All Too Late Chapter 260

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All Too Late Chapter 260

All Too Late Chapter 260

You Grew On Me

“Why are you picking a fight with a dog?” Kathleen smirked.

“Snowy didn’t know how to play fetch at first. I’m the one who taught it that year you left us. Now, it humiliates me in front of you. Don’t expect me to go easy on it from now on,” explained Samuel.

Seeing Samuel go through the roof, Snowy still lay on the ground, giving him the cold shoulder.

Anger got the better of Samuel there and then.

Flashing a smile, Kathleen uttered, “You were the one saying you didn’t want Snowy when I brought it back. I then wanted to bring it to the condominium, yet you objected to that. Perhaps Snowy resents you because of that.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

“Or maybe… When you gifted Nicolette a cat, you got the stench of a cat on your body. Snowy must’ve remembered that smell of yours, so it loathes you,” added Kathleen.

After saying that, she went to retrieve the frisbee and played with Snowy.

Samuel grimaced.

Not only had he managed to traumatize other people, but he had even left scars in Snowy’s heart.

Kathleen and Snowy were having such a good time, but Samuel could only watch from the sidelines.

A sudden thought popped into his head. How nice it would’ve been had the child been given a chance to be born…

Thinking of that, he figured he was being too selfish to demand that much from Kathleen.

As long as she’s happy, nothing else matters.


Samuel felt a tremendous pain in the back of his head.

“Watch out!” shouted Kathleen as she bolted toward Samuel. It was too late nonetheless.

“Are you all right?” Kathleen was worried. “I tossed the frisbee just now, but it changed its trajectory on its own. It wasn’t my intention.”

As Samuel caressed his head, he felt a sense of relief that he wasn’t bleeding, at the very least.

“I’m fine,” came his reply, and his tone was as calm as a millpond.

Kathleen quickly apologized to him, “I’m sorry about that.”

Gazing at her being all apologetic and anxious, Samuel had the urge to yank her right into his embrace and shower her with fondness.

“Help me back inside.” He reached out on that note.

Kathleen grabbed hold of his arm and agreed in an awkward manner, “Okay.”

Soon after, they entered the house.

Kathleen ordered the housekeeper to lead Snowy back to the pet house.

She then supported Samuel upstairs and made it all the way to the bedroom they had once shared together.

Out of the blue, Samuel came to a halt. “My room is next to yours.”

After dropping that sentence, he brought Kathleen to the guest room instead.

Prior to that, the guest room had already been tidied up.

Samuel’s daily necessities and clothes had also been moved into that room.

The second they stepped into the room, Samuel wanted to head to the couch.

However, Kathleen hindered his wish and urged, “You ought to go lie in bed.”

Samuel nodded obediently.

As he sat at the bedside, he began removing his jacket.

Kathleen caught a glimpse of it and recognized that jacket in a heartbeat. “Is this the jacket I got you last time?”

“Yes.” Samuel nodded.

Kathleen was at a loss for words. “Why don’t you wear a different one for a change?”

“But this is the only one you bought,” came Samuel’s retort. He felt aggrieved as he spoke.

Upon hearing that, Kathleen was dumbfounded.

Why has this become my fault?

“You even promised to get me new clothes but then went back on your word.” Samuel lay down as he spoke. “Because of that, I didn’t get to wear brand new garments for the New Year.”

While listening to him, Kathleen kept her lips buttoned.

Side-eyeing that docile lady right before him, Samuel complained, “You’re such a liar!”

Heaving a long sigh, Kathleen tried to elucidate the reason. “I didn’t bluff you. I merely got so busy in filming that I didn’t have any spare time to do it.”

“Oh? But you had plenty of time to offer Caleb your help.” A tinge of jealousy rose within Samuel’s heart.

Kathleen poked at his shoulder and refuted, “How can you compare clothes with humans? Besides, I helped Vivian out, not him.”

“It’s the same because they’re siblings. Caleb is just going to fancy you even more now that you’ve given Vivian a helping hand,” said Samuel softly.

At that point, he wasn’t acting up. In fact, he was truly in great sorrow.

All Kathleen felt was helplessness.

“Can I ask you a question, Kate?” Samuel went on with a deep voice, “I hope you can answer me truthfully.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded at that.

