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You have known it, haven’t you

Looking at Jason’s expression through the rearview mirror, Chris said, “Since you don’t want Miss Yeats to leave, why don’t you ask her to stay?”

“You are one to talk?” Said Jason in angry.

If it worked, he would have said it earlier.

Touching his nose, Chris drove obediently and said nothing more.

“Didn’t you say that Sivan was a special assistant in another company?” Only then did Jason have the mood to sort it out.

“Why is he here with Sarah?”

“I don’t know the details.” Said Chris honestly. “He said his former boss was on holiday, and he is doing part-time job at Miss Yeats’s.”

“If it were you, would you be a part-time worker?” Said Jason in a cold tone, with his eyes darkened.

Glancing at his expression, Chris answered honestly, “No.”

He would definitely take a holiday as his boss did.

The salary would be paid as usual, and it didn’t matter whether he worked or not. Most importantly, Sivan didn’t lack money. He had saved all his money over the years, so there was no such thing as lacking money.

“Then why did he do part-time job at Sarah’s company?” Jason began to suspect.



Chris was speechless.

How could he answer him. He couldn’t answer that Sivan had a crush on Miss Yeats and wanted to take the advantage of being in a favored position?

Without hearing answer from him, Jason frowned and said, “Say something.”

“What else can it be except for crush?” When Chris said this, his heart was lifted. “You have known it, haven’t you?”

“It’s not like that.” At this moment, there was no emotion in his mind.

If he just have a crush on Sarah, it would be better to get close to her in other ways. As a special assistant, he couldn’t see her for most of the time except for assigning work orders.

Chris was stunned. He drove steadily and asked, “Then what is that?”

“Would it be Sarah serves as the boss of Sivan?” Jason spoke out his conjecture.

“I thought about it before, but I don’t think so.” Chris was somewhat surprised.


“Sivan said his boss was on holiday again. Miss Yeats has been working recently.”

“Again?” Said Jason, grasping the key word.

“His boss took two years off before, and Sivan was also given two years off while his salary was still paid, and he has just returned to work recently.” Chris explained the things before.

After saying that, he asked, “Mr. Noth, if you also take two years off, will you also give me two years off and my salary will be paid?”



“Are you awake?” Said Jason within three words, coldly and ruthlessly.

Chris was speechless He knew it.

There was only one boss as Sivan’’s.

“Check which company did Sivan work in before.” Hearing that he had been on holiday for two years, Jason increasingly felt that the boss of him was very likely to be Sarah. “Check it out.”

Although Chris refused in his heart, he could only accepted, “Fine.”

The car drove on.

Chris sent Jason back home.

On the other side, Sarah also got in the car of Julian.

When Julian saw Sarah, he kept on talking, “Sarah, didn’t you divorce with him? Why are you still together?”

Sarah was speechless.

“By the way, what Robert said was true?”

Sarah was speechless again.

“Sarah, why don’t you say something?” Asked Julian. He hadn’t received any response from her for a long time.

“Which one do you want me to answer since you ask so many questions at one time?” Sarah felt comfortable with them.


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Julian held the steering wheel with one hand, feeling a little embarrassment on his face.

He didn’t ask about what had happened before. Instead, he asked, “By the way, do you something know about Captain?”

“What’s the matter?” Sarah got excited as soon as she heard Captain. She couldn’t help thinking of the thing that she had called the Captain and treated him as a cool shower.

“You really don’t know?” Julian was surprised.

“What?” Asked Sarah.

“Nothing.” Said Julian, “I didn’t say anything just now.”

“A super car.”

“Sarah, it’s not about the car.”

“Two global limited editions.”

“Robert said he wouldn’t tell you for the time being.”


“Captain Leon is coming back.”

Hearing that, Sarah was refreshed. She sat up straight and asked, “Where did the news come from?”

“As for Robert.” After saying that, the rest of the news was all said. “He really didn’t tell you? I thought he was joking.”

Sarah couldn’t stay calm anymore.



Did Captain Leon come back… to settle accounts with her on purpose?

“What’s wrong with you?” Asked Julian as he drove into the parking lot of the community where he lived.

Sarah pinched between her eyebrows, but she was still a little nervous. “Nothing.”

She followed Julian out of the car.

After a while.

After she went upstairs with Julian and drank a glass of water to calm herself down, she stood at the bar counter and asked, “Did Robert tell you when Captain Leon will come back?”

“No.” Said Julian, shaking his head.

Putting down the glass, she thought for a while and said, “You can call and ask.”

Julian was puzzled.

Julian was a sensitive person, “Sarah.”


“Did you do something bad behind Captain Leon?” Asked Julian seriously.

“No.” Sarah took another sip of water and pretended to be very calm. “I’m just curious”


“You don’t believe me?”



“I believe you.” Said Julian firmly.

Then Sarah asked him to send a message to Robert.

If Julian called him, she was afraid that he might be tempted by Robert and betrayed her.

Hearing what she said, Julian took out his phone and sent a message to Robert as she asked, ‘Robert, last time you said that Captain Leon would come back. When is he coming back?’

‘What’s wrong?’

I’m wondering if we should hold a welcome party for Captain Leon.’

After these words were sent out, the other side did not answer.

“Why doesn’t Robert reply to me?” Asked Julian as he looking at Sarah subconsciously, with his heart beating hard.

Sarah shook her head.She didn’t know.

After a while, Robert called her.

“Phone… call.” Said Julian, trembling with fear and guilt.

“Answer it.” Sarah was very calm. “Keep calm. Don’t expose yourself.”

After taking several deep breaths, Julian calmed down and answered the phone. He put it on speaker and said, “Hello, Robert.”

“Did Pumpkin ask you to ask that question?” He asked in a low and slow voice. Although it was a question, his tone was firm. Julian glanced at Sarah subconsciously.

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He saw through it.

Taking his phone, Sarah said calmly, “It’s not easy to get information from a friend.”

It was said that the person who knew one best was not oneself, but his enemy. But as for Sarah, the person who knew her best were Robert and Captain Leon.

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