldn’t you step in to
control the situation as the Chairman?”
If it were anyone else, they would

certainly become furious and anxious
after hearing these words from Old
Master Ferguson
Unfortunately, Floyd Stanton was no
ordinary person.
Floyd let out a lazy laugh and responded
“Chairman Ferguson, mind your own
business. I believe in my son. Oh look, a
fish just got hooked! Goodbye.”
The call was disconnected and Old
Master Ferguson’s expression was quite
amusing. He cursed and glared fiercely at
Nicole, seemingly unwilling to let her off
the hook
“You got lucky, but do you think you can
get away like that? Do you think it’s so
easy to get into the Stanton family? Floyd
Stanton is much more powerful than you

Nicole laughed. “That’s not for you to
worry about anyway…” She paused and
had a glint in her eyes. “I’ll definitely be a
part of the Stanton family!”
After all, Nicole was bound to reveal her
identity one day. She wondered what this
old man would feel after finding out
about her real identity.
Old Master Ferguson snorted and
laughed at Nicole’s wishful thinking. He
wanted to say something else, but Nicole
was no longer in the mood to deal with
them. It seemed like calling Floyd Stanton
was the old man’s trump card, so Nicole
did not need to worry about it.
“Chairman Ferguson, if there’s nothing
else, I’ll get my secretary to send you off.
I have a meeting to attend.”

Chapter 66 mi ne a part of that Family
Nicole smiled and looked at them with a
detached yet polite smile. Ingrid looked
indignant and wanted to say something,
but she could only grit her teeth and hold
back. Old Master Ferguson was also
exasperated after this meeting and coldly
snorted. “You’re asking for it!”
After Nicole pressed a button on her
internal office phone, Logan came in and
stood there respectfully. “Vice President
Nicole, what are your orders?”
“Send off the guests, please.”
“Yes, ma’am. Chairman Ferguson, Ms.
Ferguson, this way, please.”
Logan stretched out his hand politely. Old
Master Ferguson gritted his teeth and
walked away with a glum face. Ingrid also
followed resentfully
While walking, Old Master Ferguson

called Eric and was furious.
“I didn’t expect that Nicole would be such
an ungrateful wretch after marrying you
for three years. She’s so stubborn. Were
you blind to marry her back then?”
Eric paused and said, “You went to see
“Of course, I can’t stand that my beloved
pipe is in her hands for another second!
This woman is too wicked and refused to
let go even when I went to her personally.
She lied to us for three years. I didn’t
expect her to be such a person!”
Eric was silent for a few seconds and
thought, I guess she’s had enough of
putting up with us for the past three
“Grandpa, I’ll take care of this. Don’t
worry, I’ll get your pipe back.”

“You’d better! Otherwise, I won’t let her
off the hook! By the way, she even said
that she’ll marry into the Stanton family.
You can do something about her private
life. I don’t believe that an affluent family
would accept a divorced b*tch that hooks
up with everyone.”
Eric frowned and suddenly felt irritated.
Nicole did not do anything wrong yet she
was still insulted like that. Eric just felt
repulsed when he heard his grandfather’s
However, when he thought about Grant
Stanton and lan Carter who were
constantly revolving around Nicole, he
inexplicably felt more irritable,
suffocated, and upset.
After hanging up, Eric rubbed his temples.
Mitchell, who was standing to the side
watching apprehensively, suddenly spoke

up. “President, will the meeting scheduled
to begin in five minutes still be held as
Eric’s dark eyes sank slightly. He did not
answer Mitchell’s question. Instead, he
asked, “Mitchell, what kind of person do
you think Nicole is?”
‘Why is she so different before and after
our divorce?’
Mitchell hesitated for a moment but
decided to tell the truth.
“Madam… I mean, Ms. Nicole is a very
nice person.”
Eric’s face was slightly cold. “Do you have
frequent contact?”
“No, no… It’s just that I often received her
calls when you just got married. She was
very concerned about your livelihood.
Every time you’d go on a business trip.

she’d check the weather forecast and
remind me to prepare the appropriate
clothes and meals. Sometimes, she’d
even get them ready and send them over
herself. Even when you never returned her
calls, she never got angry…”
Seeing Eric’s increasingly glum face,
Mitchell wondered if he had said the
wrong thing
“How come I never knew of these things?”

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