The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 94

Chapter 94 It’s You Who Should Get Out

The moment Wendy Quade saw Yvette,
her expression changed. ‘If Yvette could
come, then does it mean that Nicole was
also here…? I wasn’t mistaken?
In an instant, Wendy clenched her fist and
had her gaze affixed to the woman sitting
with her back facing them.

“Are you deaf? Come and take pictures
with me!” Ingrid was annoyed that she
was ignored by a model.
Yvette chuckled and looked like she was
ready to watch Ingrid make a fool of
herself. “Who the hell are you? Why
should anyone listen to you?”
Ingrid gritted her teeth. “It has nothing to
do with you! Mind your own business!”

She looked at the model who was still
unmoved. “Hey, you! I’m the Young Lady
of the Ferguson family. How much do you
want to be willing to take a picture with me?”
‘What’s so big of a deal?’ Ingrid thought.
Ingrid only wanted to show off to her
friends. Otherwise, she would not have
asked for a photo. In the past, Ingrid was
used to others surrounding her and
asking her for a picture.

Nicole raised her eyes in annoyance.’
Can’t I have a moment of peace?’
“Young Lady of the Ferguson Family,
huh? I don’t recall seeing you on the
guestlist…” Nicole finally spoke and
turned around, sweeping a cold and sharp
gaze at Ingrid and Wendy.
They should be counting their blessings
that I didn’t find fault with them. They
even dare to find trouble with me? They
really have a death wish!’

Ingrid was shocked and said in disbelief,
You… It’s you?!”
That beautiful model is actually Nicole?!
Nicole even did the closing walk for this
coveted fashion show? How is she so calm
and stunning?!
“Yeah, it’s me. Is there a problem?”
Nicole looked at her indifferently,
Ingrid’s face was glum. She had already

been humiliated by cole earlier today,
and now, she was standing here getting
pissed off by Nicole once again.
“Hmph! Quit pretending to be elegant and
high-fashion. Even if you wear such a
beautiful dress, you will never get rid of
that smell of poverty on you! I think that
I’ve been cursed to see you two wherever I

Ingrid no longer wanted to take a picture
with Nicole because that would only pull
down her status.
Yvette laughed in exasperation. “Hahaha!
You’re saying that we smell of poverty?!”
“What? Am I wrong? I didn’t expect your
sugar daddy to be so capable that he can
get you into this show, but it doesn’t
matter because once I disclose your
identity, you’ll get kicked out of here!”

Ingrid raised her eyebrows smugly. She
firmly believed that Nicole could only get i
n because of her backer.
How could such a high-society event
tolerate the presence of an unseemly
mistress like Nicole?’
Nicole faintly hooked her lips and let out a

disdainful light laugh.
Before she could retort, Julie said, “Who’s
getting kicked out now?”
Ingrid recognized Julie as the founder of
Share and walked over in a fit of anger to
discredit Nicole.
“She’s the woman who was kicked out of
the house by my brother, Eric Ferguson.
She’s not from a rich family and she’s not
worthy of being here!”

Julie’s eyes were cold as she glared at
Ingrid. “It’s you two who should get lost.”
Ingrid froze as Julie swept a glance at
Wendy, then withdrew her gaze in
“I don’t remember sending you an
invitation. If you come uninvited, I can
have security kick you out!”
Wendy was stunned and hurriedly spoke,
“She’s the Young Lady from the Ferguson
family. We got the tickets through a friend
and didn’t sneak in.”
Julie laughed. “I didn’t even give a ticket to the President of Ferguson Corporation,
let alone any Young Lady…”

o the President of Ferguson Corporation,
let alone any Young Lady…”
Ingrid’s face turned red and hot as if she
had been slapped. Her reputation went
down the drain in an instant.
“Also, tell me which friend is it who gave
you the tickets? They’ll be the first to be on our blacklist.”
Wendy clearly felt Julie’s hostility and
was a bit flustered. She swept her gaze to
Nicole. “What about her?

What right does
she have to be here?
Nicole raised her eyebrows. Julie hooked
her lips. “I guess you didn’t listen to my
interview earlier. Nicole is the founder
and partner of Share, which means that
she’s the boss here!”
Wendy and Ingrid froze for a moment.
Their change in expressions was amusing
to watch.
Nicole pursed her lips and said in a cold
voice, “So can you get lost now? Or if you
prefer, we can get security to kick you out

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