All Too Late Chapter 114

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All Too Late Chapter 114

All Too Late Chapter 114

Kathleen felt that if it were not for Madeline being autistic, she would have suspected that Samuel had deliberately taught her to say those words.

That jerk is capable of anything!

“I miss him.” Madeline pouted.

“All right.” Kathleen nodded in resignation before looking at Federick. “Go ahead and call him then.”

The latter felt around his pocket. “I left my phone in the car.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

“Why don’t you call him instead?” he suggested.

“I don’t have his phone number,” she murmured in reply.

“He hasn’t changed his number, so you should be able to memorize it, right?” Federick asked.

Kathleen bit her lip. She did remember Samuel’s phone number but did not expect that he was still using the same number.

Looking at Madeline’s aggrieved face, she took out her phone and called him.

After two beeps, the call was picked up.

“Hello?” Samuel’s voice was as captivating as always, magnetic and pleasant to the ears.

Kathleen could not help but feel nervous upon hearing his voice, causing her to fall silent for a while.

“Kate?” Samuel called out.

She knitted her brows. “Are you watching the live stream?”

“No.” He answered in a raspy voice, “I’m still at the office. I have some matters to attend to. Is something the matter?”

“Since you’re busy, just forget it,” she uttered flatly.

It’s already eight o’clock, and he’s still at the office. Is he truly such a money lover? A certain someone once said that money is just a number to him. He’s already so rich, so why is he still working so hard?

“I’m done with work. Go on.” Samuel’s voice was extremely gentle.

I’ll be willing to listen to her even if she spoke for the entire night.

“Madeline came here for the variety show. She wishes to see you,” Kathleen explained softly.

He nodded upon hearing that. “The place you’re recording the program is not far from my office. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“Got it.” She nodded.

“Is this… your phone number?” Samuel inquired with his deep voice.

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded affirmatively.

“Okay. I’ll remember that.” His lips curved into a grin. “See you soon.”

Having said that, he hung up the phone.

Kathleen kept feeling that something was weird after their conversation.

Meanwhile, Samuel put on a black suit. With his tall, muscular figure, and broad shoulders, he gave off a dignified yet delectable feeling.

He walked swiftly out of the office and entered the elevator.

While saving Kathleen’s number on his phone under the name “Katie,” he curled his thin lips into a contented smile.

Over at the restaurant, Kathleen had finished cooking and brought the food over to Federick and Madeline.

The girl suddenly reacted. “It smells so good.”

“If you think so, then eat up.” Kathleen stroked the girl’s hair. “It’s mac and cheese and suits your taste very well.”

Madeline clutched her spoon as she replied, “No. I want to wait for Samuel.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Federick chuckled before explaining, “It can’t be helped. It’s the same at home. Once she knows that Samuel is coming, she’ll keep waiting for him.”

“So, love does disappear, right?” Kathleen looked at Madeline miserably.

The girl blinked a few times. “I also like Katie. You and Samuel saved me when I got lost. You’re both good people, and good people should be together.”

Kathleen was once again rendered speechless.

Amused by his daughter’s words, Federick chuckled, causing Kathleen to look at him in wordless amazement.

What’s so funny about this!

“Little one.” Kathleen pinched Madeline’s cheek affectionately, which made the girl giggle.

“Federick, how has Madeline been doing this year?” Kathleen asked.

“Her condition has truly improved. I’m very grateful to Mr. Macari. Half a year ago, my company was on the verge of collapse. It was him who helped me.” Federick then added meaningfully, “Maybe he lost something, so he wishes to get some compensation from Madeline. Some feelings need to be expressed toward someone.”

Kathleen pursed her lips upon hearing that.

“Oh, such a pretty little girl,” Astrid commented as she strode over. “Pretty one, can you become my model?”

When Madeline saw Astrid, the former instinctively hid behind Federick.

“You didn’t hide from me, Madeline. Does that mean that I’m a good person in your eyes?” John asked, intrigued.

Madeline nodded in response.

He was overjoyed. “Such good moral values at a young age. I like you a lot.”

“Hey!” Kathleen glared at him. “Be mindful of what you say. She’s a child.”

Madeline clung to Federick’s arm as she turned to John and said, “You look old, so I’ll call you mister.”

John was rendered speechless.

Upon hearing that, Kathleen burst into laughter.

“You address Samuel by his name as though he is your close friend, but you call me mister? I’m younger than Kathleen.” John subtly frowned before continuing, “That doesn’t seem right. You’re older than me, but she addresses you as Katie. Isn’t it confusing?”

“We don’t care about that.” Federick flashed him a half-smile. “As long as Madeline’s happy.”

Astrid did not expect to be ignored by everyone. She looked at Madeline and said to her, “I’m a photographer, Madeline. I can take pictures of you.”

As she said that, she reached out to touch the girl.

“Ah!” Madeline shrieked, scaring the former.

Kathleen immediately went to hug the girl.

However, a giant silhouette appeared before her and swept Madeline off her feet.

Kathleen lifted her head and stared at Samuel in surprise.

“Be good. Don’t cry,” he coaxed as he carried Madeline.

Federick suddenly felt that he, as her father, was unnecessary.

He did not expect his daughter to calm down, merely weeping in Samuel’s arms, but did not make a fuss.

“I’m very sorry,” Federick apologized to the others. “My daughter is autistic. She acts this way when there are a lot of people. Sorry about that.”

“It’s all right. We understand.” Everyone was very kind.

“I didn’t know she has autism,” Astrid muttered.

Samuel handed the calm Madeline over to Kathleen.

It was as though they were a family of three.

Federick was dumbfounded, seeing that his daughter had become a tool to get them together.

“I watched the live broadcast just now. When Mr. Evans was talking about his daughter’s illness, you looked over at them. How could you not know about it?” Samuel exposed her coldly.

“They were too far. I couldn’t hear anything.” Astrid looked slightly flustered.

“Couldn’t hear anything?” Samuel scoffed. “Would you like me to get a professional to test the decibel?”

Astrid was dumbfounded.

“Moreover, when you first touched her, she showed obvious resistance, but you still want to approach her. What are you up to?” he continued.

His words made her face flush hot with embarrassment. “I truly didn’t do it on purpose. You must believe me.”

Kathleen was about to speak, but Samuel beat her to it. “Keep your identity in mind, Ms. Holloway. This isn’t a place where you can behave atrociously.”

After saying that, he sat down.

Astrid’s eyes turned slightly red as she apologized, “I’m truly sorry, Mr. Evans. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Federick quietly responded, “I hope you won’t do such a thing again.”

Astrid took a deep breath before giving Kathleen a side glance. “Kathleen, you’ve known about this all along. Why didn’t you mention it earlier?” she grumbled.

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