“I hurt you so badly in the past, but you seldom complained or lashed out at me. Why is that?” Samuel was baffled. “Just like me grumbling at you right now. You seemed to have never done it for as far as I could recall.”

After pausing for a bit, Kathleen piped up, “I did. Still, you would have an impatient look on your face every time I did that, so I didn’t feel like complaining anymore. Gradually, I came to realize that you wouldn’t listen even if I were to make a fuss. In the end, I decided not to waste my breath on you. Anyway, I was blindly in love with you at that time, so I thought I could put up with you.”

To be honest, she was no saint, so she couldn’t take it all in.

However, she had fallen head over heels for Samuel at that point in time, which was why she could pull through somehow.

Hearing her response, Samuel felt a stinging pang of sadness in his heart.

He then held her hands tightly and blurted out in a husky voice, “I’m so sorry, Kate.”

Kathleen, in turn, responded nonchalantly, “You really don’t have to say you’re sorry all the time.”

Looking up at the ceiling, Samuel dropped a remark. “Other than apologizing and treating you nicely, I have no idea what else I can do for you.”

“Don’t do anything, then. Just let things take their natural course,” suggested Kathleen plainly.

Samuel’s eyes turned red as he directed his gaze at her.

Hmm… Let nature take its course, huh? Does that mean I’d no longer hold a special place in her heart?

“Kate, I went to meet up with Kaisa several days ago.” Samuel’s voice was deep.


“You mean that psychologist you’ve told me about?” Kathleen was slightly surprised by that.

Samuel explained with a hoarse voice, “Yup. Go get treated, Kate. I can’t bear to let you go in this state. As long as you go see Kaisa, I’ll give you my word that I won’t intrude into your life anymore. I mean it.”

He was a man of his word, so he would never break his promise.

Pressing her red lips together, Kathleen appeared to be fraught with worry.


“Katie!” Wynnie barged in all of a sudden and broke the silence.

Samuel had nearly jumped up from the bed.

Immediately, Wynnie gave Kathleen a big hug and caressed her face at the same time. “I’m so glad you’re here! We can celebrate the New Year together again! I’ve even planned to send you the gift I’ve prepared for you. I’ll pass it to you later, okay?”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

It seems like my own mother has totally forgotten about me. Alas, everyone in this house is really giving me a headache.

Wynnie continued, “Come with me, Kate! Let’s head downstairs to discuss the menu.” With that, she began tugging at Kathleen’s arm, making a beeline for the stairs.

“But—” Kathleen turned her head to cast a glance at Samuel.

“Duh! Ignore that fellow. He’s only acting vulnerable. Hmph!” Without a second thought, Wynnie dragged Kathleen along and marched off.

Witnessing that, Samuel heaved a sigh.

Why’s everyone trying so hard to get in between me and my wife?

Feeling a little worn out lately, he figured he should just take a catnap.

Time passed. Samuel woke up, only to find himself drenched in sweat.

He decided to take a shower.

After walking into the bathroom, he realized that he had forgotten to bring along his bathrobe.

He recalled the bathrobe was still in the bathroom of Kathleen’s bedroom, so he headed there for it.

As he stepped into the room, he pushed open the bathroom door straight away.

“Ah!” Kathleen’s scream came from inside. She was shocked.

Samuel froze on the spot as well.

At that time, Kathleen had nothing on below her waist. All she was wearing was a white sweater with some red stains on it.

In a flash, Samuel wheeled around and looked away. His face, though, was already reddened like a tomato. “Sorry! I thought you were still downstairs.”

“I spilled the strawberry juice over, so I had to come up here to get changed,” explained Kathleen.

“Uh… I forgot my bathrobe.” Samuel stopped for a while at that. “Never mind. I’ll come back again after you’re done.”

“Hold up!” came Kathleen’s voice as she called out to Samuel.

He stopped in his tracks.

Samuel then heard Kathleen’s footsteps approaching him.

“Stretch out your hand,” instructed Kathleen.

Samuel did her bidding.

She then hung the bathrobe over his arm and said, “There.”

“Thanks,” replied Samuel with his croaky voice.

“No problem.” Kathleen took a few steps back and resumed her business.

With that, Samuel dashed out of the room at once.

Little did Kathleen know that Samuel had already seen her reflection from head to toe in the mirror earlier.

What an adrenaline rush! I don’t think I can bear it any longer!

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