The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 94

Hearing Nicole’s words, Wendy Quade
frowned slightly. Ingrid Ferguson also did
not expect Nicole to have this level of
relationship with Share.
“The founder of Ingrid’s favorite brand,
Share, was actually Nicole?!’ Ingrid
Ingrid did not want to get kicked out by
security. If that happened, she would
become the laughing stock in tomorrow’s

She coldly snorted. “Why are
you so smug? I don’t wanna come back to
this sh*tty place!”
She gritted her teeth and dragged Wendy
When they got to the entrance
downstairs, Wendy stopped in her tracks.

“What’s wrong?”
Although Ingrid did not want to leave
empty-handed, Nicole would really get
the security guards to kick them out if she
did not leave on her own accord. That
would be more humiliating then.

“I think I saw your brother. Why don’t we
wait for him?”
‘If Eric recognized Nicole, would they
meet and rekindle old feelings?’ Wendy
Thinking about the change in Eric’s
attitude towards her since she came home
and the fact that she did not spend any
time alone with him, it looked like Eric
was avoiding her.

“No, I can’t give them this chance!
Wendy thought.
When Ingrid heard this, she nodded and
said righteously, “Sure, I’ll also tell him
how Nicole bullied me!”
The two of them were sitting at the lounge
near the entrance, so no one paid
attention to them.
After driving these two women away,

Nicole was in a good mood, but Yvette was
not satisfied. “Why didn’t you just get
security to chase them out? Why are you
saving their reputation?”
Julie cast a sidelong glance at Yvette. “If we make a big deal out of it, the protagonist

of the day will be changed. Ruining their
reputation comes secondary to our
Yvette finally understood and let out a
faint “oh”
“The one behind Ms. Ferguson is Eric
Ferguson’s lover?” Julie asked.
Nicole nodded insouciantly. “Coincidence,
Julie snorted coldly.

“Tsk tsk… I thought
she’d at least look good. I didn’t expect
‘Is Eric Ferguson blind?! How can that
face compare to Nicole?!’
The party was coming to an end and the
guests were leaving one after another.
Eric originally intended to leave after a
while but was dragged around by Keith. He did not expect to see Nicole on the
runway or overhear her say that she had
never worn a wedding dress before. At
that moment, his heart had a wave of
complex emotions, but he still did not
Modrank for alacene of wine but we

He drank a few glasses of wine but was
not the slightest bit drunk.
After a while, Keith got a little impatient
and did not want to stay any longer.
are you in a bad mood? Is it
because you saw that woman?” Keith
sensed that something was wrong with
“Who knew that we’d see that woman

Who knew that Nicole was related to
Share? How could that woman with no
family background barge into our lives
and surprise us repeatedly?’
Eric was silent. His dark eyes sank and did
not respond to Keith’s question. Keith did
not probe further either. After a while,
Eric took his jacket and said, “Let’s go.
The two men walked to the door one after
the other and happened to see Kai and

Nicole standing together, talking, and
laughing with Julie Nixon as they said
their goodbyes.
Eric paused in his steps as if he was
deliberately waiting for them to leave.
Nicole took out her phone, found a

picture, and showed it to Julie. “Do you
like it?”
Julie looked up in surprise, so Nicole
chuckled and said, “This is my gift to you to celebrate your success in holding this
remarkable show!”
Looking at the photo, Julie thought that
this gift was a little too expensive.
Kai laughed nonchalantly. “What can you
give Jules anyway?

Just save your meager
salary to buy a bag or something. I’ll pay
for this gift.”
Nicole excitedly tugged on Kai’s arm and
looked up at him with squinty eyes and a
bright smile.
“I want to buy a yacht!”
Kai was dumbfounded.

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