The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Bump Into Her Partner

After that, Nicole hung up the phone and
dotingly stroked the little tiger’s head.”
Good boy… It’s coming soon…”
The store manager looked at the number
and checked it against their system. She
was instantly stunned and shouted in
shock, “It’s Ms. Stanton!”
A moment later, Kai finished his shower
and strolled out casually.

He could not
wait to take a look at the little tiger, only t
o hear the doorbell ring just after he
walked out of the bathroom.
“The scarves I ordered just arrived. K.
remember to pay for them!”
Nicole laid on the huge and soft round
sofa in the living room while playing with

the little tiger without the intention of
getting up to open the door. Kai shook his
head helplessly and walked to the door
with his bare upper body while his lower
half was simply wrapped by a bath towel.
He opened the door while he playfully
said, “Baby girl, I don’t mind paying for
everything you want…”
Kai’s voice stopped abruptly and his eyes
turned cold when he saw the person at
the door. “Why are you here?”
His good mood was swept away in an

Eric Ferguson did not expect to see Kai at
Nicole’s apartment. His face was glum
and his dark eyes were stern. “Why are
you here?”
‘He clearly just took a shower. Did he
come here straight after leaving the
airport?’ Eric thought
After Nicole and Kai left the airport, the
photos and gossip of the pair had gones
o viral that they could not be suppressed.

Eric went through various channels to get
Nicole’s current residence. He intended to
go to her door personally to explain to her
clearly. He was willing to make up for
what he owed her for the past three years.
The last time they met, Nicole had
proposed her condition, wanting Eric to
choose between Wendy Quade and his
family heirloom.

He simply could not choose between
Wendy Quade and the emerald pipe, so he could only go to Nicole and ask if she
had other conditions instead. If she did, h
e would agree without hesitation.
However, Eric never thought that he
would see these two here in broad
He could not help but think, ‘What were
they doing?

Kai laughed and added fuel to the fire. He
wiped his hair dry with another towel in
his hand. “Why can’t I be here? I live here.”
‘They’re cohabitating?!’ Anger and
disappointment instantly made Eric lose
his composure.
“Who is it…” Nicole heard the commotion
at the door. It did not sound like the
store’s people, so she went to the door to
check it out. When she saw the man at
the door, her eyes turned cold.
“What are you doing here?”
It was unexpected that Eric would come to her door.

The man at the door was emitting a
gloomy chill. He stared at her coldly and
looked like he was suppressing a fit of
anger in his eyes.
“Nicole, you’re both living together?
What’s your relationship with him?”
Nicole paused for a moment and hooked
the corners of her lips. She sneered and
said, “Do I need to report to you what kind
of relationship I have with everyone?”

Kai laughed at the side. “Mr. Ferguson,
think whatever you like, but regardless of
what relationship we have, you have no
right to butt in. A good ex should be as
silent as the dead…”
a Eric stared at Nicole with a deep gaze.
The bottom of his eyes surged with
waves of emotion. His face was taut,
then he swept a glance at Kai.
“I’m just asking casually. I’m not

interested in knowing, but Mr. Kai, you
should keep your eyes open. This woman
isn’t as obedient as she seems!”
Eric did not know why he said this.
Recently, he found too many clashing
impressions of Nicole that he had never
noticed before.
Perhaps, this was still just the tip of the

“Mr. Ferguson, it’s not up to you to point
out what kind of woman I am. You’d
better mind your own business…” Nicole
suddenly laughed. Her face gradually
turned cold and her smile faded.
“If you’re looking for obedience, just get a
dog. Oh, wait… You did, Wendy Quade is a
suitable b*tch for a dirty dog like you.
You’re both a match made in heaven!”
‘Even if the whole world insults me, Eric Hea
Ferguson doesn’t have the right to!

I don’t
need his stupid apologies either! Nicole
Eric’s face was extremely glum. He had
meant no harm, but he could not explain
Nicole’s misunderstanding. At this
moment, Eric did not even understand
where his anger came from.
Kai was quite worried that Nicole would
feel hurt seeing Eric here, so he was wary
and ready to jump to her rescue.
However, when he heard Nicole’s words, he felt relieved
He looked at Eric as he pulled Nicole into
his arms and laughed lightly.

“Mr. Ferguson, I’m not like you. No one has the
right to insult my woman, and I will only
believe her words. Mr. Ferguson, if you
have nothing better to do, go back to your
b*tch and stop disturbing us.”
Kai hooked up the corners of his lips into
a playful smile. He wanted to pull Nicole
back and shut the door when a small
thing scampered out from below. The
little tiger grabbed onto Eric’s pants and
said, “Papa! You’re so handsome!”

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