All Too Late Chapter 272

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All Too Late Chapter 272

All Too Late Chapter 272

Kathleen was puzzled.

“So?” “So, I’m also a man who has feelings of jealousy and anger. Or do you seriously not care the slightest bit about me?” Caleb’s charming face was wearing a look of helplessness at the moment “Didn’t you pursue me because you suspected that my brother hurt your sister?

You Before Kathleen could finish her sentence. Caleb pressed his cold finger on her pale lips and spoke solemnly. I’m serious, Ms. Johnson So, please don’t ignore my feelings. Okay?” She frowned deeply. He was gentle as he looked at her. “You look like you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, so head to my room and get some sleep. I’ll investigate the case of Samuel’s poisoning, and promise to give you an explanation.”

“I’m not tired. Caleb, you’re not my type. I only stayed to help you for Vivian’s sake. Please don’t get me wrong.” Kathleen’s voice was faint and glacial. With that, she turned to leave. Caleb stood rooted to the spot and narrowed his eyes. As he stared at Kathleen’s figure, a cold smile spread across his face Is she trying to make me give up?

In her dreams! In truth, Kathleen was indeed exhausted. She returned to the car and slept inside. When Samuel drove over to the Lewis residence and got off the car, he saw Kathleen sleeping in the car. He wondered why she wasn’t resting in the room but he didn’t want to disturb her sleep, so he stood by the car and lit a cigarette.

“Mr. Macari, is it really okay for you to pester your ex-wife like this? She told me before that you’re sticking to her like the plague and she can’t avoid you no matter what she does. Caleb approached Samuel shot daggers at him. “Do you even have the right to talk to me about this?” Caleb froze upon hearing that “If you don’t you should just shut up.

Know your place. The gleam in Samuel’s eyes was frosty. Caleb mocked, “Samuel, if Kathleen is still in love with you, she wouldn’t have thrown herself into my arms. Samuel snorted. “Thrown herself into your arms? She’s not in love with you.” Caleb stared at him indifferently.

“How do you know she’s not? The truth is that I’m way better than you. At least I was never blind.” Samuel merely glowered at Caleb and continued smoking wordlessly. He didn’t feel like conversing with the man. All he wanted was to wait until Kathleen woke up. Caleb, who was irritated to see him standing there, strode over and grasped the collar of his fine white shirt.

“Samuel Macart, you’re really annoying, you know that? She and I are already dating Sarnuel’s deep eyes turned Icy ‘She’d never do something like that.” At that moment, the car window was wound down. Kathleen cleared her throat and asked. What are you guys doing? Why are they fighting again? “Kate, Mr. Macari doesn’t believe that we’re dating. Why don’t you tell him yourself?” Caleb narrowed his eyes.

Kathleen looked at Samuel’s abstinent and elegant face. “Samuel Caleb’s right. We are indeed dating “Do you think I’ll believe you?” Samuel frowned. If they really are dating, why would Caleb let Kathleen sleep in the car? Kathleen got off the car and stood in between of the two men. She then linked arms with Caleb.

“Samuel, from now on, we have nothing to do with each other. You should leave.” A dangerous glint flashed across Samuel’s gaze as his eyes turned bloodshot. He refused to believe that Kathleen would fall in love with Caleb. No way! This is just impossible! “Samuel, if you still don’t believe me.” Kathleen paused and stood on her tiptoes before planting a kiss on Caleb’s cheek. She then continued, “How about now?”

All the color drained from Samuel’s face Caleb, on the other hand, was dumbfounded but overjoyed at the same time. Samuel’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he stared at Kathleen in utter despair. She looked at his charming and pale face. “Samuel, stop holding on to the past. I’m begging you. What should I do to make you give up on me?

I’m so tired. I fell in love with you and look where that got me? After losing my child, every day of my life had been like a living hell. Can you please consider my feelings? Heartbroken, Samuel looked at her and said hoarsely. “Okay, I understand now. I won’t disturb you anymore.

There was nothing else he could do It hurt so much that it felt like his heart was tom apart but he couldn’t drive Kathleen into a corner He just couldn’t As Samuel turned to leave Caleb saw a red dot land on the back of the former’s head, He wanted to say something, but Kathleen grasped his hand and shook her head fervently (let) winodiately understood wity Kathleen had said such things to push Samuel away punya warnt uors car drove away did Kathleen leave a sigh of relief 41 the case ini s flown down her cheeks whil the tanked 1.

elon votcu Wisat’s going on *? Vols Wr’inici pour votre with two you twelat gol as lat Owy from was Mirror She looked at him with a cold glint in her eyes. It’s a pity that he won’t think of you as his enemy Caleb frowned in confusion What does she mean?

Kathleen went to see Charles When the latter saw her grim expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?” “That old man’s preparing to take action He promised to give me three years’ time. Ask him what’s the meaning of this! If he dares to break his promise, I’ll never let him off. The worst that could happen is that we’ll perish together.”

Charles furrowed his brows. “Godfather won’t do something crazy like that “Charles, I know you owe him, but if he dares touch Samuel, I’ll make him pay Her voice was glacial. “I’ll call and ask him,” said Charles carefully Kathleen snorted. She was genuinely infuriated. Samuel returned to Florinia Manor alone.

He chased everyone out of the manor and locked himself in the room How could Kathleen kiss that man? How could she do something like that? The pain he felt was unbearable, but he was well aware that he was in no position to interfere with Kathleen’s life After all, they were not related to each other in any way.

If I hadn’t taken a misstep back then, maybe everything would’ve turned out differently. Back then, all he wanted was to repay Nicolette for her kindness, but he had made a mistake. It was his fault so he should pay the price. The suffering he was currently going through was what Kathleen used to endure.

He deserved everything that had happened to him Cough! Cough! All of a sudden he began coughing up blood. “Mr. Macari!” When Tyson heard that Samuel had returned to the mansion, he hurried over. Samuel, who should be in the hospital, began throwing a temper tantrum. “Get lost! All of you!”

“Mr. Macari, you haven’t recovered yet. You should return to the hospital, Tyson persuaded anxiously Crashi Sarnuel threw a vase at the door, and the vase shattered into pieces all over the floor He looked down at the shards of the vase and wallowed in absolute despair Icent lose her no matter what I can’t Meanwhile, outside the door, one of the housekeepers said uneasily, “Mr. Hackney, Mr. Macari won’t turn into how he was a year ago, right? “H-l don’t know.”

Tyson was still in befuddlement too. “We’re all doomed if that happens again. The housekeeper felt helpless. “I think he won’t. Ms. Johnson is still in Jadeborough so don’t worry.” consoled Tyson The housekeeper clasped her hands and prayed, “God help us. Seeing how nervous the housekeeper was acting. Tyson became anscious, too. Please don’t let that happen.

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