The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Rumors Spread

“Alright then, change it back for me. It’s
hard for me to hear Tigger calling that
jerk ‘Papa’, especially with our awkward
Nicole shook her head helplessly and felt
Molly fiddled with her intertwined fingers
and did not know what to say.
“Is it impossible to change?”

‘Since it’s designed by people…it
shouldn’t be impossible to change it,
“No, it’s just that the little traitor’s
impression of Eric Ferguson’s aesthetics
has reached a certain threshold, so if you
want to change it, we have to change his

deep impression of that person and find

another person to replace Eric Ferguson’s
There was a silence that permeated the
air for a moment. Both of them were
Molly felt guilty about it. She even
regretted that she had designed the little
traitor to be so opinionated.
Seeing that Nicole was upset and silent.

Molly coughed lightly and proposed,”
How about, we change it to Kai?”
Nicole was puzzled. ‘Why him?’
Molly took out her phone and said, “Look,
the internet is full of photos and rumors o
f you two. Everyone’s just waiting for your
official announcement. His looks are
comparable to Eric Ferguson too. What do you think?”

Nicole shuddered at the thought of Tigger
calling her third brother “Papa”. She
shook her head decisively and refused. “No way!”
‘But who else around me could compete
with Eric Ferguson’s looks?’
The two ladies pondered for a while.
Nicole proposed, “Is there a possibility to
make Tigger hate Eric Ferguson? But of
course, Tigger can also like anyone else
but him.”

I just don’t want Tigger to like Eric
Molly thought with her hand on her chin.“
It’s not impossible… I can set certain
obstacles in its intelligent thinking…”
Nicole smiled. “That’s great! Let’s do that
then. I’ll bring Tigger here.”
“No, I can just use the computer.”
Molly pulled out a laptop from her bag in
the next second.

The laptop did not have
any logo on it, so Nicole could not tell
where it was from, but it looked different
from the laptops available on the market.
Nicole also recalled that her second
brother seemed to have the same laptop.
Molly tapped on the keyboard a few
times and happily clapped her hands.”
Okay, it’s done!”

Nicole asked, “That simple?”
‘She doesn’t need to disassemble the
parts or rewire stuff?’
Molly nodded. “It’s a robot, so don’t treat i
tas a real tiger. By the way, I recommend
not exposing the little traitor to the public
to avoid causing any social unrest…”
This adorable scientist was always
sensible. Molly happily picked up her
phone again. “I’m gonna tell Maverick
about this too!”

Nicole was speechless.
Logan had left a dozen missed calls, so
Nicole could not avoid it any longer and
drove to the office
As soon as Nicole got out of the car,
Logan was already waiting to greet her.
“Vice President Nicole, do you need our PR team to step in about the scandal
between you and Kai?”
Nicole took a glance at the rumors online.
All kinds of things were said, but she did
not care.
After some thought, these rumors might
have an impact on the company if they
went out of control.

“I’ll call Dominic Young. The company
doesn’t need to step in.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Logan breathed a sigh of
relief. “Also..”
It was rare for Logan to hesitate.
Nicole looked at him. “Get to the point.”
Logan pressed his lips together and
finally said, “Some rumors are going
around the office in the past few days
that are circulating fast internally, some
hard to hear…”

“About me? What did they say?”
Without much thought, Nicole knew that
the gossip must be about her. Otherwise,
Logan would not look like this.
“They say that you were actually kicked
out of the Ferguson family because you

had affairs with Second Young Master
Carter and President Stanton, while also
hooking up with other men…”
Nicole laughed in exasperation. “Was it
Old Master Ferguson?”

‘That old man already planned to do
something about my private life in the
first place. I didn’t expect him to be so
underhanded to do it… Nicole thought.
Nicole was surprised. Logan added, “It
was Samantha Lindt.”
There was a sudden silence in the
elevator. Nicole’s face gradually turned
cold as she scoffed. “It looks like she still
doesn’t understand her situation and still
has the heart to stir up trouble, huh?”

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