All Too Late Chapter 130

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All Too Late Chapter 130

All Too Late Chapter 130

Diana buried her face in her hands. “Why is he so shameless?”

Kathleen snatched the phone from Charles and assured, “Old Mrs. Macari, ignore Charles. It’s normal for Samuel to have many properties. Just let him live wherever he wants.”

“Katie, you don’t have to speak up for him,” Diana said exasperatedly. “That son of a gun. He never inherited the genes of loving his wife from the Macari family. And now, he’s regretting it.”

“Perhaps his genes mutated,” Charles suggested.

“That’s possible. Who knows, he might not even be a child of the Macari family,” Diana fumed.

Kathleen glared at Charles before telling Diana, “Everything’s fine now, Old Mrs. Macari. Sorry for interrupting your rest.”

“There’s nothing you have to apologize for. I’ll give that grandson of mine an earful now.” Diana hung up the call angrily.

Right then, Charles laughed out loud.

Seeing his response, Kathleen frowned. “Charles, did you lose to Samuel earlier?Is that why you went looking for Old Mrs. Macari?

“Me? Losing to him? What a joke!” Charles denied.

“Fine, I give up. You’re too childish.” Kathleen stood up.

“Katie, you must not feel sorry for him, okay?” Charles reminded.

Kathleen was speechless, and she turned around to head upstairs.

She entered her room and looked at the balcony opposite hers.

So, is he watching me from the other side today?

Meanwhile, Samuel was sitting in his room. Right then, he saw Kathleen’s room lights turned on.

Kathleen’s silhouette could be seen through the curtains.

She seemed to be looking in his direction motionlessly.

“Samuel, did you hear what I said?” Diana asked sternly.

“I heard you.” Samuel’s voice was indifferent. “Grandma, you can stop talking now. I won’t listen to you. I’m pursuing her.”

“But she doesn’t like you anymore,” Diana reminded. “Ever since Katie came back, did she show any signs of wanting to remarry you?”

“No,” Samuel said flatly. “But that’s not important. Feelings can grow. This time, I’m never letting her fall into another man’s hands.”

“Aren’t you afraid of making things worse by constantly pestering her? Samuel, I’m giving you my advice so that you won’t make Kathleen hate you. Otherwise, you won’t even get the chance to be her friend. Do you understand what I said?” Diana said calmly.

Samuel remained silent, for the silhouette on the opposite window moved.

His lips slightly curved into a smile. I never knew that watching her silhouette in silence like that was such a happy thing.

“I understand, Grandma,” Samuel responded faintly. “I didn’t do anything, anyway.”

“Things like that depend on fate. If you and Katie are fated to be together, the heavens will help you out. Otherwise, nothing would come out of it no matter how you force it,” Diana said seriously.

Samuel smiled. “Grandma, how do you know if we are fated to be together or not? Back then, God let me live and didn’t take me to him. And now, she’s back in the country after a year. I believe that fate brought us together.”

Diana stayed silent.

Samuel was too obstinate.

“Samuel, I’ll never forgive you if you break Katie’s heart again,” Diana said in a deep voice. “Her parents died to save me back then. Otherwise, she’d still have parents to protect her. Do you understand?”

Diana always felt guilty about that matter.

“Grandma, I love her. Don’t worry. I’ll never let her feel aggrieved again.” With that, Samuel ended the call right away because he saw Kathleen standing on the balcony. She was holding a metal clothing rail and wanted to knock on his window.

What’s she doing?

He walked over to the large window and opened it, asking coldly, “Are you looking for me?”

Kathleen nodded.

“What is it?” Samuel’s thin, seductive lips curled to form a smile. “Why didn’t anyone open the door when I pressed on your doorbell earlier? Where’s your housekeeper?” Kathleen asked.

“I live alone.” Samuel stared at her intently. “I was talking to my grandma on the phone just now. That’s why I didn’t hear it. What’s up?”

“Something from my house flew into your backyard. Could you please open the door? I’ll go and get it.” Kathleen’s cheeks were slightly flushed.

“It’s okay. I’ll get it and pass it to you over the balcony,” Samuel said.

“No! No! No!” Kathleen shook her head frantically. “I’ll get it myself!”

Samuel was puzzled. “What exactly is that thing?”

Kathleen’s cheeks reddened.

“Your bottoms?” Samuel asked discreetly.

Kathleen blushed even more.

Looks like I’m right.

Samuel smiled faintly. “I’ll help you get it.”

Kathleen bit her lip.

This man must be doing it on purpose.

A wicked look flashed across Samuel’s eyes as he left the balcony.

Several moments later, he reappeared on the balcony with something white in his hands.

Kathleen panicked. “G-Give it back to me!”

“How did this land in my backyard?” Samuel asked.

“It was the wind. My house’s laundry room is next to your backyard. The second the wind blew, it flew over. Anyway, just give it back to me!” Kathleen urged.

Her face was as red as a tomato.

Samuel smirked. “What are you ashamed of? Didn’t I see these things all the time back then?”

Kathleen glared at him. “That’s the past. I’ve got nothing to do with you now. Hurry up and give it back to me!”

Samuel flashed a charming smile when he noticed her anxious gaze. “Give me your clothing rail.”

Hearing that, Kathleen followed his instructions obediently.

Samuel hung her undergarment on it.

With a flushed face, Kathleen quickly retracted the clothing rail and removed her undergarment from it.

“I hope you don’t mind me touching it.” Samuel smirked.

“I’ll wash it again!” Kathleen bit her lip.

“It’s good to be hygienic.” Samuel smiled. “By the way, it feels quite soft, just like you.”

“Pervert! Jerk!” Kathleen hollered.

Samuel chuckled. “Will something bigger fly over next time?”

Kathleen glared at him.

“I can’t determine if your measurements have changed or not. Based on my observation, they look about the same as they were in the past,” Samuel muttered with a meaningful smile.

“Pervert!” Kathleen yelled before turning around to leave.

She then slammed the balcony door shut with a bang.

Samuel stood on his balcony, watching her lock the door and pull the curtains.

He continued gazing at her door intently while licking his thin lips. “How cute.”

Meanwhile, Kathleen returned to the bathroom and threw her undergarment into the basin.

“D*mn it! D*mn it! D*mn it!” She scrubbed the fabric furiously.

Why do I get angry so easily whenever I see Samuel? When I was in the hospital, I was his roommate. When I came home, he became my neighbor. Even my undergarment wanted to bully me by drifting to his backyard.

She had done her best to get along with him.

Yet, Samuel constantly agitated her and disrupted the peace in her heart.

That was how things had always been between them.

He always acted however he wanted. When he was in a good mood, he would treat her exceptionally well, no matter if she wanted it or not. When he was in a bad mood, he would treat her badly, without showing her an ounce of compassion. Basically, he was a jerk.

At that moment, Kathleen had the urge to break down.

Her head hurt so badly from all the thoughts.


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