All Too Late Chapter 31

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All Too Late Chapter 31

All Too Late Chapter 31

“Dad, how are you going to help me?” Kathleen frowned.

“It can be deemed that Samuel is cheating on the marriage. We just have to get the proof that he’s cheating and send it to the court. Let the court decide on your divorce,” Calvin said.

Kathleen was baffled.

Is Samuel really his son? Why does it look like he’s more like my own father? It seems like the Macari family doesn’t even like Samuel.

Embarrassed, she reminded him by saying, “But Dad, he’s your son.”

“We treat you just like our daughter. As both of you are my children, I love the two of you dearly.” Then, he gave her a meaningful look. “Anyway, it’s his loss if you are to be divorced.”

Kathleen was touched by his words. “Dad, thank you. But I wish to settle this matter with Samuel amicably.”

After all, it would be possible that we might bump into each other even after the divorce. There’s no need for the situation to be this tense.

At that moment, Calvin’s phone rang.

When he answered the call, his voice was cold. “The other party needs an interpreter because he’s from Granatano? Go to the Faculty of Foreign Studies and find someone who is proficient in Granatanolan.”

Kathleen spoke suddenly. “Dad, I can speak that language. Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Surprised, Calvin said, “Can you?”

She nodded in acknowledgment.

“That’s very good. Why don’t you go upstairs and change your clothes? We will need to go to the company later. An expert from Granatano has arrived. But he doesn’t speak Ustranasion.”

“Okay.” She immediately left to change her clothes.

Meanwhile, Calvin returned to the call and said to his assistant, “I’ll be there soon.”

Having said that, he hung up the phone.

In the meantime, Kathleen went to change her clothes. She took out a white blouse and a knee-length pleated skirt from the closet. If the two garments were to be paired, it would give her a beautiful and elegant look.

Moreover, there was a small necktie underneath the collar of the white blouse. It made the outfit look professional.

Coupled with her stunning face, it would mesmerize anyone in an instant.

After she had prepared herself, she exited the house with Calvin.

It was her first time to the company.

In fact, she had never been there in her entire life.

After she had married Samuel, he told her not to go to the company. It was to prevent the others from knowing her identity as he was worried that it would affect his reputation.

During that time, she did not want to cause him any trouble. Thus, she had followed his request willingly.

However, this time around, she was there to help Calvin. She did not have any intention of meeting Samuel.

“Dad, is it possible if you don’t tell anyone that I’m your daughter-in-law when we arrive at the office?” Kathleen asked awkwardly.

With a frown, Calvin asked, “Is this a request from Samuel?”

She nodded.

“Why does he have so many requests? Have you requested anything from him?” He was curious to know the answer.

Embarrassed, she answered, “I’ve never requested anything from him.”

Calvin was at a loss for words.

Thinking that she had let him down, she felt guilty in an instant.

With a sigh, Calvin said, “Kate, you’ve gone so easy on Samuel. That’s the reason why he’s behaving this way.”

Why is she indulging him too much?

Sheepishly, Kathleen lowered her head.

“I’m not scolding you, but you are his wife. Why didn’t you request something from him?” Calvin was perplexed by her attitude.

The answer was so obvious to Kathleen that she was confused to hear his question.

It’s because Samuel doesn’t love me. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to accept my requests. In the end, he will ignore me.

Feeling the onset of a headache, Calvin relented. “Very well. You have my word.”

“Thank you, Dad.” She pursed her lip before saying, “No, that’s not right. I should call you Mr. Macari.”

Calvin was not in a good mood after having his identity changed from being her father-in-law to an acquaintance.

Why do I get a feeling like my daughter’s not coming home after she marries someone else? That rascal Samuel! It is all thanks to him that I’m so disappointed. If he dares to marry Nicolette, I will kick him out of the company. What a useless son!

Half an hour later, they arrived at the office.

Calvin took Kathleen inside.

Meanwhile, Simon Lowe, his assistant, was already waiting for them.

Simon gave Kathleen a temporary work ID tag. “This is for your access.”

“Okay.” She took the tag offered to her and hung it around her neck. The ID tag had her name on it.

“Let’s go. It’s time to meet the expert,” Calvin said coolly.

“Yes, sir.” Simon then led both of them to the room.

The fact that Calvin brought a young woman to the company had piqued everyone’s curiosity in an instant.

They started to discuss it among themselves. “Am I seeing it wrongly? I saw Mr. Macari bring a young and beautiful woman to our company.”

“That can’t be right. Is there no more true love in this world? But Mr. Macari has been in love with Ms. Staines for almost thirty years. There’s never a single scandal or bad rumor. Is the young lady really that beautiful?”

“Yes, she is very beautiful. Her face is petite, just like the size of my palm. She has a pair of huge and round eyes. On top of that, her skin is flawless.”

“Wow! Has Mr. Macari changed his preference from a domineering woman to a timid young girl?”

“Stop the nonsense. I’ve already asked them about it. Mr. Macari brought her here to be the Granatanolan interpreter.”

“Why is he bothered by such a petty matter? He can just ask Simon to do it. I saw the woman coming out of his car. She’s with him.”

“After listening to you, I want to take a look as well.”

Upon hearing their discussions, Tyson coughed lightly. Then, in a cold voice, he said, “Have you finished all your work? I can see that you still have the energy to chat here. Are the overtime tasks for the past two days not enough?”

Frightened, no one dared to say anything.

He added icily, “Mind your words. How dare you gossip about Mr. Macari. Are you courting death?”

Lowering their heads, the staff continued to work.

Tyson left and headed to Samuel’s office.

“I told you to take the report. Why are you back here?” Samuel asked coldly.

“Mr. Macari, I heard that Mr. Calvin has brought a Granatanolan interpreter to the company,” Tyson answered sullenly.

“So what about it?” Samuel probed in an icy tone.

Tyson smiled sheepishly. “I am just curious. It’s rumored that Mr. Calvin found the interpreter himself.”

Lifting his head, Samuel responded, “It’s nothing surprising for him to know some people who speak Granatanolan.”

Tyson merely flashed an awkward smile. “That’s true.”

Frowning, Samuel asked, “You won’t bring up this matter without any reason. What is it?”

“It’s just that everyone suspects that Mr. Calvin and the interpreter…” Tyson hesitated before continuing, “But I’ve warned them about it. Don’t worry, Mr. Macari.”

Samuel did not believe that Calvin would do anything wrong to Wynnie.

He knew how deeply in love the two were.

By the look of the rumors circulating in the building, he was curious to know how beautiful the interpreter was.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Samuel put down his pen before standing up.

Meanwhile, Tyson was slightly stunned. However, he could only follow Samuel obediently.

Meanwhile, Kathleen was helping Calvin with the interpretations.

As it was related to some very technical jargon, Simon and the others were worried that Kathleen would not be able to interpret it well.

However, Kathleen’s performance was beyond everyone’s expectations.

From her expression, they could see that she was not nervous at all.

Moreover, her interpretations was very accurate.

“Mr. Bach, Mr. Macari is pleased to welcome you once again to our country. We hope that you’ll have a good time,” she said.

Johann Bach then replied in Granatanolan, “Miss, your interpretation is very fluent and accurate. There’s a banquet tonight. May I invite you to be my date for the dance?”

“No, you can’t.” A cold and low voice was heard coming from behind her.

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