All Too Late Chapter 204

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All Too Late Chapter 204

All Too Late Chapter 204

Look Down On Me

Samuel lay motionless on the bed.

Charles felt sorry for him. “Why does she like you so much? She can’t forgive herself because of that. Actually, all of us know that it’s not that she can’t forgive you, she just can’t forgive herself.”

There was a pin drop silence in the air.

Samuel’s breathing rate was regular as Charles continued, “You have hurt her, but she still loves you so she can’t forgive herself. She thinks that she’s silly and foolish. Even though she knows that you’re the one who hurt her, she still can’t stop herself from loving you. That’s why she’s eaten up with self-blame. Do you understand her? Can you even do that?”

It all came down to the fact that Kathleen fell head over heels for Samuel.

But her love for him could not undo the things that he had done.

Kathleen despised herself for not being able to bring herself to hate him deeply.

Even when she stood face to face with him, she suffered a meltdown.

Charles sighed. “How I wish I could kill you for my sister and end all of this.”

However, he could not do that because his sister would be more upset if he were to do it.

Charles felt helpless.

The next day, the first thing Kathleen did was to check on Samuel.

After checking his pulse, she smiled. “His pulse is fine. Charles, thanks for your help last night.”

Sitting on the couch, Charles snorted coldly in response.

“I’m going to wash up.” With that, Kathleen went out.

When Charles saw her leaving, he sighed. Can’t she see the dark circles under my eyes? What kind of sister would do this to her brother?

After washing up, Kathleen went to have her breakfast.

She gave a prescription to the housekeeper. “Get the medication from the pharmacy.”

“Yes, Ms. Johnson.” The housekeeper took it over.

Kathleen took a sip of the milk in her hand. “Prepare the medication once you get it. Change the medication of the medicinal bath as well.”

“All right.” The housekeeper nodded.

After that, Kathleen continued to eat her breakfast.

Later, Valerie and the others drove over to pick her up to the studio for filming.

Charles felt speechless as he drank a cup of coffee. “She hasn’t even asked if I’m okay since the time she woke up. I feel like I am dead!”

The housekeeper chuckled. “You’re overreacting, Mr. Johnson. Ms. Johnson gave me two prescriptions just now, and one of them is for you.”

“Really?” Charles’ mood was instantly uplifted.

The housekeeper gave the prescription for him to see.

Seeing his name on it, Charles said, “Hmm, she still has a little conscience.”

“Mr. Johnson, I’m going out to get the medication.”

“Sure, when you go to the pharmacy of the Lewis family, get the medication using Caleb’s name if someone asks you about it,” Charles reminded.

The housekeeper nodded.

After the housekeeper left, Charles went upstairs to check on Samuel.

Although Charles was quite reluctant to do so, he had to do it because Kathleen had entrusted him to do that.

Hence, he had to take care of Samuel well.

At noon, Caleb visited the film set, bringing a food truck along with him.

Kathleen stared at him speechlessly.

He smiled. “Does this make you proud?”

“Come here. I have something to say to you,” Kathleen uttered frostily.

Caleb strode over to her. “What’s the matter?”

“Are you free tonight?” Kathleen asked in a low voice.

“You want to go on a date with me?” Caleb flashed a half-smile. “Do you want to go to the seaside or to the mountain? Where do you want to go?”

“My house. Are you free?”

“Your house?” He narrowed his eyes. “Is it good for us to rush things in our relationship?”

She scoffed, “What? Are you chickening out?”

“Me? Chickening out?” He glanced at her. “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here and wait for you.”

With that, he plopped down on the couch in the lounge.

She spoke indifferently. “If you don’t mind being bored, wait then.”

After saying that, she left to continue filming.

Remaining true to his words, Caleb did not go anywhere else in the entire afternoon.

He asked Philip to send work documents to him so that he could deal with work matters in the lounge.

As a result, everyone knew that Caleb was pursuing Kathleen, and he was doing it very sincerely.

After work, Kathleen went to the lounge.

She went to change her clothes first before approaching Caleb.

He was on a phone call. “You have invited me, Mr. Stewart. Of course, I’ll go.”

She perked up her ears upon hearing that. Mr. Stewart?

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there, Mr. Stewart.” Caleb curled his lips into a smile.

After saying that, he ended the call.

Kathleen looked at him. “Is Mr. Stewart Jacob Stewart?”

“You know him?” Caleb raised his brows.

“I’ve heard of him,” she replied placidly. “Do both of you have a collaboration?”

“He wants to team up with me. Both he and I didn’t get to work on Flobury since Samuel won the project.” Caleb sounded calm. “Soon, there’ll be a huge land reclamation project at South Sea. Mr. Stewart and I are interested in it.”

Land reclamation? This must be Samuel’s development plan mentioned by Tyson yesterday. It seems Caleb is interested in it as well.

“Does that mean that both of you are going to join forces?” Kathleen took a bottle of water but couldn’t open it no matter how hard she tried.

Caleb took it over to help her open it. “That’s a national project. Of course, we’re interested, but who knows who will get it in the end? That’s a huge project, so one corporation can’t handle it on its own.”

“Even Samuel?” she asked curiously.

Caleb cast her a complicated look. “You seem to care a lot about whether Samuel can have the project all to himself.”

She smirked. “Of course. If Samuel can do that, Jacob and you can collaborate to compete with Samuel. Besides, don’t forget that I’m involved in Flobury too.”

Caleb flashed a wry smile. “Girls shouldn’t get involved in this.”

“Girls?” She chuckled. “Even Samuel doesn’t dare to say that to me.”

Caleb was stunned momentarily.

Kathleen continued, “But since you say that, I feel displeased. I have suddenly had an interest in this project too.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Should we team up?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “You looked down on me just now. If I team up with you, You’ll take the credit and deny my efforts in the future.”

Once again, Caleb was caught off guard. He started to regret why he blurted that out without thinking.

“But I don’t care who you want to collaborate with.” Kathleen smiled, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. “But I’d advise you to think twice before collaborating with Jacob.”

He stared at her with an unfathomable expression. “Why?”

“Intuition.” Kathleen’s eyes were clear as she spoke. “I think he’s not a good guy.”

He grabbed her wrist, his voice deep. “Do you think I’m a good person?”

“No,” she answered firmly.

“How about Samuel?”

“Of course, he’s not.” Kathleen smiled. “Although you guys are not good people, you guys are not evil either. However, Jacob is not the same.”

Caleb’s eyes darkened.

She shook off his hand and continued, “Caleb, I’m not trying to stop you. Actually, I don’t care about who you want to collaborate with. Alright, let’s go to my place.”

He narrowed his eyes. “I thought you were angry and didn’t want to let me go with you.”

“Why would I?” She grinned nonchalantly. “I’m not that petty. Let’s go.”

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