All Too Late Chapter 271

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All Too Late Chapter 271

All Too Late Chapter 271

Kathleen woke up in the middle of the night, and the first thing she noticed was Samuel sleeping beside her. Why are we sleeping on the same bed again? Didn’t I ask Tyson not to tell Samuel? He’s useless! Just as that thought flashed across her mind, she noticed something was off.

There were a lot of star-shaped lamps hung in the room, emitting a warm yellow glow, providing her a sense of relaxation The lights illuminated the room, acting as nightlights that chased the darkness away. Did Samuel prepare all these because he knows I’m afraid of the dark?

As that thought came to mind, her heart skipped a beat. Samuel claimed he would draw a line between the two of them, but in truth, he still couldn’t persuade himself to pull away Since he couldn’t Kathleen decided that she would Hence, she got off the bed cautiously and prepared to head outside after grabbing her coat.

She opened the door and was surprised to see the whole floor being decorated with star-shaped lamps. “Are you leaving?” Samuel’s deep voice sounded behind her causing her to freeze on the spot. He’s awake? “Yeah. You should stay here and get plenty of rest” she said without looking at him. With that she was about to march away when Samuel grabbed her wrist from behind, pulling her back She was already quite weak so she fell into his arms right away.

He held her and asked hoarsely. “Why are you pushing yourself? You’re clearly not fine.” She frowned. “Samuel, please let me go.” “Unless you promise me that you’ll recuperate in the ward for half a month, I won’t let you go.” he said coldly. She glowered at him and replied. T’m fine. I’m feeling okay.

“Kathleen, don’t push me into doing something to myself. I know I can’t do anything to you, but I can easily end myself threatened Samuel in a glacial tone Before Kathleen could respond, she was carried back into the room. “You’re coming back with me! He placed her on the bed and pinned her down, ordering, “Stay put and don’t move.

You don’t have to worry about anything that’s going on out there. All you have to do is rest.” “Vivian’s burial is tomorrow. I’m going. Kathleen struggled to break free. Samuel stared at her with an icy look in his eyes. “I’ll let you go, but for now, you must get plenty of rest.

On se, I’ll stab myself in the stomach upon finishing his sentence, he grabbed a knife and pointed it at his belly, proving to her that he wasn’t ITuing around Kahariws caught in a tough spot Trin Pirtthrop downl wont leave. In the ond, ale nad no choice, as she know the inan wus definitely serious. “Then close your eyes and sleep, he commanded as he stood by the bed. She looked at him helplessly. “Put the knife down first. I won’t leave. I swear.”

However, he remained standing there motionlessly as if he was not going to yield until she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Since she knew his condition was worse than hers, she could only give in. “Okay, I’ll sleep. You should go and rest too.” When she lay down, he sat by her bed and said.

Til watch you fall asleep.” Kathleen intertwined both her hands and placed them on her abdomen. “Do you know how you were poisoned? “To investigate it. The man’s voice was devoid of emotions. Kathleen furrowed her brows slightly. “You must’ve been extra careful with your daily diet after the Yoeger family tried to poison you last time.

The only thing that could make you let your guard down were the medicines prescribed for you, right?” “How did you know?” he queried. “It was just a guess. How can someone tamper with my medication? I bet that person has a death wish,” she said, fuming. In a half-joking manner.

Samuel said, “I’m surprised you didn’t suspect it was Caleb who wanted me dead “He won’t try to kill you. I trust him,” she said solemnly. Caleb wouldn’t do something so immoral. If he were exposed after committing such a crime, it would be embarrassing Samuel chuckled when he heard that but he was dispirited She trusts Caleb, huh?

Since when are they so close? T’ll ask Caleb tomorrow and have him do some investigations. You should ask your men to do the same, too.” Kathleen said seriously

The complete silence that ensued made her sit up with a confused frown She looked at Samuel who had fallen asleep and frowned, “You’re obviously tired out. So why did you push yourself so hard?” she muttered. Subsequently, she took her coat and draped it over his shoulder before touching his face.

“Don’t come near me anymore. Samuel. I’m serious. You’re putting me in a tough spot,” she said, her voice husky When Samuel woke up, Kathleen was already gone. As he lay in bed, he lost his temper and scolded Tyson, “What’s wrong with you? Why did you let her leave?” Tyson stuttered as he tried to explain himself, “M-Mr. Macari, I didn’t have a choice.

She’s Ms. Johnson, after all” Who would dare to stop her? “Can’t you guys have woken me up?” Samuel glared at his incompetent subordinates. Tyson murmured sheepishly, “I wanted to, but Ms. Johnson drugged you, so there’s nothing could do. She said you need to rest and you’ll wake up once the drug wears off.”

Samuel didn’t know what to say to that as he had completely forgotten that Kathleen was capable of doing “Where did she go?” he asked coldly “She went to the Lewis residence, Tyson replied. “Go and start the car,” ordered Samuel, his face turning grim.

“Yes, sir.” Without further ado. Tyson went to carry out his order. After Tyson left Samuel looked at the sky outside while wearing a bleak expression In the Lewis residence Charles looked at Kathleen with his brows furrowed “Where have you been? And why is your face so pale? T’m fine.” Kathleen hid her hands in her sleeves and asked, “Where’s Caleb?” “He was just here a moment ago,” answered Charles T’ll go and look for him.”

She turned and walked away while Charles fixed his gaze on her wearing a deep frown. Why do I smell a strong scent of disinfectants? Kathleen found Caleb, who was talking to the housekeepers, “Change all the sunflowers to lilies. My sister only likes lilies.” “Yes, sir.” The housekeepers nodded.

Caleb saw Kathleen approaching and dismissed the housekeepers. “Okay you guys may leave now.” After the housekeepers left, he looked at Kathleen solemnly. “You’re back She nodded wordlessly, and he asked, “How’s Samuel?” “He’s fine. Caleb, Samuel was poisoned” she said with a frown “Is that so?” Caleb’s attitude was indifferent. Kathleen elucidated, “Previously, he was poisoned once, and ever since that incident he had been very cautious with what he consumed. However, he was still polsoned yesterday He seemed to have comprehended the meaning behind her words. “What does that have to do with me?

She replied faintly. The medicine he consumed is from a pharmacy under Lewis Enterprises.” Caleb was displeased. What are you trying to say that I was the culprit? Why didn’t you think he was the one who was trying to frame me because he’s jealous that the two of us are close?” Kathleen knitted her brows. Samuel isn’t that despicable.” Upon hearing that Caleb stepped forward and pinched her chin. “So, you mean I’m despicable?

You came here speaking to me in an accusing tone because you’re confident that poisoned him, right? She pushed his hand away. “I’m just asking you to look into this matter. I didn’t say you were the culprit. If i thought it was you, I wouldn’t be this calm when speaking with you.”

Caleb stared at her seriously, “Tell me what should I do to erase Samuel’s existence in your heart?” “What are you talking about? Caleb looked down at her dark eyes. “I’m jealous that you care so much about him. Ms. Johnson I think need to remind you that I’m pursuing you too.”

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