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If so, everything seemed to make sense.

For example, why would a cold man like Sivan use such an excuse that he broke up with his girlfriend to set him up? And why did he still work part- time with Miss Yeats since he had a high salary?

Thinking of this.

Chris suddenly felt a headache.

He used to think that guy was a nerd, but he didn’t expect him to have love before him.

After pushing his glasses, he had adjusted his state and was about to go to work. Although Sivan had asked for a leave from him, he had nothing else to do. It was better to go to the company.

On the way to the company.

It suddenly occurred to him that he was too calm when Sivan told him that he was lying.

After thinking for a while, he scolded him in a very angry tone. How could he liquor him in order to trap him?

When Sivan received the message, he was wondering if he had been too calm. But after seeing the message, he felt a little relieved and began to have his lunch.

In the following half a day, Sivan was busy with affairs in the company.

As for Chris, he was called to his office by his boss after he returned to the company.

Seeing that he was no different from usual, he asked in a low voice, “Are you awake?”




“How do you feel when you were tricking?”

Chris was stunned. He looked up.

How did the boss know?

“Why didn’t I find out that you could be tricked so easily before?” said Jason. He thought that Chris was not careful enough.

“It’s… an accident.” Chris didn’t dare to argue. After all, he did that on purpose. “How did you know?”

Jason said, “Sivan.”

“Did he say that?” Chris was a little confused.

He thought, ‘What the hell was he thinking about? He had already made up a story, but why did he say it to Jason?”

Without answering his question, Jason thought of the phone call last night. He asked, “Do you know him well?”

“Who?” asked Chris. He was confused. He guessed what he had heard before, “Is that Sivan?”

“Yes,” said Jason.

Chris said, “We’ve known each other for a long time.” Chris thought there was nothing to hide. “We went to high school and college together. I originally planned to let him apply for a job in the Noth Group, but he refused, saying that he wanted to go somewhere.”

He added, “Although he doesn’t talk much and is serious, he is a good man.”



The most impressive impression of him was still the scene that Sivan protected him.

Back in high school, he was good-looking, fair skinned and silent, unlike now, he faced everyone with a signature smile.

Because he didn’t like talking and his skin was too white, he was bullied.

Before he lost his temper, Sivan stood out and kicked those people away to protect him.

At that time, he thought that this guy was really stupid. Didn’t he know that if he protected him, he would be targeted by those people?

Later, he was indeed targeted, but he didn’t care at all. He beat them.

Unconsciously, they became good friends.

Until now.

“What else?” said Jason.

“What do you want to know?” Chris sensitively sensed that this was not what Jason wanted to know.

Jason raised his eyes and looked at him. Although he didn’t say anything, he put a lot of pressure on him.

Chris was nervous. He thought, ‘What happened?

Why was the boss looking at him like that.’

“If Sarah gives you one billion and asks you to tell her what I have talked to her grandfather, will you tell her?” asked Jason directly.



“One billion?” Chris’s eyes brightened and he smiled.




“You are my boss, so I should keep your information a secret,” said Chris very seriously. Out of politeness, he said, “Not to mention one billion, even two billion, I still won’t sell it.”

“I want to hear the truth,” said Jason in six words.

Chris said, “Sell it!”

If the boss said he wanted to hear the truth, then he did. He couldn’t hesitate at this moment.

Jason’s eyes changed.

“You also said that it was Miss Yeats who bought it, not someone else.” Thinking that Jason was angry for his answer, he quickly explained, “If it is someone else, I won’t sell it no matter how much he gives me.”

“Sivan didn’t agree,” said Jason coldly.

He would still sell himself to Sarah, but Sivan…

Chris was puzzled.

“What do you mean?” he asked in confusion



“I called you last night, and he answered it.” With a heavy heart, Jason continued, “I asked him to make a price after knowing that he got the information from you, so that he wouldn’t tell Sarah.”

Chris listened with keen pleasure.

And then?

“He offered one billion.” Jason raised his head, and his dark eyes met Chris’s.

Chris thought, ‘What the hell! Why didn’t he realize that Sivan was a greedy man? One billion. How did he say that.’

“I agreed. He asked ten billion dollars,” added Jason.

The corners of her mouth twitched.

Ten billion was more or less unbelievable.

One dared to ask, and the other dared to say. He asked curiously, “Did you agree again?”

“Yes,” said Jason in a deep voice.

Chris was speechless. He thought, ‘Was it because he was too rich?

How could such a small thing worth ten billion?’

“Boss.” Chris took a hit to Jason’s wallet, “If you really don’t want him to expose that, you can give me one billion and I’ll shut him up.”

He couldn’t understand.

Couldn’t Understand!

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“But he refused.” Now, he was sure that Sivan was aberrated.

“That’s normal. Ten billion is too illusory. Who knows if you will really give that or it is just a trap after you agree? It’s normal for him to be cautious.” Chris really dared to say, “Besides, he never does anything against his conscience just because of money.”

Chris thought, ‘Not right! Does it mean that Miss Yeats has known that Sivan doesn’t agree? When he called Miss Yeats just now, her reaction seemed to be… normal.’

“He refused my money, but he said he wouldn’t tell Sarah.” The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Sivan was abnormal.

“That’s normal. If he tells Miss Yeats, it will make him unhappy, won’t it?” Without thinking too much, Chris was immersed in the gossip and said whatever came into his mind. “He shouldn’t want you to be together with Miss Yeats again.”

Jason asked, “What do you mean?”

“He likes Yeats…” Chris suddenly stopped, and he was a little flustered.

He thought, ‘What did he just say?

Why did he tell Jason about Sivan?’

Seeing his reaction, the atmosphere in the office suddenly cooled down.

“He likes Sarah?”

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