All Too Late Chapter 32

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All Too Late Chapter 32

All Too Late Chapter 32

Everyone was very surprised to know that it was Samuel’s voice.

Calvin cast him a side glance.

What is this? A certain sense of possessiveness?

“Of course, Mr. Bach. It’s my pleasure.” Kathleen offered her hand to Johann.

Happily, the latter took her hand and shook it.

Then, he went out with his team.

Once again, everyone had their eyes on Samuel and Kathleen.

Why did Samuel object to that?

Calvin started to give out instructions. “Simon, prepare an evening gown for Kathleen. Also, set an appointment with a make-up artist.”

“Yes, sir.” Simon nodded.

Samuel turned to look at Calvin calmly. “Dad, what is this about?”

“Kathleen wants to go to the banquet. I’m helping her with the evening gown.” He continued darkly, “Ever since you and Kate… In short, Kate has her own freedom. She doesn’t need you to control her life.”

Samuel’s face darkened.

Meanwhile, Kathleen looked at Calvin with admiration.

No wonder he’s the father of the bossy director!

Subsequently, Samuel narrowed his eyes at her.

He noticed that she was wearing a beautiful outfit that day. It complimented her skin in a way that showed her fair and unblemished complexion.

Moreover, she had a sweet and innocent smile.

When he arrived, he saw that everyone had their eyes on her.

It made him extremely displeased.

“Kate, let’s go to my office. You need to jot down the translations and print them out before handing them to me,” Calvin said coolly.

“Sure!” She was more than willing to follow him.

I don’t want to see Samuel’s darkened expression. He makes it look like I’ve owed him five million!

Calvin took Kathleen to leave the place.

Samuel, meanwhile, looked at her retreating back with a cold expression in his eyes. He was displeased.

When Kathleen was in Calvin’s office, she typed the translations down. Then, she printed the document out and gave it to him.

After perusing it for a while, the man said, “You’ve done a good job. When did you learn Granatanolan?”

How can we not know that she’s fluent in this?

“Dad, have you forgotten about it? My parents were in the medical field. They needed to translate the foreign materials themselves. When I was young, I always spent time with my father reading journals. Thus, I learned it little by little,” she explained.

He nodded. “If your parents are still alive, it’s possible that you will also be a doctor after being raised in that kind of environment.”

However, she disagreed with his remarks. “I don’t want to become a doctor now.”

When she sat for her university entrance exam, she could choose medical as her university course.

Nevertheless, she gave up on the idea in the end.

Unable to face the trauma of losing her parents, she knew that she would not be able to even hold the scalpel. If she were to force herself, it could bring trouble for the patients.

It was also the reason why she chose to enroll in the film academy.

Nonetheless, she gave up the acting career as well.

Fortunately, she would still have many options on how to live her life even if she were to get a divorce.

Thus, she was not worried at all.

Calvin said, “Why don’t you go and have some rest? We can go to the banquet together after I’ve finished my work.”

Kathleen nodded. “Okay. I’ll take my leave.”

Suddenly, he asked, “Is this your first time in the company?”

Again, she nodded faintly. “Yes.”

“Why don’t you go to the rooftop? It’s a very interesting place.” Calvin started to recommend her places to go.

She let out a faint smile and said, “All right.”

Having said that, she left the room.

Calvin sighed. What an innocent and naive daughter-in-law! It will be a waste if she falls for someone else.

Finally, Kathleen arrived at the rooftop.

She did not expect that the view would be so beautiful.

Moreover, they built a small garden with flowers and trees. There was also a small pond with colorful fish.

This is incredible. No wonder Dad told me that the view on the rooftop is interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any fish pellets or bread. If I had, I could feed the fish here. It’s fascinating that they are all sparkling under the sunlight.

After that, she put her hands together and closed her eyes. “Dear lucky fishes, I pray that my divorce with Samuel will be successful. If it goes well, I will feed you the premium fish pellets.”

“Your wish won’t come true.” Samuel’s voice was cold and menacing.

Stunned, Kathleen stood up and turned to look at him. When he was approaching her, the aura that he was exuding was cold and ruthless. It could be because he had worn a black shirt and a pair of black trousers.

With a frown, she said, “Why? It can’t be because they only listen to you.”

He snorted.

Then, he sat down and took out a bag of fish pellets. After that, he threw the pellets into the pond.

In a split second, the school of fish swam to eat the food.

“I’m the one who raises them. If they can make your wish come true, I will cook them,” he said coldly.

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

“I don’t believe it.” Grabbing a handful of fish pellets from the bag in his hand, she threw them into the pond.

Weirdly enough, the fish dispersed immediately.

Again, she was rendered speechless. “What is there to be afraid of? He wouldn’t dare to eat you even after cooking you.”

The school of fish swam further away.

At that time, she began to doubt herself.

Can they actually understand what I’m saying?

Upon seeing her frustration and angry expression, Samuel felt his mood becoming better.

Subsequently, he grabbed a handful of fish pellets and threw it again into the pond.

The fish swam back happily.

Kathleen’s mouth twitched in anger.

“Even the fish bullies me.” Her voice was soft and meek even when she was angry.

It would only make people like her even more.

“Why are you here?” Samuel asked icily.

Gently, she explained, “You don’t have to remind me about it. I remember that you told me not to come to the company. But Dad needs an interpreter who speaks Granatanolan. Thus, here I am. Besides, I didn’t go to see you. Moreover, I didn’t reveal our relationship and my identity. You don’t have to worry. In fact, I’m more afraid to let other people know than you.”

“Why are you afraid?” He frowned.

“If we can get a divorce quietly, no one else knows that I will have a second marriage except my husband.” She continued sullenly, “If everyone knows that we’re married, they will know that I will be married for the second time later in the future. I’m not stupid to cause unnecessary trouble for myself.”

He was annoyed to hear her repeating the words again and again. She keeps mentioning a second marriage. It’s as if she has found a candidate to replace me!

Then, he said indifferently, “That Johann is a pervert. You can’t dance with him.”

“Haha! I can’t say for sure that he’s a pervert. But don’t you think that you should mind your own business?” Kathleen frowned. “We will be divorced soon. Now that you will be my ex-husband, you don’t have the right to stop me from dancing with other men. Will you still control my life after our divorce? Who gives you the right to do so?”

Samuel was furious.

After throwing all the fish pellets into the pond, he grabbed her arm. With an icy tone, he warned, “I don’t have the right to control your life? Kathleen, let me tell you something. Even if we are divorced, I’m still your family. Thus, I can control your life!”

She retorted angrily, “Samuel, are you insane? I can tell you this. After we get a divorce, I will think of everyone as my family except you! There’s nothing between us after we divorce. Don’t even think of having a relationship with me. I refuse to let you—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Samuel had pressed his lips against hers.

However, they did not know that a helicopter had flown by just in the nick of time.

There was a photographer inside the helicopter. On that particular day, he was there to take photos of the view of the city.

It was a collaboration with a television station to do live streaming. As such, he managed to capture the image of Samuel kissing Kathleen.

Instantly, that footage went viral on the internet.

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