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Let him know what despair is

After walking out of the box, Chris followed Jason and said, “Boss, can you tell me first if you have something urgent to do next time? I’m very embarrassed.”

“Really?” The air around him was cold.

Chris was confused.

Why did he feel that his boss was a little angry with him?

He didn’t think too much. He just thought that his boss was abnormal. He took the initiative to ask, “Is there anything urgent?”

Jason didn’t say anything. He came to the door of the box where Sarah and Sivan went in and was about to kick it.

Chris stopped him at the critical moment!

“Impulsion is a devil.” Chris mistakenly thought that he was too angry because Sarah eats with Sivan, so he was jealous. “If you go in like this, Miss Yeats will definitely dislike you more in the future.”

“You sound like she likes me now.” The aura around him was cold.

Chris was speechless He thought, ‘It was rare for you to have a little self-knowledge.’

He still pulled him and persuaded, ‘Til knock on the door. Please wait a moment.”

Jason frowned.

Chris exhaled a mouthful of stale air and knocked on the door with a complicated heart.



After a while, there was no response. He knocked on the door again, but there was still no response.

“Miss Yeats, Sivan.” Chris knocked again and said, “May I come in?”


Jason pushed the door open.

With his ears against the door, Chris staggered and almost fell to the ground.

When he was about to say something, he saw no one in the room. Before he could ask, he saw the coldness on his boss’s face became more serious, and the cold air around him rushed out.

At the next moment.

Then he turned around and was about to leave. He said to Chris, “Call Sivan and tell him that if he dares to hurt Sarah, I promise I’ll let him know what despair is.”

“Sivan?” Chris was even more confused.

Without further ado, he walked towards the front desk of the hotel.

Chris was puzzled, but since the boss said that, it meant that there must be something wrong.

After careful consideration. He took out his phone and called Sivan. He thought, ‘No matter what happened, they should make it clear, but the high probability should be misunderstanding. How could that guy hurt Miss Yeats.’


The phone rang a few times, but was hung up by Sivan. He hung up!!!

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Seeing that Chris suddenly stopped, Jason looked back at him and asked, “Have you got through?”

“Yes, yes…” Chris’s heat beat like thunder and he felt that something unexpected was going to happen. “But he hung up.”

The cold air around Jason surged.

Thinking that Sarah might be in danger, he didn’t care whether she would be dissatisfied with him or not. While walking, he called her.

Just like Sivan, she hung up after the beep.

When he called again, Sarah turned off her phone.

Seeing that his boss was getting colder and colder, Chris texted him, “Why are you hanging up? Boss is looking for you. Where are you?”

Sivan replied, “Miss Yeats and I have something important to do. Don’t let your boss disturb us.”

Since he went to work, he changed his WhatsApp nickname.

He had changed from a worker who was about to be online to Sivan.

Chris was worried, “Answer the phone first.”

Sivan replied, ‘Til call you back later.”

Hearing what he said, Chris felt a little relieved and walked over.

When the receptionist saw them, she greeted them politely.

“Give me a room on floor 23.” Although he was worried, Jason was not in a mess. “Any type is okay.”



“The rooms on floor 23 are already full,” the receptionist answered after checking. “Do you like the rooms on floor 22 and floor 24?”

“None left?”

“Yes, sir.”

His eyes darkened.

Chris still didn’t figure it out and asked, “Boss, why do you check in?”

“Then please help me open the elevator on floor 23.” Without answering his question, Jason was now full of what he had heard on the phone before. “I’ll go upstairs to find my friend.”

“Please tell me your friend’s name and room number,” the staff asked.

“Sivan, room 2309,” said Jason

“What?” Chris was confused.


“I’m sorry, sir. I haven’t found out your friend’s check-in information,” the staff said politely. “You can call your friend. After confirming, I’ll swipe the card for you.”

Jason’s suit made him have an air of strongness. At this moment, he was in a cold mood.

Now he realized that it was someone else who booked the room for Sivan.

The hotel management was strict and he couldn’t go there.

“Keep in touch with Sivan,” said Jason. “I’ll make a phone call.”



“Okay,” Chris had no choice but to agree.

He was so confused and had no idea what had happened.

Rubbing his eyebrows, Jason took out his phone and dialed a number.

It didn’t take long for the person on the other end of the line to answer the phone. “Jason, do you have a grudge against me?”

It was not easy for Andy to answer a WhatsApp phone from Celine, but that was interrupted by Jason’s call. It was really annoying!

“Call your hotel and swiped card for me to go up to floor 23 with.” Without quarreling with him, Jason explained his purpose.

Andy was confused.


He was more or less perplexed. “Which hotel?”

Jason told him the address.

Andy cursed but called the hotel.

He didn’t ask too much on the phone. Since this guy said that, it meant that he was really anxious.

Three minutes later.

The receptionist answered the phone.

On the other side.

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After receiving the WhatsApp message from Chris, Sivan stopped in the corridor of the 23rd floor with Sarah.

There was a monitor in the corridor of the hotel. Sarah was pretending to be unconscious. After all, only in this way could she deceive those people through the monitor.

Frowning, Sivan whispered to Sivan, “Boss, what should we do if Chris and Jason are looking for us?”

“Let it alone,” replied Sarah in a low voice.

According to the past, she guessed that the reason why he looked for her was that he felt uncomfortable when she had dinner with Sivan, so she didn’t care about it.

Hearing what she said, Sivan just ignored them.

As for the promise to call back to Chris, he planned to call back after everything was done.

But as soon as Sivan took Sarah to room 2309.He heard the sound of the elevator.He looked calm on the surface, but he was a little nervous.

The boss was pretending to be in a coma and supported by him. If others saw him, they might think he was a bad guy.

At that time, their plan might be disrupted. He continued to support Sarah calmly and walk towards that room. Before he took two steps, he heard someone calling his name behind him.

“Sivan?” Chris was surprised to see him. He strode toward them and said, “It’s really you.”

Sivan was speechless.Sarah was also speechless.

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