All Too Late Chapter 140

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All Too Late Chapter 140

All Too Late Chapter 140

he nodded in response sheepishly. “Got it.”

Samuel’s dark eyes finally regained rationality.

In a low voice, he said, “If I want to enter into a relationship, I will tell you. Hence, you should do the same too.”

Kathleen nodded faintly.

“Call a taxi, as I will not send you home. However, do send me a message when you arrive at your house. If not, I will feel worried.” Samuel gradually released his big, slender hand.

Kathleen rubbed her chin and replied, “Mm.”

Samuel stared at Kathleen’s delicate features as he said furiously, “Please don’t ever bring up the topic about me searching for a partner. If you piss me off, I might do anything.”

“Okay.” Kathleen was dumbfounded.

I’m merely trying to advise him nicely. Is it necessary for him to react so terrifyingly?

Kathleen took her coat and bag. “I’ll go get the bill.”

Coldly, Samuel said, “I’ve never let a woman pay the bill before.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Samuel glanced at her.

“I only wanted to treat you to a meal to express my gratitude because you’ve spent the whole morning accompanying me,” explained Kathleen.

The charming man stared at her calmly. “Ms. Johnson, I’ve lost tens of millions because of you this morning. Do you think you can compensate me with just one meal?”

“That much?” Kathleen exclaimed in surprise.

“Do you expect the Macari Group to be similar to the Morris Group?” questioned Samuel sarcastically.

Kathleen was speechless. “No matter what, the Morris family is still your Aunt Emily’s in-laws.”

“If my aunt and Aaron filed a divorce, I’ll take care of her until the day she dies.” Samuel sounded frivolous.

At his words, Kathleen didn’t know how to react.

Soon, Kathleen hailed a taxi and returned to the Johnson residence.

Just when she entered her room, Charles called.

“Are you home?” Charles asked casually.

“Yeah.” Kathleen nodded. “Charles, what’s the matter?”

“Oh, I called to tell you I’ve already released a notice to announce the calling off of the engagement between you and Christopher. You ought to know we can’t possibly inform the public it was a fake engagement. After all, I must consider both your reputations,” explained Charles.

“Yes, I understand.” Kathleen continued in an icy tone, “Didn’t we agree to announce the cancellation of the engagement and not say a word about the engagement being fake?”

“Anyway, the announcement will not jeopardize both your reputations this way.” Charles hesitated for a while. “Christopher told me that he had never touched Astrid before.”

“Charles, there is no need to explain to me whether he has or has not touched Astrid.” Kathleen continued coldly, “If he did, he should talk to Astrid about the matter. If he did not, Astrid should give him an explanation. As the situation has nothing to do with us, I suggest you don’t interfere with it.”

“Right, I got you.” Charles understood that Kathleen really wanted to draw a line with Christopher.

As Felix’s attitude was terrible toward Kathleen, it was apparent that Charles could not bear to see his sister married into a family like that and live the rest of her life miserably.

“Get some rest. You need to go for a photo shoot for a promotional poster tomorrow,” said Charles.

“All right.” Kathleen nodded. “I’ll hang up now.”

With that said, she ended the call.

Meanwhile, Charles breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Kathleen did not ignore me. I will never play matchmaker for Christopher and her ever again. If not, I might lose my dear sister.

Kathleen took off her high heels and lay on the bed.

Although she wasn’t tired, she wanted to have a good rest.

Just then, her phone rang. It was a number she didn’t recognize.

Kathleen frowned upon seeing that.

She then let the call through.

“Hello?” Kathleen’s voice was clear.

“It’s me.” An icy yet familiar voice came through.

“Nicolette.” Kathleen sat up straight as she continued, “I can’t believe you would dare to call me.”

Nicolette grinned wickedly. She questioned, “Why should I be afraid to phone you?”

Kathleen sneered. “What is it?”

“I saw the news today. I’m shocked that you and Christopher called off the engagement.” Sarcastically, Nicolette continued, “Are you planning to get back together with Samuel?”

Kathleen smiled indifferently and asked, “Who are you to question me?”

Nicolette was stunned at her words.

“Why did you call me immediately after seeing the news of Christopher and me breaking off our engagement? Are you so afraid that Samuel and I will reconcile?” mocked Kathleen.

“Haha.” Nicolette scoffed and replied, “Kathleen, don’t forget that your children wouldn’t have died if Samuel hadn’t indulged it!”

“How would I ever forget about it?” Kathleen sounded cold. “Yes, Samuel is at fault. But Nicolette, you are not innocent.”

“Hahaha!” Nicolette’s laughter became madder. “Too bad I have the Yoeger family backing me up now. Kathleen, what can you possibly do to me?”

Kathleen snorted.

At that moment, she knew the reason Nicolette gave her a call.

She merely wanted to trigger her.

“Nicolette, I’ve only agreed to let you off temporarily. That doesn’t mean I will spare you forever.” Kathleen’s gorgeous face became as cold as ice. “Now that you don’t have Samuel supporting you and only have the Yoeger family, do you think I’d care?”

“Oh, so you’re scared of Samuel too,” mocked Nicolette.

“Haha. Of course, I am. Aren’t you?” Kathleen asked in return.

“Coward.” Nicolette said in an icy tone, “I thought you’d do anything to seek revenge for your children.”

“It is not wise to take action before having a detailed plan. There is no use provoking me. Previously, I was unsure of what Samuel thought of you. Hence, I didn’t take any action. But now that I do, do you think I’ll show mercy? Do you think I’m scared of you?” Kathleen was expressionless.

Nicolette remained silent.

“Previously, I dared to scratch your face in front of Samuel.” A cold glint flashed across Kathleen’s eyes. “Right now, I don’t want to dirty my hands because of a person like you. However, I understand that you want me dead.”

“That’s right!” Nicolette was infuriated. “Kathleen, if it weren’t for you, I would already be Samuel’s wife. Besides that, he wouldn’t have broken my legs personally. Do you know how much hate I have in me because of that?”

Samuel broke her legs with his own hands?

Kathleen pursed her lips. “If so, do you hate him?”

“Yes! I hate all of you!” Nicolette gritted her teeth.

Kathleen hesitated for a while. Then, she said, “Nicolette, do you know the person who decided to send you overseas wasn’t Old Mrs. Macari?”

Upon hearing that, Nicolette snorted. “Are you trying to speak up for the Macari family?”

“I don’t have any reason to do that. You will hate us whether I tell you or not.” Kathleen was calm. “I just want to tell you that the Macari family isn’t the only party that caused the separation between you and Samuel.”

“I won’t believe you.” Nicolette clenched her teeth.

“It’s the Yoeger family.” Kathleen said indifferently, “I overheard someone from the Yoeger family call Old Mrs. Macari. They said they would send you away.”


Nicolette smiled coldly. “It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll seek revenge on all of you! Kathleen, I’m calling to tell you that I will never forgive you. You will meet your end soon!”

With that said, Nicolette hung up the phone.

Immediately, Kathleen narrowed her eyes. Is the day I’ve been waiting for so long finally here?

She turned, walked to her closet, opened a cabinet, and took out two pairs of infant shoes.

My beloved children, I will avenge you!

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