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You care about him so much

Sarah’s eyes twinkled.He has nothing to do with Sivan?

Seeing through her eyes, the smile on Chris’s face almost couldn’t be maintained. “Don’t you believe me?”

“Since it’s pure friendship, why did you mention that he had a setback in his relationship on the phone that day?” For the first time, Sarah was suspicious of her own judgment. “You also asked me not to arrange too much work for him and ask for supplementary salary.”

Most importantly.

When she asked if it was him who caused it, Chris fell into silence.

“Because…” Chris glanced at his boss.

If he said that Sivan had a crush on Miss Yeats, didn’t he just stab his boss in the back?

What’s more, Sivan said he had a secret crush on her. If Chris exposed his love in front of Miss Yeats, Sivan would definitely blame him in the future.

Sarah followed his gaze and frowned, “Why are you looking at him?”

“I promised to keep it a secret for Sivan.” Thinking for a while, Chris said, “I can’t tell you.”

Although it was a lie Sivan made to get what he wanted.But he still felt that there must be something wrong.

As an aloof man as Sivan, even if he really wanted something, he wouldn’t make use of his affection.



Sarah stared at him with inquiry.

“All you need to know is that Sivan and I are just good friends.” Chris added something to prove himself innocent.

Sarah nodded.

When Jason saw that they had finished talking, he looked at the face of Sarah that always appeared in his dreams and asked, “What happened tonight?”

“Why did you go there?” Sarah retorted instead of reply.

According to the way that person had dealt with things in the past, this kind of mistake should not have happened.

In order to make her unable to escape and have no chance to call for help, the 23 floor should be booked.

Jason pursed his thin lips into a straight line.He couldn’t tell her that he was investigating Sivan and he went there because he found that Sivan was going to hurt her.

Once he said so, Sarah would definitely ask him why he investigated Sivan. At that time, no matter what he said, she would feel that he had stepped in her life, and then, she would dislike him even more.

“Yeah, Mr. Noth. Why did you go there?” Chris was also curious all the way. “And you accurately said that Sivan was in room 2309.”

Upon hearing this.

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Sarah became vigilant all of a sudden.It was the first time that he wanted to throw Chris to Africa.He spoke out of his turn!

Noticing his coldness and displeasure, Chris collected himself and pretended to be calm.

After all, Miss Yeats was his idol and the part-time boss of his brother. If he lost his job or something else happened in the future, he could come here for a job.

“Are you following me?” Asked Sarah.

“No.” Jason denied quickly.

“Then how did you know?” Sarah doubted, not missing the slightest expression on his face. “Except for me and Sivan, only the person who booked the room knows the room number.”

Hearing that, Jason’s heart sank all of a sudden. “Do you suspect that I’m acting on my own?”

“I’m not stupid.” Replied Sarah. “I won’t make a conclusion based on my own guess.”

The simple sentence reminded him of the past.

Back then, he had found some clues and made up his mind to directly attribute the crime to Sarah. He thought that the car accident of Jenny was caused by her, as well as the top search later.

If Sarah was with Robert when Jenny happened to miscarriage, or if he didn’t trust Edwin so much.

Maybe he also suspected her last time.

Thinking of the past, his heart was filled with guilt. In a somewhat hoarse voice, he slowly said three words, “I am sorry.”

Sarah was puzzled.



Chris too.

The two of them looked puzzled at the same time.

“Mr. Noth… What’s wrong with you?” Chris asked boldly.


It seemed that Miss Yeats was talking business with him?

“You think you are well-paid too much, don’t you?” Jason felt that Chris had been too loud recently.

Chris sealed his mouth with his hand and kept smiling.

Sarah was will waiting for his answer.

“I’m investigating the past, and I happened to find out what happened today following the clues.” With a serious look on his face, Jason said, “So I came up.”

Sarah was still staring at him.

“Don’t you believe me?” Asked Jason.

“No.” Said Sarah.

The clear word made Jason feel a little uncomfortable.

But what he thought more was how Sarah felt when he treated Sarah badly in the past since it didn’t feel good when he lied and was distrusted.

That explained that she didn’t like him.

If it were him, he would never willing to see this person in his life.



“I’m telling the truth.” Said Jason. He didn’t want her to know that he had investigated Sivan, so he had to change the topic.

“I’ll take you back first. We can talk about it at my house.”

“If you really found out the truth based on the clues, you wouldn’t have said those words to Sivan, nor would you asked Chris to call the police.” Obviously, it was useless to change the topic for Sarah. “Are you investigating into Sivan?”

According to the way Jason usually did, he should have taken Sivan away and asked him the backstage manipulator since he found out some clues.

However, as soon as Jason came up, he was extremely hostile to Sivan.

His actions, behaviors and reactions were all wrong.

“Why do you investigate Sivan?” Asked Chris, more or less confused.

Sarah noticed his reaction.

Chris didn’t know it?

“I didn’t investigate him.” Denied Jason. “You can investigate it if you don’t believe me. With your ability, it shouldn’t be difficult to do.”

“Under normal circumstances, it’s not difficult.” Sarah didn’t believe what he said, but she was sure that he was investigating

Sivan. “But if you activate your ace in the hole, I won’t find out anything.”

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He had a lot of aces in his hands, and she knew that there was something that couldn’t be surveyed through the computer.

“Am I so untrustworthy to you?” Jason darkened his eyes.

“How could you have the confidence to trust a liar?” Asked Sarah.

Although he was telling a lie, he still felt uncomfortable when he saw the obvious distrust and alienation from Sarah.

There seemed to be numerous needles stabbing into his chest.

“I don’t care why you investigated Sivan, but I hope you can leave me alone, as well as him.” She didn’t want her plan to be destroyed again, nor did she want to have too much to do with him.

She was not afraid that Jason would deal with Sivan.

If they really fought against each other, the whole Angel International Group would be Sivan’s backup.

Deep in his heart, Jason was angry. There was nothing wrong with the saying that impulse is a devil. Hearing that Sarah was so protective of an outsider, he felt a little worse.’ You care about him so much.”


“Do you have a crush on him?” He didn’t know how he ask such a thing.

Sarah thought he was extremely strange. “It’s none of your business.

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