The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Money and Looks

The three people were stunned. Nicole
was especially angry and felt betrayed. ‘No wonder the people in the lab called him
Little Traitor! He really lives up to his
“Tigger!” Nicole could not help but raise
her voice. She thought, I’m gonna return
the million dollars worth of Hermes
scarves right away!’
Eric lowered his head with a sullen face.

His brows were knitted as he picked up
the little tiger with one hand. His voice
was cold. “Why are you here?”
Tigger waved his paws and replied, “Molly
Stewart gave me to Mama. I like Mama so much! Papa and Mama are a great
match, so please don’t fight…”

Eric seemed to be thinking about Tigger’s
words. At that moment, Kai snatched
Tigger from him, threw it at Nicole, took a
step back, and slammed the door shut on
Eric’s face.
The series of actions happened within a
few seconds, crisp and clean!
“From now on, don’t let that bastard
touch any of our things!” Kai spoke with an expressionless face and stared at the
little tiger in her arms.

“Do you need my
help to train this thing for a few days?”
Tigger nestled in Nicole’s arms and held
her tightly. It sounded so aggrieved.”
Mama, I’m so scared… Is he going to tear
me apart?”
Nicole’s heart, which was infuriated
earlier, softened at once. She stroked
Tigger’s head and looked up at Kai. “It’s
Chat Money and took
fine. I’ll think of a solution.”
Since Tigger was an artificial intelligence
robot, a code change was probably
needed to alter its preferences and

‘The way Tigger addresses Eric Ferguson
must be changed! I won’t tolerate this for
another moment!
Nicole turned around and suddenly
remembered that Eric was still outside
the door.
‘What’s his purpose for coming here?
Whatever. He must be here for the
emerald pipe. Since he can’t choose
between Wendy Quade and his family
heirloom, that’s his loss. How can there be the best of both worlds?
Kai wanted to say something, but Nicole
just carried Tigger away indignantly and
Chapter Money and Looks
went to her room to call Molly Stewart.

At that moment, the doorbell rang again.
Kai frowned and thought, ‘That bastard
still doesn’t give up?! Great, I’ll take this
chance to teach him a good lesson!’
When Kai opened the door, he saw six
women in professional suits standing
there holding several boxes. Even though
they were surprised to see Kai, the staff
still had a professional smile.
“Excuse me, is this Ms. Stanton’s home?”
“These are the latest limited edition
scarves that Ms. Stanton ordered.

That will be a total of $7.69 million. Where
should we put them?”
Kai paused, then helplessly made way for
them. “Leave them in the coatroom on
the left.”
“Yes, sir.” The staff did not dare to lift
their eyes to check out the house and
went in quickly to leave the boxes. Kai did
not even blink as he swiped his card and
closed the door. He then went back to his
room with a cold grunt.
Nicole contacted Molly Stewart and went to the cafe they agreed to meet at.

Unlike the last time they met, Molly did
not look like a serious scientist in a white
lab coat. This time, she looked so cute in
a pink sweater and a messy bun on her
head. Her big eyes squinted as she
smiled and took a sip of the coffee in her
When she saw Nicole, Molly waved her
hand. “Nikki!”
Nicole quickly walked over. “I’m sorry for
asking you to come on such short notice.

Chat Money and Looks
Did I disturb your work?”
Molly smiled and shook her head. “It’s
okay. You’re friends with Maverick, so you
get special treatment!”
Nicole silently thought, ‘Thank you, Mav!
She then laughed and asked, “Did he
accept your friend request?”

Molly nodded happily. “Yeah, we’ve been
chatting. I posted my designs online and he quickly pointed out many mistakes to me. He’s simply the best!”
‘Yeah…my second brother isn’t just a
geek, but he’s also OCD… Nicole thought.
“Molly. I asked you out because of Tigger.
your little tiger that you gave me. Why
does Tigger call Eric Ferguson ‘Papa’?”
Nicole thought, ‘It’s just awkward when
Tigger calls me Mama after… I don’t

Chat Moon and took
wanna have any connection with Eric
Molly lowered her head in silence and
smiled in embarrassment.
“At the time of designing this little traitor,
we went through an extensive learning
process for human aesthetics.

It then
learned to like pretty women and
handsome men and even developed its
own preferences. This was the first
integration of human thought and
artificial intelligence, so there were no
“But why Eric Ferguson?” Nicole did not
Molly gulped and said, “Because he’s the
most handsome among the rich, and the
richest among handsome men…

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